10 Awesome Team Outing Ideas in Boston

Need a few simple yet undoubtedly awesome team outing ideas in Boston to delight your colleagues? We get it! Boston may be one of America’s oldest cities, but it’s by no means stuck in the past. As a technology hub with dozens of colleges and universities, Boston is a vibrant, exciting place to live and work. And when it comes to team outings, you’ve got plenty of options.

We at Peerspace have compiled a list of 10 cool team outing ideas in Boston to empower your team to learn together, boost morale, or simply mingle and blow off some steam as a group! So without further ado …

1. Rent a unique happy hour venue on Peerspace

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Not everyone wants to attend a pre-packaged corporate outing. If you want to have a little more leeway to customize your event, then rent a completely unique venue on Peerspace and get creative. Use the platform to discover and rent hidden gem venues all a short distance from downtown Boston. After all, what’s better than escaping the office and mingling at a Happy Hour space that isn’t a crowded bar? Since you rent Peerspace venues directly from local Boston hosts, the booking process is simple and straightforward.

Here are a few of our favorite options:

This is just a handful of the types of venues out there that would make a phenomenal retreat option for you and your team. And as you can see, many spaces already include amenities like seating, gear, kitchens, and more. If you want help booking catering, bar staff, or equipment, contact your venue’s friendly host, and they can help you coordinate all the details!

2. Go on a quest at Boda Borg

Boda Borg is a popular Swedish import that’s one part obstacle course and one part escape room. In teams of 3-5, your group will choose from ~20 different doors. Each door contains a “quest” that you must complete as a team in order to succeed. Unlike an escape room, you don’t have a lot of time to complete the task; you’ll be kicked out after a few minutes. However, you can always try again with what you’ve learned from your last attempt!

Note: Boda Borg quests are color-coded based on the amount of physical exertion. Therefore, they require people of all physical abilities can take part! Boda Borg also offers corporate packages for groups of up to 40 people. With this, you’ll have access to meeting rooms, catering, and facilitated workshops, in addition to your quests.

3. Hit the river with Paddle Boston

Some of Boston’s best activities depend on the seasons, with winter generally being the time to stick indoors. But if you’re planning a team outing in the summer months, why not get out onto the water? Paddle Boston offers corporate events on the Charles River, including a “Poker Challenge” that requires teams to collect five cards hidden at stations along the river.

They also offer picnic and catering options, as well as large canoes that fit 6-10 people for an all-day river outing. Put on your lifejackets and grab a paddle. It’s time to hit the river with your team!

4. Have a cooking competition at the Action Kitchen

The Action Kitchen at the Seaport Hotel is a great Boston team outing idea for groups who love cooking. Depending on how competitive you want to get, you can choose from a “Collaborative Cuisine” or a “Creative Cookoff”. Either way, professional chefs will work with your crew to host a 3-hour event that includes cooking and a seated dinner. The kitchen fits around 40 people, and you can book it for lunch, dinner, brunch, or any other event you have in mind.

5. Take a cocktail class with the Boston Shaker

If your team would rather learn how to mix drinks instead of cooking, book a private class with the Boston Shaker at Davis Square in Somerville. They keep class sizes petite, at about 8-12 members per session. With a fully-equipped bar and a bitters-tasting area, the team at Boston Shaker will show you the tools and teach you everything you need to know to create unique craft cocktails in a fun and informative session!

6. Attend improv training at IA Innovation

Improv is one of those corporate activities that can be an awkward experience if placed in the wrong hands. But the team at IA Innovation knows what they’re doing and has a range of activities designed specifically for professional groups. Choose from an “Off Keynote,” leadership training, or a diversity awareness program. These trainings combine a lot of knowledge, insight, and laughter in each event. If you’re looking for a team outing idea in Boston that will produce some real value for your team, head down to this workshop at Improv Asylum.

7. Visit Boston’s best escape room at Trapology

Escape rooms are becoming a dime-a-dozen, but there are some that truly stand out from the crowd. And Boston’s Trapology is one of them. Trapology is known for its inventive, immersive puzzles that put you on a runaway steampunk train or a submarine sinking in the ocean. It also offers Boston’s only outdoor escape room option, providing your team the chance to get stealthy in the great outdoors.

Each team has 60 minutes to solve the puzzle and escape the room. Whether or not you succeed, stick around for a debrief at the Traplounge and enjoy your own private outing.

8. Take a trolley tour with Mobsters & Lobsters

Mobsters & Lobsters is a combined tour and dining experience that focuses on the city’s seedy side. Your team will board a 40-person trolley to learn about the mobster history of Boston, followed by a lobster dinner at a waterfront restaurant. It’s ideal if you’re looking for an evening activity. If you have team members new to the Boston area, this is also a great way to learn more about the region while enjoying some of its famous cuisines!

9. Explore the Freedom Trail with Watson Adventures

Boston’s history is a big part of this city’s uniqueness. And in fact, no adventure is complete without a trip to the historic Freedom Trail. Whether your team has worked here for years or is just visiting the city, plan a scavenger hunt with Watson Adventures to get them invested in the story of the city. And believe us, everybody’s guaranteed to learn something here.

Choose from a murder mystery or a Revolutionary War-themed scavenger hunt. Then, visit famous sites like Faneuil Hall, Old North Church, and Quincy Market.

10. Make floral arrangements at Alice’s Table

If all of those outings seem a bit too intense, plan an evening making floral bouquets, crafting charcuterie boards, and sipping spirits with Alice’s Table. The team can come to your office or Peerspace rental with all of the flowers and tools you need to make a colorful bouquet and/or a delicious, personalized feast. As a bonus, each of your team members will leave with their own colorful floral arrangement to brighten their desk or take home to their families.

Bonus: Explore Boston’s tastiest dishes with Bites of Boston

Want to feed your souls, your minds, and, perhaps most importantly, your stomachs? Then take your team on a food tour with Bites of Boston, the city’s premier food tour guide company. Hire a private tour and explore the finest and most unique eateries in downtown, Chinatown, South End, Allston, and beyond. Bond over bites as you learn about the restaurants and the people who create Boston’s best dishes.

Team outing ideas in Boston: conclusion

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Finding the perfect team outing idea in Boston doesn’t have to be a challenge. Luckily, the city itself is rich in history, creative people, and beautiful settings. Follow this list to enjoy an exciting day out on the town with your group.

When you prefer a more private, tailor-made venue, book an incredible Peerspace venue that helps everyone relax and unwind. We offer you access to one-of-a-kind spaces all across Boston and beyond.

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