12 Merry Indoor Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Make your Christmas extra special this year with a stunning Christmas photoshoot! You may be taking photos for the annual Christmas cards or treating yourself to a photoshoot on your favorite holiday. Perhaps have a totally different reason for getting your photos taken this holiday season. No matter the reason, these indoor Christmas photoshoot ideas are a perfect way to celebrate the season!

1. Go for a Santa’s workshop feel

Indoor Christmas Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

What better place for an indoor Christmas photoshoot than inside Santa’s workshop! This entire Peerspace home is decorated in a Christmas theme but one out favorite rooms is the room set up to look like Santa’s workshop! It features two comfy chairs for Mr. and Mrs. Claus, a beautiful wooden horse, a Christmas tree, and many other priceless Christmas decorations. This California lakefront home is absolutely ideal for a Christmas themed photoshoot!

2. Brighten up your shoot with natural light

Bright and Airy Event Space
Source: Peerspace

For a truly stunning indoor Christmas photoshoot, you are going to want plenty of natural light. Luckily, on Peerspace, it’s easy to find bright and beautiful spaces no matter where you live in the U.S., Canada, or the U.K.

Take this Toronto, Canada, event space, for example! It comes with 13 foot ceilings, massive south and west facing windows, and fabulous amenities — like 9 foot backdrop stands, ring lights, and even a stunning archway!

3. Focus on life’s greatest gifts

Indoor Christmas Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

A fabulous indoor Christmas photoshoot idea is to center the photoshoot around your little ones. This Los Angeles loft is the most idyllic setting for a photoshoot that focuses on life’s greatest gifts — your kiddos! We love the look of the teepee by the Christmas tree and bright white decorations that make your little ones look oh-so-angelic in pictures.

4. Include your furry friends

Christmas Gender Reveal Ideas
Source: Peerspace

What would your indoor Christmas photoshoot ideas be without your trusted furry friend by your side! Inviting your pet to be a part of your photoshoot can make your photoshoot just that much more special. Many Peerspaces are pet friendly — like this rustic barn in Georgia that comes complete with a Christmas theme!

5. Get creative with Christmas ornaments

TWO-STORY Newly renovated photo/video studio
Source: Peerspace

Looking for incredibly unique indoor Christmas photoshoot ideas? This California Peerspace studio comes with a fully adjustable hanging ceiling structure that’s perfect for hanging all your ornaments. The durable aluminum grid can be raised and lowered as needed and can comfortably hold up to 1,200 pounds!

6. Bring the snow inside

Indoor Christmas Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Just because you’re shooting indoors doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the snow as part of your indoor Christmas photoshoot ideas! For example, check out the fun, fake snow decor in this Orange, CA studio. This venue also comes with a variety of fabulous amenities.

As one Peerspace reviewer said, “All of my friends were blown away with the amenities that come with the place and will become future customers!”

7. Decorate more than just the Christmas tree!

ortuguese Villa Courtyard and Bar
Source: Peerspace

During your indoor Christmas photoshoot, decorate more than just the Christmas tree! You can decorate everything from your pets to yourselves, to even your motorcycle. This is sure to bring lots of laughs to your photoshoot and tons of great memories too!

8. Cozy up by the fireplace

Cozy Townhome with Beautiful Courtyard
Source: Peerspace

Nothing quite says Christmas time like snuggling up by the fireplace! If your own home doesn’t feature a gorgeous fireplace that you can use for your photoshoot, not to worry — you can easily find a wonderful venue on Peerspace that comes complete with a stunning fireplace! For example, check out the beautiful fireplace in this North Carolina Peerspace!

9. Include tons of fun Christmas props

indoor christmas photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

Your Christmas photoshoot ideas should definitely include a variety of fun props! Toys, Christmas-themed stuffed animals, presents, and a fully decorated Christmas tree are just a few of the basic items.

Thankfully, many Peerspace venues come fully stocked with all the props you could possibly need. Take this LA studio set, for example, that frequently changes out its sets and offers a variety of amazing props to use during your shoot — at no added charge!

10. Gather around the dinner table

Suburban HGTV Home with Farmland and Sunset Views
Source: Peerspace

For a cute family portrait photoshoot idea, gather your family around the table for Christmas dinner and snapshots as you enjoy your holiday feast! On Peerspace, you can not only rent a space with a gorgeous Christmas-themed dining area like this Missouri home to make your Christmas dinner and photoshoot as stress-free as possible!

11. Capture your big Christmas get-together

snow photoshoot ideas
Source: Peerspace

Whether you’re gathering employees, family, or friends — hire a photographer to capture the best moments of your big Christmas get-together! A space like this Christmas-themed bar in Chicago would be absolutely perfect for just such an event. The space is even fully decorated in a Christmas theme, so you don’t have to put any legwork into setting up the space!

12. Do something totally unique

Indoor Christmas Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Why have a run-of-the-mill Christmas photoshoot when you can have a blast with totally unique indoor Christmas photoshoot ideas? For example, how about a bright LED-themed Christmas photoshoot? This California Peerspace is a great example of how awesome this theme can look. It features a variety of LED lights, light-up aspen trees, silver reindeer, brightly lit presents, and even super cool throne seating!

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