Here’s Where to Rent Office Space By The Hour in Los Angeles

Looking for a nice office spot to hold an important meeting or meet with your most esteemed clients? We have got you covered. LA comes with its unique colors and places. When you have a plethora of options to choose from, selecting “the place” can sound intimidating. But at Peerspace, we believe in finding the perfect place for your every need. If it’s an office space that you need to inspire your clients and bring in new ideas, you have come to the perfect place. So, without a further due, here’s where to rent office spaces by the hour in Los Angeles.

1. Enjoy a downtown LA setting

colorful office and production space
Source: Peerspace

This exquisitely designed office space in the heart of central LA offers the perfect meeting option for up to ten members of your team. Spread over an area of 1,000-sq-ft, it has all the luxuries and amenities that you want for a modest setting. The office contains plenty of natural sunlight, a high industrial roof ceiling that gives more ambiance to its interior, and a separate loft space for privacy. The office comes packed with office amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, printing and scanning facilities, a coffee maker, a spacious couch with beautiful decorations, and a Pinball machine for blowing off some steam. Besides, the staff is present 24/7 during the duration of your booking to cater to your every need. Surely a perfect Peerspace location to rent office space by the hour in LA.

2. The perfect place for pink-loving entrepreneurs

sunny pink loft with modern touches
Source: Peerspace

Completely drenched in sunlight with pink curtains and walls illuminating the interior as well, this 650-sq-ft loft in the heart of central LA allows you to plan your next business initiatives. The loft has all the amenities you want, a high-speed Wi-fi connection, portable A/C units, and a parking space. So, when choosing from different available options for an entrepreneur, here’s where to rent office space by the hour in Los Angeles. Book it today on Peerspace!

3. Experience luxury in the heart of Beverly Hills

sleek, modern beverly hills office

If you are a fan of the famous series Beverly Hills 90210, this place must be on your bucket list. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills with some of the most stunning views of Palm Drive, this meeting place gives you and your team to explore and work on new ideas. This 398-sq-ft office space offers the perfect seating arrangements for your team of 14 members, and it has all the amenities that your business requires. Wilshire and Doheney metro buses lie within walking distance of this office space, so if you prefer to travel by public transportation, it has that added advantage as well. Learn more about it on its Peerspace page!

4. An urban office beyond your wildest imagination

office space with stunning downtown views
Source: Peerspace

Here’s another example where to rent office space by the hour in LA. Located on the 26th floor in downtown Los Angeles, this place offers several conference rooms and exquisite views of the LA skyline. It also has huge curtain windows which enable sunlight to brighten the whole interior. This Peerspace venue comes packed with several amenities and is an ideal place for presentations and making business strategies.

5.  An exquisitely designed small office

relaxed and contemporary office
Source: Peerspace

If you want a relaxed setting to meet with clients and looking to rent an office by the hour in LA, then this place is best suited for you. You have the option to choose from eight beautifully designed spaces with multiple furniture configuration options. It also comes with several other amenities such as Wi-Fi, printing and copying facilities, and coffee and tea services. With several customizable options, you can use this space to conduct interviews with your new employees, meet with your customers, or even organize a small conference meeting. And you can book it here on Peerspace!

6. Naturally lit office space in Beverly Hills

mid century modern office space
Source: Peerspace

Located in the heart of LA, this place has been frequented by celebrities, creative content creators, and leading entrepreneurs. Its elegantly designed interior coupled with mid-century furniture gives it a unique appeal that can attract any personality. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to give a jolt to the room’s ambiance. You can use this space for multiple purposes; board meetings, conducting interviews, to name a few. This Peerspace office also comes packed with several other amenities such as high-speed internet, five-star dining, and VIP concierge services.

7.  Stunning meeting room with beach views

elegant conference space with beach views
Source: Peerspace

Located in Manhattan Beach near the 105 freeway, this 16-person conference room allows for organizing the board meetings and brainstorming events. It comes packed with office amenities such as an LED projector, a high-speed internet connection, and a kitchen with all the essential items you need. The high curtain windows offer a breath-taking view of Manhattan beach. It also sits just four miles away from LAX. A waiting lounge is also specially designed to keep your clients relaxed. Learn more about it on its Peerspace page!

8. Explore new ideas in this large conference room

ultra lux boardroom
Source: Peerspace

Located in Beverly Hills, this grand meeting/conference room space offers a traditional setting for pitching your business ideas to investors or shareholders. Designed to be classical and elegant, this 484-sq-ft office comes packed with typical conference space amenities as well as added luxuries, like a rooftop, membership to a private club, and dining. It is a great place to accommodate up to eighteen people. So, do you want to book this for your next lux meeting? If so, head over to its Peerspace listing page!

9. Win clients in this modern, spacious office

spacious office with comfy seating
Source: Peerspace

This is probably one of the best office places that come on an economical budget in LA. Located minutes drive from Beverly Hills and LAX, this spacious 1000-sq-ft office is an ideal Peerspace venue for holding a meeting with your clients and customers. You can also meet your team in this environment to a refreshing place to think from a new perspective. The place also comes with several amenities, and with a customizable range of options, you can shape it in whatever way you like.

10. Enjoy the serenity of Echo Park

quirky creative space in echo park
Source: Peerspace

Our last example of where to rent an office space by the hour in LA will take you to this classical setting in Echo Park. This sun-drenched office space is an ideal place to rent an office in Los Angeles. Embellished with a wooden floor and customizable range of classical furniture, you can use the 2200-sq-ft office space for several purposes: an informal gathering of your employees, conducting interviews, or even just having a change of scenery. Book it today on Peerspace!

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