The 8 Best Still Life Photographers in Philadelphia

Curious to see the work of the best Philadelphia still life photographers? When you first think of still-life photography, visions of fruit spreads and flowers often come to mind. And to be fair, that is a big part of the genre/ But did you know that it also includes interior design, product, and other photography subjects?

The amount of diversity you’ll find in the portfolios of these top Philadelphia still life photographers is endless. Come take a look and see what we mean!

1. Bill Ecklund

As an editorial, interior, and commercial photographer, Bill Ecklund’s still-life images do more than just feature pretty subjects. He weaves lifestyle narratives into the frame and connects us to the possibilities his brand partners have to offer us.

Bill’s artistic vision is one of subdued colors, rich earth tones, and bright exposure, all of which are a good fit for contemporary interior publications. We think you’ll love his deceptively simple compositions that highlight emotions like comfort and family connections!

2. Harold Ross

Harold Ross is a Philadelphia still life photographer whose work epitomizes the genre. He has spent over three decades honing his craft. His journey started in the darkroom alongside his father, watching cinematic creations of light develop from a bath of chemicals and darkness. In his words: “I felt a sense of wonder as I watched his images magically appear in the developing tray. That is what I feel, even today, whenever I take the time to really see what surrounds me.”

Harold’s photography explores the subtle features of his subjects. The dull reflections of unpolished metal tools, the fine textures in cloth, and other elements. All of which is starkly evident through these images…Yet are often overlooked through casual observation of these objects!

3. Rick Davis

If you’re looking for a Philadelphia still-life photographer who knows how to blend lifestyle elements into their work, then look no further than Rick Davis Photographic! From interior decor to garden produce, Rick manages to convey not just the beauty of a particular product. But the kind of person who might use such an item.

We especially love it when Rick uses macro distance perspectives, highlighting the subtle textures, tones, and visual cues that make close-up food photography so mesmerizing. Rick is equally at home in natural light settings as he is in studio environments. Whichever best meets the needs of his brand partners!

4. Constance Mensh

Still-life objects, products, culture, and portraits are what Constance Mensh has to share with us today! If you’re a fan of publications like The New York Times or The Philadelphia Inquirer, then you may have come across her work already. Constance also partners with cosmetics brands and other companies who appreciate her eye for lighting and ideal product placement.

Her still-life images have a bold quality to them that we enjoy. Each composition is deceptively simple yet elements like form, texture, and emotion come to the forefront the longer you examine them. Even lighting and natural colors make it easier to get a feel for the character of her work as well.

5. Paul Rider

As an adjunct associate professor at UArts, Paul Rider is not only a Philadelphia still life photographer; he is also an educator, helping future generations share their vision of the world. Paul has over three decades of experience creating his own work and has been teaching since 2003 at the university level.

Paul’s commercial photography partners include The Franklin Mint, the ShadowLight Group, and other companies and brands. But in his fine-art work, he explores more conceptual themes. Still life images using found objects and the interface between the urban and natural landscape are a few of the elements in his portfolio!

6. John Woodin

Landscape, cityscape, and Philadelphia still life photographer John Woodin loves nothing more than to explore how nature and culture converge. His photography is self-motivated rather than commissioned by brands or clients, demonstrating a passionate love for the arts and self-expression.

John’s collection of object images best demonstrates his still-life talents. Simple objects like tools can convey quite a bit to viewers. His fossil collections are even more intriguing thanks to his focus on the organic shapes enhanced by the lack of distracting color. The way John includes labels, boxes, and other paraphernalia adds a narrative to the scene, suggesting a well-ordered museum collection, though the truth is left up to our imaginations!

7. Max Steven Grossman

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Max Steven Grossman is a student of engineering. He graduated from the University of Philadelphia in 1994. However, Max Steven eventually decided to turn to the arts, earning a master of arts degree from ​​New York University and the International Center of Photography.

This fusion of engineering and photography informs his still-life images, where form, light, lines, and emotion come together in a single frame. Max Steven’s images explore many themes, including the lines between fantasy and reality as well as the personal themes inherent to book collections. His work has been exhibited all over the world now, including Art Wynwood in Miami and Beatriz Esguerra art in Bogota, Colombia!

8. Ian Loring Shiver

Our list simply would not be complete without Ian Loring Shiver! As a New York City and Philadelphia still life photographer, his images help some of the largest companies in the nation convey emotions, narratives, and artistic splendor to select audiences. His business partners include household name brands like Uber, Playboy, and Grey Goose. They choose Ian because of how effective his still-life approach is at catching your attention. His style is bright and vibrant, with rich contrast and saturation.

Ian also includes a playful, even whimsical feel in his images. Compositions, subjects, and props all come together in a way that challenges expectations. Yet we still see the familiar, time-tested still-life approaches that make product advertisements like his powerful. Ian is the still-life photographer you turn to when you want images that don’t skip out on the artistry!

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