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The 7 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Orlando

Home to more than a dozen theme parks, Orlando is a city of magic. Although it’s a wildly popular family destination, it is the people that live there that make it special. So, if you’re looking for Orlando lifestyle photographers to capture you life here, or even if you’re visiting and need professional shots of your trip to the Magic Kingdom, let this list be your guide. After checking out the work of dozens of photographers, we narrowed down the shortlist to these creatives.

1. Angela Krauss-Coryell of Angela June Photography

Her top-notch skill in producing gorgeous portraits makes Angela Krauss-Coryell an ideal wedding photographer. Gorgeous brides in beautiful settings, fun-loving couples playing in the in-between moments of their day, and loving glances — her portfolio is full of all this and more. From her framing to editing, each shot is crisply contrasted and oh-so-romantic. Plus, her ability to capture genuine moments in a stylish way is evidence of her familiarity with the medium; her artistic, fine-art touch has few rivals. We love everything about her work, especially her finely honed eye — and with the scenery of Florida’s lush trees and beaches, it’s a winning combination. 

2. Leah Paola Photography

Leah Paola has a slightly nostalgic vibe to her work, perfect for family portraits. Her work feels like old film shots — slightly desaturated, deep shadows, and even some vignetting, all add to the sentimental touch. Her ability to capture real-life moments as they happen feels personal and intimate, exactly what you want when you’re looking for an authentic peek into your life. Choose Leah when you want to recreate your childhood photos with your own children; these mementos will become truly treasured keepsakes to cherish for years to come. You’ll find that her photojournalist style is perfectly suited for exactly such a session. 

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3. Lacey Irving

With specialties in branding and product photography, Lacey Irving brings an editorial, polished touch to her lifestyle shots. She’s the one to call when you need stylish and styled shoots of yourself or your product. If you’ve ever flipped through a magazine and thought, “I want that life, that look,” then Lacey is the photographer for you. She creates ultra-bright, elegant shots and has made that a cornerstone of her aesthetic — excellent for when you are being featured in a magazine or just want to feel like you will be! Count on Lacey for an up-to-the-minute approach to your branding and lifestyle photography, and you’ll be happy you did.

4. Andrea De La Cruz of In Common Photography 

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With a passion for empowering women through her lens, Andrea De La Cruz is the ideal Orlando lifestyle photographer for branding, maternity portraits, and all things family. Using natural light to make skin and products glow, she is equally adept at staging her photos and capturing those candid moments. She is a master of dynamic shots — playful personalities on full display, the perfect angle to show off an interesting detail and vibrant colors. If you are a passionate entrepreneur, a bride with a quirky sense of style, or a couple that wants something different for their engagement photos, Andrea is the ideal photographer for you.

5. Abby Liga Photography

Abby Liga brings her commercial and branding expertise into her lifestyle shots, creating editorial family shots that tell the story of your life in a polished way. Her eye for fine styling and details is evident throughout her work — a little flower here adds a soft touch, while this close crop perfectly frames the look on a child’s face, and perfect lighting ties everything together. Her work is consistently stunning and edited just enough to accentuate the subjects, never becoming a feature on its own. Abby is a great choice when you want an Orlando lifestyle photographer to document the messy moments of your life in her polished way.

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6. Lucy MacLeish Photography

Lucy MacLeish is more than a natural light portrait photographer, she is a storyteller — with you as the subject of the story! Her high-dynamic range photos are bright and happy portraits — of families, newly graduated teens, and joyous moms-to-be. Everything about her style is vibrant, from her sun-inspired toning to her angles — infusing energy and sunshine into each shot. If you are an influencer, and even if you’re not, you can count on Lucy to showcase your fun and happy side — her portfolio is sure to make you smile!

7. Ann Axon Photography

Specializing in weddings and portraits, Ann Axon is among the top Orlando lifestyle photographers that one dreams of! She is able to match her style to the mood of the moment — with shots ranging from light, bright, and airy for maternity shots to deeply contrasted, vignetted, and moody for romantic, storybook-style couples shoots.

The unifying element in her portfolio is emotion — every shot is full of the feeling of the moment. A whisper of love or tenderness becomes a keepsake to treasure all of your days, and a laugh becomes something you can almost hear through a photo — her talent is that great. Equally comfortable doing posed portraits or capturing spontaneous moments, Ann is a diverse photographer, so definitely check out her portfolio! 

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the best Orlando lifestyle photographers! In choosing any one of these extraordinary photographers, know that you’re working with one of the best creatives that your locale offers.

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