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The 10 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Washington, D.C.

To build a lasting brand and leave an unforgettable impression, a company must forge a connection with its audience. It needs to give people a reason to root for it and invest some part of themselves in its success. The best way to do this, by far, is to tell a compelling story. That’s what makes these 10 Washington, D.C., lifestyle photographers so special — they’re incredible visual storytellers who can help you flesh out an authentic personality for your brand. Check out the area’s top creatives.

1. Danielle Finney

Danielle is a multi-talented lifestyle photographer with an eye for the stories going on all around us — the way color, light, the scale of our cityscapes, and the people within them can deeply affect us. They can affect us down to our core, even when we’re not paying attention.

Her photos harness these ongoing stories and put them to use, exploring the inner lives of local creatives, business people, and movers and shakers — people worth admiration. She takes colorful natural light photographs that shine with real friendliness and loving-kindness. With her camera, she’ll reach down into your heart and show everyone the beauty you’re keeping safe in there.

2. Greg Powers

Greg takes sexy food photos, dynamic lifestyle shots, as well as flavorful, personality-filled portraits. Not to mention, he also produces exquisite fine-art shots and collages. His lifestyle photos are clever. They tell smart stories that unfold for the contemplative viewer. And so the stillness of the photo transforms into something else — a story of both strength and weariness. In picture after picture, he imbues next-level thoughtfulness and playfulness, and as a result, his photos are a blast to take in. We enjoyed getting lost while scrolling through his portfolio.

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3. Noelle Glaze of The Pen and Piper

The job of a commercial lifestyle photographer is complex. To be truly successful at the job, you need to be a talented stylist, a good story teller, have a strong understanding of branding and strategy. Noelle of The Pen and Piper has all these skills in abundance, and she makes the most out of them by creating impressive visual content, building brand personalities and voices, and forging unbreakable connections with audiences.

Take a look at her dynamic, gorgeously styled food photography. Every photo carries this level of attention to detail. Check out her client list, and you’ll see that Harper Collins, VOSS, Brown Cow Yogurt, Paulaner, Fair Trade Winds, and many more have trusted Noelle to spin their stories.

4. Mary Elizabeth Creative

Mary Elizabeth takes compelling lifestyle portraiture, gorgeous, textured food shots — all with a masterful eye for light and color, as well as real softness and appreciation for the subjects of her work. No matter her subject, whether it’s an up-and-coming entrepreneur or powerful women at work, she reproduces reality so finitely and yet with such order, it can be frankly overwhelming at times. If you hire her, she will imbue your brand with a sense of profound thoughtfulness. Some of the clients that have benefited from her creative style include Politico, Modus Hotels, and Run GRL.

5. Lindsay and Vincent Galatro at LG Photography

Lindsay and Vincent of LG Photography have an intimate, friendly style that makes them natural choices for any brand in the hospitality or service industry. In addition, they’re great for any brand whose success is especially reliant on public perception. They’re also especially skilled at telling the story behind the story — the hard work, the thought, the trial and error that goes into every successful business. They’ve helped spin the digital stories of brands and organizations such as Amazon, AARP, the FDA, DC Magazine, Nestlé, and more.

6. Kara Schab of Right Foot Creative

Splitting her time between San Francisco and Washington, D.C., Kara is a born brand-builder. She takes lifestyle photos with an aesthetic that immediately connects with social media aficionados, and yet is different enough to draw them in to browse images for hours at a time. Whether you’ve got an established brand, or you’re just dipping your toe into content marketing for the first time, Kara of Right Foot Creative is a proven strategic storyteller with a laser focus on growing your audience and increasing your social reach.

Take a look at her portfolio and you’ll be blown away by the seemingly effortless way she’s able to convey the joys, frustrations, and hilarity of modern life — and then imagine her putting that skill to work for you and your brand.

7. Caylena Cahill

Caylena is a digital storyteller who uses a variety of media at her disposal — photography, podcasting, and more. She’s made a name for herself as a supreme food stylist and photographer who enjoys telling stories of health, fitness, and comfort.

Of course, she’s got an eye for form and symmetry that is not limited to food. Her landscapes, cityscapes, fitness and dance photos are equally excellent and engaging. But her food photos are just so darn good and obviously filled with passion. What sets her apart from the other Washington, D.C., lifestyle photographers is her desire to help build a better world through her photography.

8. Cory F. Royster

Cory takes elegantly composed lifestyle photos of live events — such as sports competitions and concerts –– and does so in an artistic, yet raw manner. His pictures of athletes expertly capture the catharsis that comes from watching athletes excel in their chosen sport. His style is generally quite natural, whether he’s shooting photojournalistic candids or posed, lifestyle shots.

Occasionally, he leans into the drama, building it up to ever-greater intensity by leaning into high-contrast black-and-white photos or even shooting with a fish-eye lens. If you work with Cory, not only will you get a photographer who’s photographed all your favorite D.C. area sports teams — you’ll be working with someone who never stops honing his craft. And someone like that will always give their all to every job they take.

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9. Shala W. Graham

Shala is a Washington, D.C., lifestyle photographer who specializes in personal branding photos. She helps incredible professional women thrive by capturing their personalities and telling their stories. She makes them the heroes of their tales, compelling the whole world get behind them in their quest. Shala has a knack for bringing your inner confidence to the surface. If you’re looking to build a personal brand, you’ve got to start at square one. And square one is the perfect photograph. Announce yourself to the world.

10. Elena of Belle Imagery Portraits

Elena of Belle Imagery Portraits is a passionate photographer who thrives working with passionate business owners. She takes compelling, sharp photographs that cut through all the noise, depicting quite simply the real people that make the products and art we all love. Everyone knows what their brand or product is for, but how many people can truly tell the story of their brand’s “why” in a way that connects?

Work with Elena and you will be one of the few brands to set yourself apart in this way. It’s her mind — her insight and understanding of people — that really sets her and her photography apart. And this is why she’s one of the best Washington, D.C., lifestyle photographers.

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