11 Special 45th Birthday Ideas To Celebrate The Big Day

Happy birthday and here’s to celebrating the last 45 years and the many more to come! Make this birthday one for the books with these 11 special 45th birthday ideas. No matter if you’re planning your own shindig or someone else’s, these ideas are sure to inspire an incredible party.

1. A space you love with friends you adore

richmond ranch with boho chic style
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How many birthdays have you celebrated in your own home? Switch it up this year and do something out of the ordinary! Regardless of what you choose to do on your 45th, you are going to want to celebrate in a space that’s as special as you are. Peerspace offers a wide array of gorgeous venues for your 45th, like mansions with stunning views, ranch houses with tons of fun outdoor opportunities, and beach homes with gorgeous coastlines! Go to Peerspace and type in the city you live in (or would like to celebrate in), and it’ll present you with endless opportunities. Narrow down your search by specifying amenities you are looking for, like outdoor spaces with gardens, a bohemian-style home, or amenities like a fire pit or gazebo! Once you’ve found the perfect spot, you can book your space in just a few clicks! Enjoy!

2. 45 and feeling alive

gramophone 50s comedy and music records
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You are never too old to have fun! Make light of your age with a funny elderly theme to your party. Ask guests to come wearing their best old man or old lady attire and tell them you’ll be partying it up with pudding snacks that go easy on the dentures. Then, dance the night away to organ music! Stop by the thrift store before the party and pick up old wheelchairs, walking canes, and walkers and offer them to your guests as they walk in the door — then challenge them to a wheelchair race!

3. Blast from the past

Vintage Photo Video Studio with Natural Light chicago rental
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Take a moment to reflect pron the last 44 years with your friends and family during your 45th birthday party! Hang up your favorite photos from years past and set up a photo area where you can recreate your favorite photos. This would be a fun party favor for friends to take home with them — especially if you took them using a polaroid!

4. Reflect forward

trousdale estate los angeles unconventional wedding
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Your 45th birthday ideas shouldn’t just be about reflecting on the past — they should also include forward-thinking reflections! What do you hope the next few months, years, and decades will bring? Have your party revolve around who you hope to become in the next ten years!

5. May the forties be with you

luna flora dallas rental
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Looking for a fun theme to center your 45th birthday ideas around? How about a Star Wars theme! Sip on some Jedi Juice, munch on Trade Federation Taters, and have a contest to see who can make the best Death Star Watermelon carving! You’re never too old for a Star Wars birthday party!

6. Gettin’ groovy

Downtown 70's Blue RETRO room los angeles rental
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Center your birthday party theme around your birth decade! Host your 70s themed party in a groovy house (like one of these) with funky decor and tons of fun 70s games (Family Feud, anyone?). Invite your guests to dress the party and make sure to take lots of photos!

7. Feed your inner child

cereal birthday party food
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What were your go-to snacks as a kid? Feed your inner child and get your party catered with your favorite throwback foods! Or find fun old-school snacks to stock the party with, like push pops, Hi-C, and ding dongs. This is one of those 45th birthday ideas that the whole gang will appreciate.

8. Surprise!

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If you are the party planner but not the birthday guy or gal—- consider throwing a surprise party! You can add any of the ideas on this list to the birthday fun. You are just adding in the element of surprise! This is a great way to take the stress off the person whose birthday is coming up and pleasantly surprise them with a birthday celebration they probably always wanted but didn’t have the time or ability to plan themselves.

9. Young once, immature forever

motorosports park racetrack in riverside
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Act your shoe size, not your age for your 45th! There are tons of fun 45th birthday ideas to make you feel like a kid again — rent a bouncy house, spend the day go-karting, or hang out with the animals at a petting zoo! Today’s your day, and you can have fun however you want to!

10. 45 is fine, when you look 29!

neon pink loft and decor
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You look great for 45! Celebrate how great you feel and how good you look with a photoshoot on your birthday. You can do a solo portrait shoot or invite your friends and/or family to be involved too. A fun option might be renting a gorgeous venue and treating yourself to a boudoir shoot.

11. Capture the moments

bright studio with great amenities
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Hiring a photographer doesn’t have to mean posing and portraits—  hire a photographer to come to your party to capture all the raw and real moments of your birthday! Consider buying items like confetti and bubbles for your guests to use, as they’ll make for great photos! You can also include a photo backdrop area with fun backdrops — don’t forget to get everyone together for a group photo!

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