Planning A “Twilight” Wedding Theme: Tips For The Perfect Day (2024)


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Hearing wedding bells? It’s time to start planning your perfect “Twilight” wedding theme! If you and your beloved are huge fans of the franchise, there’s no reason why you can’t throw a one-of-a-kind “Twilight” wedding to celebrate the romantic, vibey, and otherworldly movies that brought joy to your lives.

Ahead, along with our tips, we’ll share the dream venues that you can book through Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. From the ideal wedding venue and music to beautiful “Twilight” wedding-themed decor and details, these tips for the perfect “Twilight” wedding day are sure to make your big event as special as can be!

Tip #1: Get married at a home like the Cullen’s

Where Is The Cullen House From Twilight Located
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If you want your wedding to be as gorgeous as Bella and Edward’s, you are going to want to be married at a location that mirrors the Cullen mansion! The Cullen mansion was actually filmed in Portland, Oregon, for the “Twilight” movies, but the private residence used for the movie is currently available to rent for weddings.

However, to get as close to the movie’s wedding look as you can, we recommend renting this gorgeous modern home in Portland on Peerspace. It would be an ideal fit for your very own “Twilight” wedding! It’s best for intimate wedding receptions with a handful of guests and provides all the comforts of (a very stylish!) home. The full kitchen, a patio, and a balcony will serve as perfect gathering and serving spaces for your reception goers. Check out these Twilight-inspired recipes courtesy of Food & Wine and set up your catering team in the on-site kitchen to prepare delicious and themed foods.

To find other Cullen mansion-style homes near you, go to Peerspace’s mansion landing page, type in “wedding” under activity and your location, and see which of the search results matches your “Twilight” wedding theme best. You can sort spaces by keyword, guest numbers, price, amenities, and much more!

Tip #2: Say “I do” under blossoms like Bella and Edward

Twilight Wedding Theme
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Love the idea of being married under white blossoms, like Bella and Edward were? Then search out beautiful blossom-filled outdoor wedding venues on Peerspace. For example, the blossom tree at this secluded retreat venue in Santa Cruz, CA would be ideal to say your nuptials under! The venue offers ceremony and reception space for just $50 per hour, which is a real steal in our book!

You can also find other blossom-themed venues nearer to you by using the keyword “blossom” on your Peerspace keyword search. 

Love this idea? Then check out our cherry blossom wedding theme tips and combine them with your Twilight wedding theme for an utterly gorgeous event!

Tip #3: Dress the part with dreamy wedding attire

sierra madre European Gardens Glass Conservatory
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Your “Twilight” wedding theme is sure to look on point with a “Twilight” themed wedding dress and tux! In the movie, Bella is wearing a beautiful, long-sleeved, white satin gown with a lace back. Her hair is partially braided, and a low veil is perfectly placed on her head, along with a stunning sapphire and diamond hair clip. She completes the look with some adorable white heels!

As for Edward, he is wearing a long, black Edwardian tuxedo with a white vest for the wedding. See how closely you can match these styles for both of your wedding outfits!

For wedding dress and possible wedding venue inspiration, check out the photos for this European gardens and glass conservatory venue in Sierra Madre, CA. It’s insanely elegant and welcoming, so perfect for your Twilight wedding theme!

Tip #4: Play “Sleeping at Last” as the bride walks down the aisle

Gothic Wedding Theme
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As Bella walks down the aisle in the “Twilight” movie, Sleeping At Last’s “Turning Page” is playing. This song is perfect both for walking down the aisle and to feature as your first dance song! We love the cute details in this song about smiling as you blush and lips curling as you concentrate. It’s an absolutely perfect love song to feature at your wedding, just as Bella and Edward did!

Tip #5: Surprise your spouse with “Twilight” themed boudoir photos

Twilight Wedding Theme
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As you plan all your wedding activities, decorations, and details — consider booking a “Twilight” themed boudoir shoot as well! On Peerspace, you can even rent “Twilight-inspired bedroom spaces for your shoot, like the one at this two-story condo in Houston, TX! The final product would be a fantastic surprise to give your spouse during the “first look” on your wedding day.

Tip #6: Hand out fun vampire teeth party favors

October Photoshoot Ideas
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Looking for some super fun “Twilight” inspired party favors to give your guests? How about sets of vampire’s teeth? This wouldn’t just be a fun party favor idea — you could also ask guests and the bridal party to wear their vampire teeth for select photos. When you post the photos to social media after the wedding, it will be fun to see if any of your followers notice this creative small detail in the photos!

Check out “Twilight” filming locations to uncover even more wedding day inspo!

Tip #7: Hire a photographer who understands your theme

Witch Photoshoot Ideas
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Finding the right photographer to perfectly capture your “Twilight” wedding theme is oh-so-important! Book an amazing and on theme venue like this gothic home in the woods in Crestline, CA to serve as the backdrop to your Twilight wedding photos before the wedding or for an engagement shoot if you’re still planning that as well.

To help you find your perfect match with ease, check out Peerspace’s photography resources page dedicated to the work of the world’s best wedding photographers! Search your specific city to narrow down the results if you like. Browse the work of the photographers and reach out to your favorites to get a conversation going.

Tip #8: Take photos at an Isle Esme-style location

Twilight Wedding Theme
Source: Peerspace

Looking for a special place to take photos with your new husband or wife on your wedding day? What better location than a venue that looks like Isle Esme? In the “Twilight” movie, Isle Esme is a tropical island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. But in real life, you don’t have to travel that far to find a location just as gorgeous.

For example, you can recreate the scene of Bella and Edward under the Isle Esme waterfall at a waterfall like this one in Topanga, California! It is a historic space amid nature, ideal for an outdoor wedding. As the Peerspace host puts it, this space makes you feel like you “have been transported to some exotic land that is filled with sights and sounds that awake the senses and make [you] feel at peace.”

Check out all the gorgeous photos of this Peerspace property, read the glowing client reviews, and book it on Peerspace for your wedding photos, ceremony, and/or reception!

Twilight wedding theme: conclusion

Romantic, Industrial showroom with stage.
Source: Peerspace

We hope these Twilight wedding theme ideas have you more excited than ever as you plan your dream wedding! With the right inspiration and the perfect wedding venue rental from Peerspace, you can easily throw a Twilight-themed wedding that will wow your guests and create memories you and your betrothed will never forget.

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