The 9 Best Wedding Videographers in Las Vegas

Searching high and low for the best Las Vegas wedding videographers to capture your pending nuptials? Then we at Peerspace have you covered with our comprehensive list of reigning wedding videographers in Sin City.

After all, just because you’re getting married in Vegas doesn’t mean you’re getting married by Elvis. And even if you are, you might be in the market for one of many talented wedding videographers in Las Vegas. Let’s face it; you’re already getting married in Vegas. You know the deal with the bright lights and flashing marquees and how exciting it feels to even set foot on the reflective sidewalks. Las Vegas is a romantic city for modern romantics. Where else can you see the Eiffel Tower and go on a gondola ride along the Venetian canals in one night? The answer is nowhere! Nowhere but here.

Now, imagine those things as part of your wedding video and proceed. We’ve found the best folks to capture it for you.

1. The Rapture & Co Sisters

Who knew sibling symbiosis was a thing in wedding cinematography? The sisters over at Rapture & Co did. These three Las Vegas natives kick-started their business in 2018. What we appreciate the most about their shooting style is its clarity. Every frame is carefully chosen in the moment and only brought to life even further in the editing process. Using blurred backgrounds that make the subjects stand out, they also shoot the most impeccable pans of their chosen locations.

Las Vegas features heavily in their work, with warm tones that bring the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and its couples to life. They also offer stellar wedding photography services, too!

2. Cydne Robinson Films

Destination wedding cinematographer Cydne Robinson is dually based in Las Vegas and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and she’s happy to travel. We especially love her refined eye for love stories and for scenery, as it brings her couples’ stories to life.

She understands how important a location can be for videos, especially when it comes to weddings. After all, why choose somewhere as magnificent as Vegas without showing all it has to offer? Cydne’s breathtaking films are full of longing. She uses faded, desaturated tones to invoke that feeling of nostalgia that takes us back to our happiest days. It’s no wonder Cydne is among the most talented wedding videographers to serve clients in Las Vegas and beyond.

3. David Wolk of Gurson Inc

Alongside their wedding films, the creative gang over at Gurson Inc offers a range of services for all kinds of scenarios. Featured in the Las Vegas Times and Los Angeles Times, they’ve worked with big brands like Apple and Yahoo, amongst many others.

That being said, just because they’re a jack of all trades doesn’t mean they don’t knock all of those trades out of the park. Their wedding films are cinematic and dramatic, employing strong, often recognizable scores to bring the subjects to life. The featured video we chose shows this off wonderfully, as it turns the act of getting dressed into the beginning of an epic saga.

4. Mario and Dani of Izzo Pro

Las Vegas wedding cinematographers Mario and Dani are as capable of capturing the longing look in a groom’s eye as they are the excitement waiting at the end of the aisle. One of the first shots of theirs that captivated us was an overhead of the wedding venue. It’s framed so perfectly that any still photographer would be envious.

Mario is also a master of the gimbal and graciously shares some of his techniques over on Izzo Pro’s Instagram. Among professional Las Vegas wedding videographers, Mario and Dani are the real deal, thoughtfully panning the camera and creating a jaw-dropping end result for their clients.

5. Haley & Bryen of Brazen Honey Films

To say we’re obsessed with Haley and Bryen’s movies would be an understatement. So many wedding films choose that dreamy, ethereal quality that too often is mistakenly seen as needing no color at all. These are great in their own way, but Las Vegas in particular is full of an abundance of color, be it natural or man-made, that not capturing it would be criminal.

Luckily, Haley and Bryen do capture it. From walls of graffiti to bright orange brick, rays of sunlight, and the green of cacti, they’ve got it pegged. Indeed, the duo’s films kind of make us want to get married ourselves just so they can shoot the big day.

6. Jess and Corey of The Combs Creative

Jessica and Corey Combs realized elopement videography was their calling when they were in the process of planning their own weddings. With Jessica as the artist and Corey as the editor and engineer, they’ve built a professional and beautiful business together.

We’d sum up their style by saying, “More of this, please”. They’re fans of rich colors and delightful contrast but never hesitate to change things up depending on the light or weather conditions in which they shoot outdoor weddings. Together, Jess and Corey produce stunning visuals that will be treasured for generations to come.

7. Memory Lane Video

The dynamic team behind Memory Lane Video strives to take their couples on a trip down memory lane. Their movies are documentarian in nature, hinging on the connection between the couples and their wedding party.

They routinely feature interviews with the attendees and the couples, overlaying clips of the wedding and reception (a format that was common in the days of VHS tapes — and who doesn’t love nostalgia?). Memory Lane’s films combine the best of both worlds, spotlighting the people involved and the venues so carefully chosen.

8. Kyle of Leon Films

Filmmaker Kyle Leon presents his couples as the center of a larger world. Each video closes in on them from huge pans of not just the venue but Las Vegas at large. Kyle’s camerawork ensures the whole world wraps around the video’s subjects.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, he has an understanding of the mesmerizing landscape surrounding him. And, with his cinematography, Kyle aims to pay as much a tribute to the scenery as his couples. In addition, he picks out some of the best small moments of each wedding to include in the edit — those little moments we sometimes forget to cherish.

9. Panovision

Mason Panos strives to create films that truly showcase couples as themselves. Through his painstaking work and attention to every little detail, he works to create heirloom footage that evokes the same raw emotions that couples felt back on their big days. He is especially adept with elopements, during which you feel the intimacy and enthusiasm of his couples as they start their journey together.

In Mason’s own words: “We strive to take our couples on journeys that they can relive with each other, their kids, and their grandkids for the rest of their lives”. Using color palettes perfectly tailored to each couple’s aesthetic as well as in-depth sound design, he brings every moody, cinematic wedding film of his to vibrant, stirring life.

Bonus: Mario Ramirez Photography

Mario Ramirez’s wedding photography and videography business has gained steady popularity over the last few years. And it’s hardly surprising to see why when you look at his work! Mario offers photography, videography, and live streaming services, with comprehensive and affordable packages that will no doubt impress most couples.

In terms of style, Mario’s work is cinematic and expressive, taking the time to get to know his couples and their vision and then making it look simple to maneuver. It isn’t, but that’s the genius behind his work. He hides the technical aspects so that the focus stays squarely on you, where it belongs.

Las Vegas wedding videographers: conclusion

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It’s hard not to love Las Vegas. There’s a reason it’s one of the elopement capitals of the world. Simply being there is an exercise in adrenaline, and what better to have on your wedding day? Still, whether you’re one for casinos or the surrounding majestic deserts, there are plenty of skilled Las Vegas wedding videographers to film it all.

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