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9 Unconventional Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

Planning to get married in Los Angeles, but sick of the array of bland banquet halls and hotel ballrooms that always seem to pop up when you search for unconventional venues? Never fear: LA is one of the most vibrant cities on Earth, meaning that there’s no shortage of amazing unique locations for your big day. All you need to know is where to look. Therefore, we’ve scoured the city to find nine of the best and most unconventional wedding venues (including quite a few hidden gems!) in Los Angeles. Enjoy!

1. This enchanting rainforest event space

rainforest venue los angeles
Source: Peerspace

This first venue is a massive (6,000-square-foot, to be exact!) backyard in the idyllic Franklin Hills of Los Feliz. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a rainforest, worlds away from the bustling cityscape. The space includes waterfalls, ponds, and a treehouse (!), as well as a pergola, lounge area, restaurant booth, fire pits, and more. This is a great venue for a smaller, more intimate wedding with just the people you love most—its seating capacity is roughly 30 to 40 people.

2. This chic, elegant Parisian-style venue

parisian-style venue los angeles
Source: Peerspace

If you’d love to have your wedding in Paris, but can’t make the trip (or don’t want to make your friends and family fly around the world), this is your next best option. You’ll be transported. Plus, not only is this space incredibly highly-reviewed, with more than a hundred five-star reviews, it’s also ultra-affordable. Reviewers say it’s “absolutely stunning,” “intimate,” and “breathtaking.” Take a peek to see why.

3. This quintessential Los Angeles outdoor space

outdoor venue los angeles
Source: Peerspace

The hosts describe this venue as quintessentially LA, and we absolutely agree; with its palm trees, vistas, and perfect view of the sunset from the hillside, this is truly the best of what this laid-back city has to offer. It comfortably holds up to 80 people, making it a good place for a medium-sized wedding. We recommend having your ceremony around sunset so you can best enjoy the beautifully romantic view of the sky and horizon.

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4. This urban loft with ample natural light

natural light venue los angeles
Source: Peerspace

One guest described it best when they called this venue “exactly as vibey and cool as it looks in the listing photos.” Whether you’re basking in the bountiful daytime sunlight streaming through the windows, or in the loft’s unique atmospheric lighting later in the evening, as many as 150 guests will enjoy the laid-back yet glamorous feel of this location. We also think it’s an especially great place for dancing, if that’s a priority!

5. This Bel Air luxury mansion

bel air mansion venue los angeles
Source: Peerspace

You’ll feel like a movie star when you have your wedding at this magnificent mansion. As many as 60 guests will be awed by this venue’s canyon views and the tastefully rustic yet modern backyard and interiors. There’s a pool as well as a separate guest house, plus vaulted, exposed-beam ceilings, paneled windows, and even a game room. This mansion is the definition of luxury, and one of the most fabulous unconventional wedding venues in Los Angeles.

6. This throwback beach house in Playa Del Rey

beach house venue los angeles
Source: Peerspace

There’s nothing more romantic than a wedding on the beach! This sweet blue beachfront shack was built in 1907, making it the oldest of its kind in the entirety of LA. It’s perfect for a slightly larger wedding—you’ll find the space can comfortably accommodate more than a hundred people. At this retro beach house, you’ll have a simple, perfect wedding, with the view of the sunset as the cherry on top.

7. This modern estate with mega views

modern estate los angeles
Source: Peerspace

By far, this is one of the most glamorous venues on this list. You’ll be able to invite as many as 200 guests to this mind-boggling Beverly Hills estate. The 360-degree views of the city and ocean are undoubtedly incredible, not to mention the fabulous and distinctive modern architecture of the massive home itself. This is by far one of the most impressive, unconventional wedding venues in Los Angeles. For an epic, memorable wedding, choose a venue of equally epic proportions.

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8. This Art Deco bar in a DTLA warehouse

art deco bar venue los angeles
Source: Peerspace

Speaking of glamor, this is pizzazz of a different sort. In contrast to the modern vibes of #7, this art deco bar draws inspiration from the glitter of the 1920s. Brightly lit chandeliers, 15-foot industrial doors, a beautifully lit bar, and towering pillars combine industrial grit with retro glam. Guests can even enter via an industrial freight elevator, to further add to the theatricality of the experience. Plus, this space holds as many as 500 people, if you’re planning to have a massive guest list for your wedding.

9. This historic estate in the Hollywood Hills

hollywood hills estate venue
Source: Peerspace

How many people can say that they got married at what may have been the former home of the famous Harry Houdini? This 5-acre estate is rumored to be just that! This early 1900s Edwardian estate is perhaps the most stunning, grand, and unconventional wedding venues in Los Angeles. The entire estate can hold as many as 1200 people, and the outdoor space includes terraced gardens, a rock waterfall, romantic gazebos, and canyon vistas, with jungles, caves, cliffs, and more among its wide array of landscapes. You’ll be thrilled to discover what this property has to offer.

Your wedding is meant to be a meaningful expression of your love for and connection with your soon-to-be spouse. While the music, food, and so forth are important, perhaps the most important aspect of a memorable wedding (second only to the guests you’ve invited!) is that it take place in a fabulous, unique space. This means thinking outside of the box as you browse venue options, even considering those that aren’t marketed specifically for weddings.

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