The 6 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Phoenix

Basking in sunlight most of the year, as well as rich with art and culture, Phoenix is a phenomenal city. In the shadow of the Grand Canyon and studded with saguaro cacti, the landscapes define what it means to shoot in the Southwest. If you are looking for Phoenix lifestyle photographers to document your personality, let this list be your guide. 

1. Brad Olson Photography

When you work with Brad, you can trust that you have absolute excellence behind the viewfinder. One of — if not the — premier photographers in the Phoenix area, Brad is whom you turn when you want your photo on the cover of a magazine. We mean that literally — he shoots the covers of magazines. His slick, high-gloss, commercial portraits are the work of a top-of-his-game professional. With an emphasis on editorial and fashion photography, Brad will bring out your modeling instincts, even if you don’t think you have any. 

2. Nancy Lynn of Posh Creative Photography

Originally a boutique creative studio, Nancy Lynn’s Posh Creative has morphed into an on-location outfit, where your home is the location. Working with this trendsetting photographer is an exercise in intimacy: Nancy’s documentary style creates authentic snapshots of your daily life. She will focus on the connections between the members of your family, infusing each click of her shutter with real love. Most shots are unposed, exposing the reality of your glorious and beautiful family in the place they are most comfortable — at home. Let Posh Creative Photography capture the “hearth” of your home, the fine nuance of what makes the human experience unique. 

3. Diana Reed Photography

For creative aerial shots, Diana is our go-to Phoenix lifestyle photographer. Just elevating one’s perspective gives shots such a fun and unexpected twist, and she uses this trick to the best effect. Her eye-level shots are, of course, beautiful as well. Talented at taking model headshots, she brings this gift to every portrait session. She is a wonderful choice when you’re seeking a fun and professional photo experience. 

4. Amy Dangerfield Photography

With a warm and almost rustic feel to her work, as well as the use of beautiful tones, Amy will capture the Southwestern spirit in your story. She emphasizes a preservation element in her storytelling, enabling future generations to appreciate the story each shot contains. Her documentary style is well-suited to this idea, as she will capture all of the rare and gorgeous moments on display. Throughout her portfolio, we see expressions of love that make us swoon.

5. Amanda Acapello at Acapello Photography

Amanda at Acapello Photography doesn’t just specialize in newborn photography, she excels in it. She has a knack for exposing the ethereal fragility of the first days after birth, in both the mamas and the babes she photographs. Incredibly intimate, high-key studio shots capture delicate sweetness. Think of all your baby’s delightful folds, wrinkles, and expressions preserved forever. Being able to hold that in your hand and be transported back to that time is a priceless and precious gift. You will be forever thankful when you make Amanda a part of your expecting and postpartum story. 

6. Travis Neely of Travis Shoots

Ruggedly styled outdoors lifestyle shots are Travis’s forte. Possessing an exploratory spirit, he brings this into his photographs. When you want your epic hike captured, your wilderness (and wildness) preserved, or your rock-climbing expertise displayed, turn to Travis. Almost every one of his shots is a blend of dramatic landscape photography and a portrait, lending a sense of adventure to each frame. His masterful use of high-dynamic range mean perfectly defined photographs with zero gimmicks. His style is suited for the cowboy aesthetic, as well as commercial outdoors shots. Next time you want to hit the trail or the rodeo, let Travis capture it all for you. 

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