13 Special 28th Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate The End of Your 20s (2024)


Birthday party venues on Peerspace typically cost between $50 — $500 per hour.

Looking for special 28th birthday party ideas to make your big day even more fabulous? Then Peerspace has you covered! For most people, birthday parties pop up right away as they remember the best day of their last year. Enjoying the company of your best friends and family while being the center of attention; who doesn’t love that?

One of the best ways to do that is to book a birthday party venue near you through Peerspace. Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, with a platform that makes it easy to uncover and book unique spaces in cities across the globe. Along with our favorite 28th birthday ideas, we’ll also share a few Peerspace venues that we think are perfect for hosting your gathering.

You can choose to celebrate your birthday with a party that is as simple or extravagant as you like. But when you utilize these 13 special 28th birthday ideas, they are sure to make your birthday unforgettable.

1. Don’t want a boring setting? Then book a Peerspace birthday party venue!

pike place market studio game room seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Having a birthday party at home can become more of a chore than it’s worth. So why not treat yourself and your guests to a unique space packed with style and amenities? That’s what you get when you use Peerspace!

The Peerspace platform can save you a lot of time, effort, and even money. In fact, venue choosing becomes a straightforward and fun task! All you need to do is enter your desired location, and Peerspace will show all the best options in the vicinity.

Here are some of our favorite options for you to check out:

Pretty amazing options, right? Choose the one that fits your demands and get in touch with the owner right away. Whether you want a space to host a backyard barbecue, a sky-high luxury penthouse, or an industrial-chic location for your 28th birthday party, Peerspace will handle the hard part.

2. Suit your taste in a stylish setting

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Orange County
Source: Peerspace

By the age of 28, everyone has set up their preferences, whether it’s for drinks, takeout food, or clothes. Respect your guests’ preferences and raise the party’s level by hiring a mixologist.

The first step is to book a stunning Peerspace bar, like this fun and sexy restaurant and bar in Fullerton, CA. It has space for 249 of your closest friends and comes equipped with TVs, comfy seating, and outdoor space. Plus, you can hire the site’s bartending staff so everyone can enjoy their custom drinks all night long!

A Peerspace user who booked this bar for their own birthday shared the following review. “Rex was an amazing host, anytime I needed help with something he was quick to respond. The space was exactly as advertised and gave an amazing ambiance as well. I had my 23rd birthday party along with 30 other friends and we had a great time! Would definitely book here again!”

3. Let’s watch that movie again

tampa Historic US Theatre
Source: Peerspace

Are you looking for more low-key 28th birthday party ideas? We understand! After all, those wild and vibrant parties are typically best left for the early 20s. If a more chill party sounds ideal to you this year, then a movie night can be a great idea to celebrate your birthday with your loved ones.

Go grand and book a historic theater, like this one in Tampa, FL, that has space for 250 guests. Okay, you don’t actually have to invite that many guests, but the grandeur of the space is sure to impress your guest list anyway.

Love this suggestion? Then you need to check out these great movie birthday party ideas next!

4. Host a barbecue in a sweet, well-equipped space

Art Deco House with City Skyline Views
Source: Peerspace

No matter what kind of party you’re throwing, barbecue food always makes the guests happy. Cooked on-site barbecue meals provide a mouthwatering dinner and the preparation is fun on its own. The drinks taste even more special alongside the barbecue, making it an extraordinary 28th birthday idea.

Is your yard not really up to the task? Then you can always book this Art Deco home with a big backyard in Houston, TX! It’s a chic, welcoming home that also boasts a furnished outdoor space with a barbecue grill, a fire pit, skyline views, and more to delight your guests.

A Peerspace reviewer shares: “Such an amazing host! Extremely prompt & responsive and also very hospitable. The place looks exactly like the photos and it is beautiful. We hosted my friend’s birthday party here and it was a success, would definitely book again, thanks Ann! :)”

5. Host a karaoke party at a global buffet restaurant

an asian buffet restaurant with karaoke
Source: Peerspace

Prepare for karaoke at your venue, or book a local karaoke bar to enjoy a wild party with your favorite people. Have a contest among your friends, and the winner gets a prize. Don’t forget to make some DIY gifts for the winners! Karaoke with friends is always a blast, and it could also bring some memories from the past if you have been to karaoke before.

Not every city has a karaoke bar that you can book for a private event. But Peerspace has plenty! For instance, you book this large karaoke party room in Austin, TX where you can belt out your favorite tunes with up to 75 guests. As a bonus, this venue is also a fully functional Asian buffet restaurant, so you have delicious eats at hand after working up an appetite singing.

6. Let’s fly away and enjoy an amazing new space

Mid-century Modern Gem Under the Oaks
Source: Peerspace

This is definitely one of our favorite 28th birthday party ideas: book a trip across the county with your friends! Book a retreat venue through Peerspace, far away from home, and fly with your friends to enjoy one of the most enjoyable birthday parties you can. It will everyone get a small break from their jobs while providing experiences to remember the rest of their lives.

Our venue recommendation? This Berkeley masterfully designed mid-century modern home. It offers you access to a spacious living area, a modern kitchen, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the outdoor area that boasts a hot tub and 100-year-old mature oaks. It’s one of the most breathtaking spaces that we can imagine for a birthday party that is also a destination vacation.

And just check out what a Peerspace user shared after booking this space for an event: “Wow! What a beautiful home! We had such a productive retreat and being in this beautiful open indoor and outdoor space played a big part! Lisa was so helpful and responsive. We definitely will rent this space again.”

7. Match your invites, decor, and attire to your party’s theme

a themed movie theater with starry ceiling
Source: Peerspace

Even though technology has taken over, some things are still better left old school. Print some invitation cards and mail them to your friends instead of inviting them via group chat. Make your invitations fit your theme.

For example, if you have a movie night planned, then design your cards with a TV on the front, or you could write a famous dialogue of the movie you’re planning to watch on it. This is one of the easiest 28th birthday party ideas and one that ensures a cohesive birthday party experience for you and your guests.

8. Blend your 20s and 30s

Villa Kuro - A Serene and Minimal Desert Hideaway joshua tree rental
Source: Peerspace

With the sadness of leaving your 20s behind, let the theme illustrate how excited you are to enter your 30s. How exactly can you do that? Birthday parties for 30+ years old are usually minimalistic, following a slogan like “simple is classy”. However, for the other decorations, music, dinner, and venue, go eclectic as a bon voyage to your 20s.

Been dreaming of the desert lately? Then book the sensational Villa Kuro in the Yucca Valley. It’s bright, serene, and eclectic all in one charming space.

9. Serve a funny yet delicious cake

Modern Dessert Parlor - Private Event Space washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

After the guest of the honor, the most crucial 28th birthday party ideas involve the cake. Even while reading about these birthday party ideas, you might have already started craving cake. Therefore, order a spectacular cake that suits your aesthetic and flavor preferences. You could even turn the cake into something fun by adding toppers like “older, wiser” or “28 & fabulous.”

Need a chic and well-equipped space to bake your own cake? Then check out our guide on where to rent kitchen space by the hour!

10. Travel back in time

private movie theater 90s themed home
Source: Peerspace

If you’re turning 28 in 2024, then you were born in 1996. So why not celebrate your birthday while paying tribute to the 90s? Set a grungy 90s theme for your birthday. Ask your guests to dress like a famous 90s person and prepare the venue accordingly. 90s-style photo booth, colorful textures, grunge music, and boy bands go with this theme.

Make it easy on yourself by booking a retro-themed rental venue through Peerspace. For instance, this 1990s themed home in Jacksonville, FL is a fabulous option. Each room has a different 90s theme, including the private movie theater and the bubblegum pink and blue kitchen. The uniqueness and ample fun could surely take your birthday to the next level.

Check out more of our favorite 90s theme party ideas here!

11. Treat yourself and your guests to a build-your-own nachos bar

Private Party Room in a Mexican Restaurant
Source: Peerspace

Nachos are the classic Mexican snack that can keep all your guests happy. So why not build your own nacho buffet at your birthday party so you and your guests can indulge your savory snack desires? Set out different types of tortilla chips, like yellow corn, blue corn, and lime flavored, and a slew of yummy toppings, like a variety of salsas, beans, meats, and cheeses.

The best thing about nachos is that it appeals to all age groups, so you don’t have to get a variety of snacks to please all guests.

To get started, book a beautiful party venue with a kitchen on Peerspace and load up on all the tasty nacho toppings you could possibly want. You can also utilize our Cinco de Mayo party ideas guide to book a Mexican-themed space near you to add a theme to your 28th birthday!

12. Party by the fire!

Incredible Industrial Outdoor Space
Source: Peerspace

If your birthday is in winter, then another fantastic 28th birthday idea is having a bonfire. Bonfires are fun to gather around, and with the addition of music and drinks, really adds a wonderful ambiance to any party.

Don’t have the ability to build a bonfire on your own property? Never fret! We love the idea of hosting your party at this incredible industrial outdoor space in Seattle, WA. It not only includes a bonfire-worthy firepit, but it also has a bar, a stage, and numerous seating areas.

13. Host an outdoor picnic in a beautiful setting

Enchanting Spanish Villa Courtyard
Source: Peerspace

Everyone loves a good dinner party. And you can make your 28th birthday party one to remember by throwing an outdoor dinner party, picnic style. Use Peerspace to book an outdoor event space with a style and amenities that suit you. Then, talk to the host about how they can help you pull off a delectable outdoor picnic for your birthday.

Here are some of our favorite picnic venue suggestions:

Peerspace brings 28th birthday party ideas to life

Fully Equipped Event Space with White Leather Lounge and LED furniture
Source: Peerspace

No matter how you want to celebrate your 28th birthday, Peerspace can help you make it happen. We have incredible birthday party rental venues in cities across North America and beyond, with spaces to suit your theme, location, budget, and preferences. And with the help of your venue’s local host, you can procure any extras to make the party perfect, be it catering, A/V equipment, or entertainment.

Check us out today and see how we can make any project or event you’re planning much more fun, carefree, and memorable.

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