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The 11 Most Instagrammable Places in SF

When it comes to Instagrammable cities, very few compare to San Francisco. After all, this is the city that brought us Rice-A-Roni, hippie counterculture, and the sexual revolution has become a favorite location tag among travel bloggers and social media influencers alike. We’re pretty crazy about the place, too –– which is why we’ve compiled this handy list of the most Instagrammable places in SF. As the song says, “if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair” –– and be sure to tag us when you’re raking in the likes with a photo at one of these luxurious, Cali-cool locations.

1. This glitzy jewel box atelier

jewel box atelier sf rental
Source: Peerspace

Snap a print-worthy portrait in this jewel box atelier, inspired by Christian Dior’s Paris fashion house, available to book on Peerspace. This three-story, 1500-square-foot studio was designed to resemble a traditional European work space, offering a glamorous hexagon platform, pale pink seating, and ornate chandelier. Complete with a rooftop deck, decorative molding, and delicate accessories –– this luxurious space provides the perfect environment for showcasing couture and vintage-inspired styles. Take a load off in one of the stylish armchairs or take a note from the mannequins and bask in the natural light by the window. Try shooting from the ground up to include the beautiful crown molding in your photo, or lean against the metallic walls in your coolest shades.

2. This fun and funky used bookstore

used bookstore sf rental
Source: Peerspace

Show off your inner bookworm in one of San Francisco’s charming used bookstores. This quintessential Bay Area store and gallery has plenty of nooks and crannies for reading (or pretending to read while you take take artsty pictures). Used books provide a wealth of inspiration with photo-ready quotes and covers. A mix of natural and artificial light makes it easy to adjust the mood of your photos, while unique postcards lend themselves to in-house recreations and parodies. Worn leather and wooden shelves make this space warm and inviting, but the best part is how much chicer you’ll look in comparison to all the other people hamming it up in front of the Golden Gate.

3. This lively, light-filled flower shop

flower shop sf rental
Source: Peerspace

No filter is needed with this tranquil flower shop. Yes, it would look spectacular in certain contexts, but this peaceful, Mission District shop is perfectly dreamy all on its own. Delicate window panes result in an overflow of natural light, feeding the lush greenery and souls of passersby alike. Rustic wicker chairs complement eclectic throw pillows and modern light fixtures. Spacious surroundings and beautiful street views make it easy to capture backlit photos with stunning sun flare.

4. This dreamer’s retreat with ocean views

instagrammable places sf
Source: Peerspace

It might not be okay for people in glass houses to throw stones, but it’s perfectly fine for them to throw shade. And why wouldn’t you give the haters a little extra ammunition in this gorgeous, Sea Cliff penthouse? Along with a gourmet kitchen, lounge room, coffee bar, fireplace, and solarium, this not-so-humble abode features a glass-encased, luxury bedroom. The space is steps away from Land’s End, China Beach, and Baker Beach, which means you can add any one of the this home’s three stories to your story. The third floor “loo with a view” will give you the relaxing space needed to secretly swoon over your own newsfeed –– making this one of the most Instagrammable places in SF.

5.  This playful premier downtown gallery salon

downtown gallery sf rental
Source: Peerspace

Contemporary art and eclectic furnishings merge to create a cozy space that would make any Insta’ influencer psyched to post. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves pair beautifully with modern photography and an extra large, 10-seater bamboo table –– a soothing replacement for dreary conference rooms or party halls. Comfy chairs, as well as retro prints and textures make this space a treasure trove of Instagrammable angles.

6. The Palace of Fine Arts

palace of fine arts sf
Source: Pixabay

Pamper your profile at the Palace of Fine Arts. Widely regarded as one of the most Instagrammable places in SF, this monumental structure is a favorite destination for both tourists and locals. It was originally built to display works of art during the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, and it remains one of the only structures to survive the west coast world’s fair. History aside, the rebuilt lagoon and walkways are scenic enough to make a very swipe-able IG post. Bonus points for cool outfits and props.

7. This serene SoMa secret garden

south of market garden sf rental
Source: Peerspace

When you need a vacation from your vacation, kick back in this irresistibly serene garden. The brick flooring mirrors a rustic, red brick wall, giving this slice of San Francisco an intimate, effortlessly elegant feel that absolutely justifies the latest of latergrams. We love the mix of wild and potted vegetation, as well as the geometric garden seating and saturated wood paneling.

8. A highlight-worthy high-end breakfast nook and kitchen

breakfast and kitchen nook sf rental
Source: Peerspace

Your Sunday brunch will never look better than in this summery, high-end kitchen and breakfast nook. Maybe it’s the darling, seersucker cushions, the unobstructed bay windows, or the oversized patio doors that make this space a foodie’s dream. Or maybe it’s the Viking professional range and Miele wall oven. Either way, this sun-soaked Californian hideaway will serve as the culinary catalyst your feed has been dying for.

9. Park it at the “Painted Ladies”

painted ladies sf
Source: Pixabay

Your next Instagram hit could be as easy as a walk (or nap) in the park (or Alamo Square). The historic “Painted Ladies” are a must-see for any smartphone-enabled visitor. This escalating row of Victorian and Edwardian homes is one of 11 historic districts in San Francisco, back-dropped by some of SF’s finest skyline.

10. Your very own secluded historic pier

secluded pier sf rental
Source: Peerspace

With clear views of Golden Gate bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz, and the famous San Fran skyline, this secluded indoor space is a scenic incentive to keep swiping. Take refuge in this cozy, 400-square-foot floating hideout and watch your notifications tab blow up.

11. This funky, colorful modern home

instagrammable places sf
Source: Peerspace

One-hundred percent of poll sticker participants agree that this west-facing residence is absolutely Instagrammable. The spaces exudes chic Californian style with its playful kitchen island swings; colorful throw pillows and accessories; and glorious views of Sutro Tower. The indoor/outdoor shower is a great place for stripped-down headshots, while the hot tub offers a luxurious setting for those #LivingMyBestLife moments.

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