How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dance Floor?


Dance/ reception spaces on Peerspace cost on average $185 per hour.

You don’t need an excuse to dance. However, planning an event that requires a dance floor can sometimes slow down your jig. Luckily, you have Peerspace at your side, the most comprehensive platform for booking incredible event spaces. And yes, this even includes dance floors! We know it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start looking for a solid answer to your question, “How much does it cost to rent a dance floor?” Therefore, we’ll cover this and offer some ideas on the types of dance floors that are available to rent.  

Why should you rent a dance floor? 

basement disco club in brooklyn
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Whether it’s a wedding party, dance competition, or class on the art of movement — there are quite a few reasons to rent a dance floor. You can use the large, open areas for a variety of functions beyond even dancing. For example, you can book a dance hall for a corporate event, like a holiday party or going-away soirée.

Here are some other ways that dance floor rentals are used: 

  • School field trips for students to learn yoga, dancing, or just play games 
  • Sweet 16 celebrations or a quinceañera
  • Workshops that require lots of space
  • As a live music venue to launch a new album

As you can see, there are many ways to utilize a dance floor and therefore, many reasons to rent one. One of the biggest draws of any dance hall or studio is its hard floors and high ceilings. Plus, many come with other amenities like tables, chairs, and restrooms. Dance floors are also incredibly versatile and can often be broken up into separate rooms for different breakout activities. 

How to rent a dance floor 

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It can be challenging to find a dance floor rental that jives just right with your budget and capacity needs. Some cities have plenty of dance floors within hotels, private businesses, and other spaces. However, the good venues always seem to be booked months in advance. Plus, it’s difficult to know when they’re available or how much it costs to rent a dance floor. 

Peerspace provides an easy way to find the perfect dance floor for your party or event. The site has the world’s largest online marketplace for meeting and event spaces, meaning you’ll get the full rundown of dance halls in your city. Each listing comes with high-quality photos and a detailed description of amenities. If you have any questions, simply contact the host directly. 

Venue hosts list their prices for each Peerspace listing directly on the site. They also make clear which dates are available, so you know right away if a venue works for your specific event. We’ll get into the question, “How much does it cost to rent a dance floor?” shortly. But first, let’s see what amazing types of dance floors are out there.

Types of dance floors 

dance studio chicago rental
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Dance floors range from grand ballrooms to quaint studios — with capacities varying from hundreds of people to a small group of 10. It all depends on the atmosphere you’re going for with your event. Also, before you start searching, consider the types of amenities you’ll need to throw the best party or event possible. 

For the creative types

We’ll start big. This colorful venue near Los Angeles is over 5,000 square feet and is ideal for up to 250 people. Its decor is wild, boasting colorful walls and retro knickknacks. Best of all, however, it has two bathrooms, a kitchen, a snack bar, and plenty of dance floor space. You can easily use it for a creative arts performance or a party.

Just check out this review from a past Peerspace booker: “This is the perfect space for any colorful, creative and funky project! It has a great variety of colorful backgrounds and areas to work in. Very dynamic and big space, it is also very clean. The space is located in a quiet area with plenty of space to park around it. The host is very friendly. I would definitely recommend this space to anyone interested in it.”

As you can see, many of Peerspace’s rentals include dozens of reviews that are detailed and authentic. These reviews can give you an idea of how you can utilize the space.

If you’re looking for something classic 

Here’s a flexible space in Chicago that boasts a stage, wireless microphones, and a staging kitchen. This is another spacious dance floor option with room for up to 250 people. It also includes tons of amenities, like equipment, kitchen and dressing rooms, and high-tech lighting. Your booking also includes an on-site manager to help ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

This Atlanta nightclub comes with tables, chairs, speakers, restrooms, a mirror wall, and a bar. Bring in your favorite DJ and bartender, then have a ball in the downtown space! According to one of several happy Peerspace reviewers: “Excellent space. Hosts were very communicative from time of booking until our reservation ended. Would use again.” and “Good spacing, good quality speaker. We appreciate it you guys made us feel welcome we loved it we will be back. Mirrors were clean floors were good grippy we loved it.”

How much does it cost to rent a dance floor? 

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There are so many different types of dance floor rentals and ways you can get creative with your venue. Now, let’s take a look at how much it will cost you. 

A hotel or private business will likely charge $200 to $1,000 an hour for a dance floor rental space — depending on the size of the venue and time of year you’re planning to book the space. Many of these venues charge extra fees and don’t include amenities like tables, chairs, and extra rooms. You’ll have to spend several hours searching the internet and calling different places trying to get a straight answer on prices and what’s included. 

Renting a dance floor space through Peerspace can cost $75 to $500 per hour. You’ll know exactly how much fees will cost and can contact the host with any questions about what’s included. Plus, you’ll save so much time by using the fast, easy-to-filter experience on Peerspace. If you need any help with catering or equipment rentals, the Peerspace Concierge is here to help. Experts can also help you find the best entertainment for your event or photo booth rentals. 

We hope this gave you a good idea of the answer to the question, “How much does it cost to rent a dance floor?” Get your dance party going in a creative, fun space! 

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