The 12 Best Portrait Photographers in San Diego

Portrait photographers in San Diego are as mesmerized by the city’s sweeping coastline, year-round mild climate, and Spanish roots as its steady flow of tourists are. This laid-back metropolis has captured the hearts and minds of visitors for hundreds of years and still manages to produce some of the world’s most exciting talent. So whether you’re stopping by for a mental reset, planning an event, or taking part in the city’s bustling tech industry, these portrait photographers are your solution to artfully documenting what is sure to be an incredible experience.

1. Paulina Lynn

As a musician, graphic designer, and pizza aficionado, Paulina Lynn pours her uncommonly broad skill set and love of human emotion into her photography. In doing so, she creates sentimental portraits that beautifully capture the casual chemistry between lovers in relaxed settings. Aware of the awkward nature of modeling, and ever the trooper, Paulina has even been the subject of her own styled photoshoot, which she describes as “intimidating as hell”. Nowadays, the SDSU graduate is busy nurturing her talent for easy-going and emotional portraiture.

And just tell us you don’t want to work with her after reading this: “I want my work to be raw and real, no stiff poses or awkward smiles. I want all the emotions, quirks, laughs, messy hair, gentle kisses and anything and everything that makes a couple unique. My goal as a photographer is to be able to provide couples with images they can look back at years later and recall exactly what they were feeling in that moment.”

2. Sydney Noelle

Sydney Noelle prides herself on her ability to make clients feel comfortable enough to be goofy in front of the camera. She has an adventurous spirit and is always looking to add an element of fun to her work. Vulnerability is the secret ingredient to Sydney’s effervescent and dreamy photographs, and she achieves this with her bright personality and expert eye for serenity within any location.

High contrast and muted colors give her portraits a timeless feel. It also complements the skin tones of her subjects as she discreetly captures their best moments with lightning-fast precision and excellent framing.

3. Tim King

Tim King creates some of the best and most inspired corporate headshots we’ve ever seen. And that’s saying something! While many portrait photographers follow the routine when it comes to headshots, Tim couldn’t be an more unique. His passion is modernizing your brand image and that all starts with a solid headshot. Between his portrait work and his commercial photography, Tim is a photographic force in San Diego who will make you one-of-a-kind images.

4. Katie Iredale

A true Californian, Katie Iredale is a self-described storyteller, empath, and fan of Home Goods and World Market. From sun-soaked beach sessions to affectionate moments in the kitchen, Katie’s mellow and curious personality shines throughout her extensive portfolio of endearing photographs. Her use of natural light and tight framing make her a go-to for intimate portraits that stand the test of time.

5. Lauren Marie

Originally from North Carolina, Lauren Marie made her way to The Golden State with a BFA in photography. She was also determined to continue her evolution from disposable-camera-obsessed middle schooler to hip west-coast portrait photographer. Lauren is a natural light photographer and thrives on collaboration, which is great news if you have a vision for your shoot already. Look through her portfolio, and you will see tons of artistic, fashion-inspired shoots.

Her eye for striking angles, intriguing double exposures, and introspective glances that are deeply personal and visually appealing. They also help put her on our list of top portrait photographers in San Diego.

6. Sage Justice

As a fan of gangster rap and MoviePass night, Sage Justice brings his love of hard-knock, cinematic productions to his work. He also always strives to preserve life’s most valuable experiences through fun and candid portraits. Sage’s style incorporates a mix of natural and dramatic off-camera lighting. This may explain why he is also a popular wedding and elopement photographer.

While his days of shoveling snow in Detroit are long gone, the health-conscious foodie still manages to create images as cool as ice. He also maintains an appreciation for the warmth of human relationships, fitness, and the Californian sun.

7. Laura Costa

Laura Costa has developed creative photography techniques that highlight the beauty of fluid movement. This serves her clients as well as her clothing line, Mika Yoga Wear. She has a passion for empowering women and does so by appreciating their natural form. In her work, she shows this with a lack of digital body distortion.

Costa’s love for her work and clients is made even more evident by her use of goddess-like poses and ethereal lighting. Her appreciation for natural elements and purposeful location scouting also highlight her love of lifestyle, dance, and boudoir photography.

8. Shiloh Colleen

Born and raised in San Diego, Shiloh Colleen knows the ins and outs of the city’s landscape firsthand. In fact, she uses her native expertise and photographic talent to capture people’s individual spirit in locations that would bring out the San Diego pride in just about anyone. Dreamy backlighting, romantic foregrounds, and genuine expression are all hallmarks of Colleen’s exceptional body of work. It is all made even more credible by her client’s glowing testimonials.

9. Justin Alexander Bartels

When it comes to theatrical portrait photographers in San Diego, Justin Alexander Bartels takes the cake. His mix of double exposures, levitation photography, and superimposed imagery make him one of the city’s most unique cameramen. Movement and serenity are also common themes throughout his work. SD Voyager Magazine has described his work as “raw, unfiltered creative expression”. Not only that, but he has been featured on StubHub’s Instagram page.

While that’s all excellent in and of itself, you must look at his portfolios. His prolific body of work is sure to make anyone pause and gaze in wonder.

10. Nia Rowland

America’s Finest City offers up a plethora of stunning natural surroundings – something that is not lost on photographer Nia Rowland. Her subjects can often be found frolicking in lush parks or behind the simple curves of house plants.

Well-versed in the art of both digital and film photography, Rowland possesses the ability to create nostalgic dreamscapes. These capture the imagination of viewers while accurately documenting the feel of each situation she finds herself in.

11. Wendy W. Smith

With her origins as a landscape and wildlife photographer, Wendy Smith has a knack for incorporating her love of nature into her work as a portrait photographer.

Far from your average nature enthusiast turned shutterbug, Smith has made a name for herself as a photographer for Forever 21, Black Wolff Leather, Child of Wild, Apothecary 87. She has also been featured on Good Morning America and Daily Mail UK – to name a few. Her unique brand of up-close and personal portraits places an emphasis on natural light and never skimps on vibrant, eye-catching color.

12. Kim Belverud

Kim Belverud is the woman behind Kim Belverud Photography – a studio that celebrates families and couples with stunning lifestyle portraits. Kim’s experience with art, dance, and calligraphy gave her the insight to visually and emotionally blend her subjects with their environments. Her emphasis on storytelling and surrealism bring out the tender and magical elements of the relationship between photographer and subject.

Bonus: Tiffany Allen Photography

What stands out to us most when we review the work of Tiffany Allen is how clearly she loves and celebrates women. In fact, the majority of her portrait work comprises maternity shoots i which she celebrates that radiant glow and graceful curves of her subjects. Tiffany is not only a portrait photographer but a meditation and life coach, so if you’re hoping for thoughtful guidance from your photographer, then she may be perfect for you.

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There you have it: the top portrait photographers in San Diego at this moment! We hope you enjoyed looking at their work and style and maybe have gained a new appreciation for the genre.

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