The 10 Best Video Production Companies in Miami

Curious who made our list of the top Miami video production companies? As Florida’s largest city and a major cultural capital of the nation, Miami is truly the place to be when trying to put together a video production. In fact, there is an endless pool of ideas, talent, and experience to draw from.

This means that media competition is fierce! That’s what makes each one of the top Miami video production companies some of the best in the state, if not the world!

1. Regulus Films

If you are looking for a Miami video production company that specializes in artful and cinematic music videos then Regulus Films is the partner of choice for you. This collaboration of directors, film producers, cinematographers, and makeup artists came together in 2019. Yet, they already top the list of top South Florida production companies.

Thanks to the collaborative skill set and decades of prior experience shared within this collective, Regulus Films can handle every step of bringing your theme to life. From pre-production to editing and marketing, this is a team you definitely want in your corner!

2. Caldera Films

Taking concepts that were once only dreams and bringing them to life on screen is what Caldera Films does best! They are a full-service video production squad that takes on projects ranging from wedding storytelling to travel documentaries.

And when viewing their work, there is always an engaging, even celebratory element that consistently uplifts viewers. Caldera Films not only shares the story of your brand -t it also makes viewers eager to learn more about what you have to offer.

3. Diego Pocovi Cinematography

Diego Pocovi Cinematography is a one-man show yet far from lacking once you view the final product. This Miami video production company has over 25 years of experience crafting films that convey emotive and personal messages to viewers. Topics include celebrity weddings, TV documentaries, and commercial partnerships with major brands like ESPN and American Airlines.

And despite Diego’s production work being of the highest quality and using the finest industry standards, he endeavors to bring a fresh and artistic perspective to every one of his projects! As he states in his own words: “More than a business man, I consider myself somewhat of an artist with a personalized business. This is the reason why, every year, I book only a limited amount of projects, ensuring that the project that is so important to you, receives my full attention, and the treatment it deserves.”

4. C&I Studios

Videos that educate, empower, and inspire are what make C&I Studios such a great fit for our list! Small wonder that they can count brands like Coca-Cola, The Ritz-Carlton, and IKEA as partners of theirs. And like all of the top Miami video production companies out there, C&I Studios celebrates your successes as their own!

Seeing your brand expand is proof of their talents as creative visual media artists, after all. In their own words: “Being able to help business owners and corporations accomplish their marketing goals through storytelling is an incredible feeling, and we are addicted to seeing these campaigns work.”

5. Hands Down Studios

Animated videos aren’t just for kids anymore, as Hands Down Studios is here to prove! This Miami video production company specializes in them, in fact. They count Amazon, Comedy Central, and Netflix as satisfied partners of theirs, among other major household name brands.

It’s all thanks to their combined 75+ years of video production experience, including an Oscar-nominated shorts director. Each one of their portfolio samples immediately interests you thanks to state-of-the-art CGI and an emphasis on the narrative that’s hard not to love.

6. TB Media Group

Video production, branding photography, and content marketing via social media are what Tamika Bickham of TB Media Group has to offer! Her videos help prospective customers see what your products and services are and how they might aid you in their journey to happiness.

We especially love Tamika’s emphasis on health and wellness brands. It gives her services a distinct focus and clarifies how she can aid prospective brand partners. Plus we get a feel for Tamika’s personal values in the process!

7. Merge Studios

If you’ve engaged with the visual media used by household name brands like McDonald’s, Lyft, and Red Bull, then you’ve likely come across creations made by Merge Studios! Founded in 2007, this is one of the more experienced Miami video production companies. As a one-stop-shop for your creative concept, Merge Studios is capable of being engaged in the process, step by step. Their team also includes not just producers but digital editors, sound operators, and other specialists to bring a concept fully to life!

8. Simpleshow

Most video productions seek to explain things to a ready audience. But Simpleshow takes things a step further and makes it their true focus. As they explain: “We believe that a world without knowledge boundaries is a better place to work and live. Therefore we create explanations, which enable everyone to understand anything.”

Animated videos are their specialty, and not just for children. The creations of Simpleshow are inventive and engaging enough for internal corporate projects to educational shorts for adults. And thanks to their offices in Miami, Europe, and Asia, they offer a surprisingly global talent pool!

9. VALOR Production

“Producing captivating content for vibrant brands” is the maxim VALOR Production works with. And it’s also one that they truly live up to! When browsing their portfolio, we were amazed by the diversity on display. It all adds up to a skillset beyond compare, even among Miami video production companies.

Do you have a CGI story that needs telling? An apparel advertisement to be produced? Promotional social media videos needed for a new business? All of these and more are possible in partnership with VALOR Productions!

10. Chroma House

Chroma House is a video production team based in the heart of Miami, FL. It was founded by local Director of Photography and Producer, Carlos de Varona, in 2012, and provides top to bottom production services such as pre-production, camera teams, crewing, equipment rentals, live-streaming, and post-production.

Their crew is well-known locally, and consists of the top video professionals in their respective fields. Acting as a Swiss army knife to top tier ad agencies, they have produced content for global companies such as Condé Nast, Fiat Chrysler, Home Depot, UPS, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Founders Fund, HCA, Cantor Fitzgerald, and many many more.

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