13 Best Portland Wedding Photographers

Curious to see who is gracing our list of the top Portland wedding photographers? At Peerspace, we get it; Portland is a great city for wedding photographers. Not only is it populous enough that there is plenty of demand, but being surrounded by idyllic landscapes means there’s always a great backdrop for photos nearby. It should come as no surprise, then, that the photographers on this list make frequent use of beautiful outdoor settings for their images.

And believe us, we found photographers who really stand out from the competition. In their portfolios, you’ll find a mastery of finding the best light and creative compositions that you didn’t know you needed in your life. They also have an overall approach to wedding photography that centers on telling stories and making images that don’t just follow the latest trends but will look good for decades.

Finding the right photographer to reflect your personality and style can be a daunting task. Still, our list of the best Portland wedding photographers will make it easier for you to book some fantastic talent.

1. Nate Smith

Nate holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in photography, so you can be confident he has the training and skill to photograph any wedding. His award-winning work will blow you away, and his portfolio is a testament to his mastery of the craft. There, you’ll find large-scale portraits side by side with beautiful captures of smaller moments. All of it ties together with balanced colors and beautiful light, creating compositions that deserve a “fine art” moniker.

2. Sean Carr

After working in the film industry, Sean got his first taste in wedding photography when he was asked to shoot a friend’s wedding. After that, he was hooked.

His approach to covering the day is relaxed and adventurous. After all, he wants you to be in the mindset where you feel completely comfortable being yourself. His portfolio often features couples in motion, having experiences, and living in moments.

3. Dan Rice

Dan found his first photography job in 2000 and shot his first wedding in 2001, so he has tons of experience doing this kind of work. He has an eye for great lighting and is skilled at posing his couples naturally. His images also effectively tell the story of the weddings he photographs, making him one of the best Portland wedding photographers.

4. Dionne Kraus

Dionne’s approach to photographing weddings begins with forming a real friendship with her clients. Knowing that on your wedding day, you’ll spend a lot of time with your photographer, Dionne believes building a rapport with your photographer is an essential part of the process — and it works.

The images in her portfolio show how relaxed and expressive the couples in Dionne’s photographs are. Therefore, she is adept at putting people completely at ease and capturing them at their best.

5. Jos & Tree

Jos and Tree Woodsmith are a talented photography team who specialize in documentary-style wedding photography. Their award-winning work is sure to impress since they capture intimate moments with creative compositions and have mastered lighting their subjects. They also bring a passion for storytelling and artistry to all of their photoshoots.

6. Nate Meeds

Nate brings heaps of passion and personality to the weddings he photographs. He’s dedicated to taking photographs that his clients will love and is fully aware of the legacy these images will have as they are passed down in families.

He also understands that to make the best images, couples need to be comfortable with him, so Nate takes time to build trust with the people he photographs. The result is stunning images that reflect the beauty of the day and the love of the couple.

7. Bethany Bloem

For Bethany, photographing a wedding also means telling a love story. She does this by relying on an emotional connection to her subjects, which infuses her work with passion and authenticity. Her work is intimate and subtle, with soft lighting and creative framing.

You can tell that couples are relaxed around Bethany. In fact, her portfolio is filled with images of people who are clearly in love and savoring every moment.

8. Annie Zav

Annie is an adventure-seeking wedding and elopement photographer who focuses on capturing intimate moments and timeless portraits. She excels at taking photographs of the unscripted, unposed moments that happen throughout the day.

Her eye for great light is evident in her work as well since all of her images are beautifully lit. This mastery of the small moments and great light definitely makes Annie one of the best Portland wedding photographers.

9. Marcela Garcia Pulido

Marcela lives in Portland but holds her hometown of San Bernardino close to her heart. So much so that her work has an undeniable Californian vibe.

She’ll take the time to learn your story as a couple, too: how you met, what drives your relationship, etc. All of this information helps her capture genuine images that authentically represent you and your feelings for your significant other.

10. Steele Photography

Chris Steele is at the helm of this talented photography team. While serious about their craft, they still know how to have fun on the job. They take inspiration from hundreds and hundreds of weddings they’ve shot to better photograph yours. They’re especially good at making photos that reflect your personality. They’ll do some casual posing and coaching to get the best out of each of their shoots.

11. Jessica Hill

Jessica has been in the wedding business since 2001 and holds a BFA in photography, so she’s got a deep well of experience. She blends documentary-style wedding work with creative portraiture to create a well-rounded set of images of each wedding she photographs.

We also love how all of her work is driven by the personality and emotions of her subjects.

12. Chris Brodell

Chris’s work begins with his candid, documentary approach to the wedding day. He clearly isn’t afraid of vivid colors or bright portraiture since you’ll find plenty of these sharp, well-composed images in his portfolio.

With more than a decade of experience shooting weddings, Chris can consistently deliver high-quality work. It’s this work that consistently cements his position among the best Portland wedding photographers.

13. Auburn Photography

Lana of Auburn Photography is a Portland-based wedding photographer who specializes in capturing weddings, elopements, engagements, and proposals. She’s adept at catching all the big moments and small details, giving her clients her very best to savor every moment of their big days.

From creating timelines to make clients’ days go smoothly and seamlessly to looking for all the little things, like fixing the groom’s boutonnière or removing a bridesmaid’s hair tie, Lana works hard to over-communicate. She also strives to be available 24/7 to meet all of her clients’ needs.

Bonus: Catalina Jean Photography

We’re finding ourselves obsessed with the artistic and modern candids that Catalina Jean Photography specializes in. Catalina herself is a Portland-based wedding and elopement photographer whose bread and butter is non-traditional matrimonies of every ilk, like elopements and destination weddings.

Suppose you’re looking for a photographer who captures the beautiful in-between moments while also helping you craft hip, editorial-style portraits. In that case, Catalina and team may be your perfect Portland wedding photographers.

Portland wedding photographers: conclusion

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Source: Peerspace

You pretty much can’t go wrong with anyone on this particular list of the best Portland wedding photographers, but a lot of it comes down to your gut. Peruse their portfolios. Read their bios. Read up on styles of wedding photography. Whose work aligns most completely with your vision for the day? Who would you most like to grab a beer with? Find a photographer who’s a great match, so the experience of working with them will be a blast.

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