9 Sultry Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas in New York City

While winters in the Big Apple are freezing and harsh, there’s nothing like a good Valentine’s Day date to warm you right up. If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate Cupid’s favorite day this year, how about a sultry photoshoot with your main squeeze? Here’s a collection of our top Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas in New York to ignite your creative spark. You’ll definitely score hearts all across social media no matter which of these fab Peerspace venues you choose!  

1. Stop and smell the roses at this naturally lit studio in Long Island

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Why give your partner a measly bouquet when you could give them a whole wall of flowers instead? At this traditional NYC loft minutes away from Queensboro 21st, you can make it happen! The loft’s standout feature is a whole wall of lush spring flowers in shades of pink, yellow, and white.

It’s insanely Instagrammable—and romantic. There’s plenty of natural light in the studio thanks to a full wall of industrial windows. Your booking even comes with all the professional equipment you need to need to bring your vision to life!

2. Snap sultry shots for your sweetie at this rustic loft

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If you want to take your Valentine’s photos down a notch, this is the venue for you. Located in the same stretch of studio space as our previous listing, this beguiling industrial loft will give your photos that alluring quality you’re looking for. Covered in dark rustic wood from floor to ceiling, dozens of string lights will breathe warmth into your photos in the dead of winter. You’ll definitely feel the love once you’re stretched out on that cozy purple chaise.

3. Have a ball at this spacious studio with glow-in-the-dark perks

Source: Peerspace

Our final offering from the same collection of photogenic Long Island lofts, Studio 5 offers an extra special wow-factor. The massive wall-mounted disco ball lights up in the dark, glowing shades like green, blue, purple, and vibrant bubblegum pink.

Draw the curtains at any time of day and let the neon lights glow, creating a dramatic backdrop for your Valentine’s Day photo session. Feel free to move the included props and accessories to your heart’s content as you and your partner shine bright for the camera. As always, you can book all three of these picture-perfect lofts directly on Peerspace

4. Perfect photos are written in the stars at the Jupiter House

Source: Peerspace

Show off how compatible you and your boo are at this cool blue astronomer’s paradise. Filled with rich blue furnishings and mystical touches like a harp and an astrological clock, this is an excellent Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea in New York for lovers of all things other-worldly. Every item inside the home’s 1300 square feet was hand-curated with care, down to the last sage leaf and crystal. You’ll definitely feel the planets align when you stage your photoshoot here. 

5. Get ready to play at this rooftop loft

Source: Peerspace

Conveniently located in the heart of the Flatiron district, this full-floor loft will bring a taste of the tropics to a bleak February day. Lush Rainforest-inspired wallpaper and exotic floral arrangements spice up the loft’s industrial overtones. The provided blackout curtains will help you create evocative shots beneath the palm tree light fixtures and bold neon signage. You can even add on more color-changing uplights to set the perfect scene! 

6. Evoke romantic artistry at this inspiring loft in Chinatown 

Source: Peerspace

For artistic types who require a clean canvas to create their work, this stark-white loft provides all the inspiration you’ll need to snap a moody masterpiece. Filled with original details dating back to the 1920’s, the loft features high ceilings with original tiles, tasteful furniture in shades of white and cream, and airy windows that let the light in. A neon sign above the sofa provides a pop of cherry red that will bring interest to your Valentine photos. See plenty of examples of other artist’s daring work in the loft on its Peerspace listing

7. Exude elegance when you book this Brooklyn daylight studio

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Our next Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea in New York comes with plenty of options. The studio boasts 2,000 square feet of gracefully decorated sets, including an opulent bedroom, multiple plush living rooms, and an ivory grand piano. Feel free to move the props around the different backdrops however you like. With 50 feet of south-western exposed windows to shine light on the subject, your romantic photos will definitely stand out. 

8. Embrace your creativity at this Williamsburg loft studio

Source: Peerspace

Located in the Vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood, this open-concept studio has plenty of props you can play with for your photos. Peek out of the clawfoot tub for a flirty shot, or strike a chord at the grand piano for something more elegant. No matter what props you want to pose with, the studio’s unique marbled backdrop will add texture and interest to your Valentine’s Day photoshoot. All you have to do now is decide what to wear! 

9. Capture moody, mysterious shots at a Lower Manhattan artist’s lounge

Source: Peerspace

Last but definitely not least, the Tribeca Artist’s Parlor emanates sultry vibes from floor to ceiling. While it may seem like the studio appears to be filled with daylight, looks can be deceiving. The rustic gothic window you see is actually an artificial window box.

Turn it on and off to your heart’s content, meaning that you’ll have absolute control over the lighting scheme. You can capture a moonlit night in the morning, or create a sleepy morning glow in the middle of the day. The possibilities are endless—just like your love for your partner. 

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