What Is A Line Producer?

Wonder who and what is a line producer? A line producer is usually one of the first people hired in a production and one of the last to leave. Without them, an executive producer can get bogged down in many production logistical and financial needs.

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Now, let’s get back to the topic and hand and answer the question: what is a line producer?

What is a line producer?

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A line producer is hired to help keep a production on time and budget. Their duties usually start before a production begins and ends with a hand-off to post-production producers. Many start in positions like production assistants or runners. Once they have a few years under their belt and show their worth, they’ll start climbing the production ladder.

Department heads report directly to the line producers during production. And the line producer, in turn, directly reports to the executive producer.

What makes a great line producer?

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Line producers usually have a significant amount of experience in production before achieving their role. To be successful, they must be detail-oriented and forward-thinking. In fact, they have to create a schedule and a budget for a production before it has even begun.

A true stand-out line producer will not only make sure everyone has what they need on budget and on time. They will also go above and beyond to make communications smooth between producers and the crew.

Additionally, they must help keep morale high on set. They ensure tokens of appreciation like coffee carts and ice cream stations are available to boost the excitement of everyone involved in a production.

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What are the pre-production duties of a line producer?

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Line producers are usually hired a few weeks before a production starts. One of the first things they’ll do is go through a script line by line to set a shooting schedule and budget costs.

Line producers help decide how money is spent and allocated. They estimate the costs of crews, food, and equipment and negotiate with vendors. Department heads also report to line producers and bring them their monetary needs for approval.

Line producers may also be in charge of finding shoot locations. As we mentioned, Peerspace can help make that task easier by uncovering thousands of unique spaces in hundreds of cities. Check it out to find the perfect location for your budget while staying on budget.

What do line producers do during production?

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Heads of departments are hired by line producers and check in with them daily. In addition to keeping an eye on finances, line producers ensure they have all the proper insurance and permits to complete their tasks.

If a department head has lofty goals with production costs that aren’t in line with the overall budget, it’s the line producer’s job to work with them in bringing down costs. For example, if the head of the locations department wants to shoot a scene in Beverly Hills, the line producer might help them find a location with all the qualities they need but in a cheaper area.

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What’s the difference between a unit production manager and a line producer?

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Now we’ve answered the question “what is a line producer?” and their role,  let’s look at how that’s different from a similar production position — the unit production manager (UPM).

In short, line producers make the plan, and unit production managers put the plan into action. The unit production manager works for the line producer and makes sure all the line producer’s plans are implemented successfully.

Do line producers help with post-production?

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Once filming is complete, line producers usually only stick around for another week or two to wrap things up. Some line producers will help keep post-production work on schedule and budget and ensure that deliverables are done on time. Then, they’re off to the next job!

Speaking of next job, stick around while we share Peerspace venues that can help bring your next project to life.

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Peerspace production locations

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While some of a line producer’s main goals are to keep a production on schedule and on budget, Peerspace can also assist you with those crucial tasks. Now, we’ll share some details on Peerspace venues that can make a fabulous option for your next project.

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What is a line producer: conclusion

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Line producers are an essential part of a production team. Without them, a film or series could go over budget and take way too much time to complete. A good line producer is definitely worth their weight in gold and is a major player in the success of a production!

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