18 Fun Hulk Party Ideas: Themes, Supplies, & Venues To Make It A Smash (2024)

Are you gearing up for a Hulk-themed party, whether that’s a classic kid’s birthday party or some sort of nostalgic party for adults? Here are some Hulk party ideas that help you celebrate in smashing style! 

From Hulk face painting to Hulk Smash party games, a DIY Hulk slime activity, Hulk piñatas, Hulk masks, and lots more, we’ve got tons of suggestions to help you get inspired. We’ve included ideas that will suit a range of budgets, age ranges, and other preferences and priorities, with the goal of making sure that at least a few of the ideas on this list will work for almost anyone.

Ready to jump into the party planning process? Read on and we’ll share 18 fun Hulk party ideas that’ll fuel your creativity, including unique and thematically appropriate suggestions for decor, venues, food, party favors, activities, and more. 

1. Use a green and purple color scheme

Fully Loaded Green Screen / Maker Studio
Source: Peerspace

Everyone knows that the Hulk himself is green, but don’t forget that he also wears purple shorts that contrast with and complement the green perfectly! For the first of our Hulk party ideas, we’re suggesting that you use green and purple as the dominant colors at your party for a cohesive look.

2. An activity idea: Hulk face painting

All you need is green and black face paint to make all the guests at your party look like the Hulk themselves! It’s a great idea to plan activities for any party, especially ones with lots of kids, who tend to get bored more easily.

3. Serve lemon-lime Hulk punch

Provide your guests with a delicious, refreshing drink that also fits the party’s color scheme: this lemon-lime Hulk punch!

4. Or make a pitcher of this purple and green Hulk drink

Using a lemon-lime soda like Sprite, green and purple food coloring, and pina colada mix, this Hulk drink is an awesome choice for this party theme. Serving a drink this purple and green makes it obvious what your party theme is! For an over-21 party, you can also add tequila or vodka to this to make it an alcoholic beverage.

5. Build this Hulk Smash party game

When it comes to engaging activities, especially for kids, another great Hulk party idea is building this Hulk Smash party game. Challenge players to punch through sheets of paper in an impression of the Hulk himself.

6. DIY Hulk slime activity

Kids these days love making their own slime, using a variety of colors, textures, and ingredients to customize their unique creations. Consider including a table at your party where kids can make their own Hulk slime, ideally to bring home with them as a party favor. Here’s a recipe for the slime.

7. For even more activities, plan to include these five Avengers party games in your festivities

Especially if you have a large amount of outdoor space—and lots of kids to keep entertained—consider having these five Avengers-themed games at your party.

Check out these creative Avengers party ideas to celebrate your little one and all of their superhero friends!

8. Prepare this all-green raw veggie tray

Use a large green tray with separate sections and offer your guests an array of green veggies with tasty dips like ranch and hummus.

9. Rent a unique party venue where you can throw a Hulk party

Outdoor Green Space in the heart of Pacific Beach
Source: Peerspace

With tens of thousands of unique spaces across hundreds of cities not only in the U.S. but also the U.K., Australia, Canada, and Europe, Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly rentals of all kinds, and the best place to find a venue for a Hulk party.

It also offers an intuitive search interface with tons of optional filters (including date, price, attendees, style, indoor/outdoor spaces, other amenities, and many more). These ensure that your search results are as streamlined as possible. Used to its full effect, this feature can save you precious time and energy as you hunt down the ideal venue for your Hulk party ideas!

Check out these four amazing examples of Peerspace party venues that are based in cities throughout the U.S.:

A heated coastal outdoor space

This heated coastal outdoor space in Carlsbad, California is a lovely location for parties with up to 25 people. There’s a 16-person dining table and chairs, but you can also remove the chairs to allow more space for other kinds of activities. There’s also a set of eight chairs surrounding a gas fireplace, allowing space for relaxation and uninterrupted conversation during the party. The combination of vibes throughout the space makes it a perfect venue for all kinds of small parties.

A spacious urban residential event space

This spacious urban residential event space in Detroit, Michigan has eye-catching purple walls. It will go beautifully with your Hulk party’s green and purple color scheme if you choose to use idea #1 on this list! In addition to being on the more affordable end of things at just $75 an hour—especially for its capacity of 70 guests. It’s also conveniently located in the heart of Detroit not far from local freeways. In addition, the large backyard has a beautiful deck space that includes furniture, an eight-burner grill, a fire pit, and a basketball hoop.

A stylish club room

This stylish club room in Woodbridge, Virginia is a perfect space for hanging out with friends, which also means it’s a great location for a Hulk-themed party! IIt has a pool table as well as a 50 inch TV and a kitchen with fridge, stovetop, microwave, dishwasher, and sink. Outside, there’s a wrap-around balcony for when you need to grab some fresh air. With all these amenities, it’s no surprise that there are so many glowing reviews from past renters!

Ab outdoor green space in the heart of Pacific Beach

This outdoor green space in the heart of Pacific Beach in San Diego, California is an open-concept backyard with plenty of privacy as well as a welcoming, inviting feel. At almost 2,500 square feet, this outdoor venue can accommodate up to 150 people at a time, making it a great fit for a larger Hulk party. Not to mention that the vivid green-ness of the space will perfectly complement your green and purple Hulk decor! 

Now that you’ve seen these examples, you’re ready to search Peerspace for yourself and find the ideal space for your Hulk-themed party.

10. Make Hulk rice krispy treats for your party

We love this easy and fun Hulk party idea, which is as simple as making green rice krispies and decorating them with the Hulk’s face and hair.

11. Serve cupcakes with these custom Hulk cupcake toppers

Haven Party Designs on Etsy offers these Hulk cupcake toppers, which you can customize with your child’s face, or whoever the Hulk party’s guest of honor may be. 

12. Decorate a cake with this fondant Hulk fist to create a Hulk Smash cake

Here’s a guide to creating your own version of this incredible Hulk Smash cake, which looks as though the Hulk has punched up and through the cake, scattering chunks of it in the process.

13. Or make a detailed Hulk face cake

Here’s another option for an amazing cake in the shape of the Hulk’s face. Just follow this detailed video how-to guide.

Don’t forget about the girl superheroes! Our collection of awesome girl superhero party ideas makes it easy to celebrate all the female superheroes out there.

14. Hang up a Hulk piñata

What’s a more classic party activity than a piñata? This Hulk-shaped one from Cuties’ Pinatas on Etsy is impressively detailed and will be a perfect combo of decor and entertainment when you fill it with an assortment of delicious candies.

15. Use Hulk party favor bags to leave your guests with some fun reminders of your party

gift bags
Source: Pixabay

Whatever you give out as party favors to your guests, delivering them in these Hulk party favor bags from Papering Your Party on Etsy will add another layer of festivity to their experience!

16. Give out Hulk comics in your party favor bags

Buy an affordable collection of Hulk comics and include copies in each of your party favor bags for a classic take-home item that everyone will enjoy.

17. Serve guacamole

Another classic green snack that also happens to be widely beloved, extremely tasty, healthy, and perfect for parties: guacamole! Serve your bowl of guac with an assortment of dipping choices for maximum enjoyment.

18. Give out Hulk masks to your guests

For the final item on our list of Hulk party ideas, here’s a goofy one that’s also easy to execute. Simply buy enough Hulk face masks—like these ones from Five Below. Allow every one of your guests to wear one if they so desire! 

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