Where Was “The Dark Knight Rises” Filmed?

Love the movie and are asking yourself: “where was ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ filmed?” Then you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re hopping in the Bat Plane and taking a trip across the world to follow the footsteps of Batman and Bane. So join us while we check out some of the filming locations that made this such a beloved superhero movie!

For the aspiring creative or filmmaker who loves Nolan’s masterpiece, stick around. We also share how you can find your own “The Dark Knight Rises”-inspired filming location for rent on Peerspace. Before we do that, put on your cloak and cowl. Let’s revisit everyplace from Wayne Manor to the subterranean prison that shaped Bane!

What is “The Dark Knight Rises”?

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“The Dark Knight Rises” is the final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. In the film, the Caped Crusader racing against the clock to stop the destruction of Gotham City at the hands of Bane.

Christian Bale donned the World’s Greatest Detective’s cowl for the last time as he faced off against Bane with the help of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. The movie wraps up the trilogy in an epic fashion worthy of “The Dark Knight Trilogy”. And today, it lives on as a favorite among fans.

Besides Gotham City, the movie features several huge action set pieces and exotic locations for viewers to feast their eyes on. After you catch your breath from all of the intense action, you probably have caught yourself asking the question: where was “The Dark Knight Rises” filmed?

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Where did they film Gotham City?

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You may remember that in the second installment in the series, “The Dark Knight,” Christopher Nolan and crew had Chicago double as Gotham City. Even in a big trilogy like this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the production used the same locations for each movie. This version of Gotham City may have looked a little different to you and made you ask the question: where was “The Dark Knight Rises” filmed?

This time around, Chicago was not Gotham City. New York City and Pittsburgh were the primary cities for “The Dark Knight Rises,” according to The Cinemaholic.

They filmed the football stadium scene in Pittsburgh, while they filmed the Blackgate Prison scene at Carnegie Mellon University. New York City was used for the Gotham City skyline, and the Financial District was appropriately used for the riot at the end of the movie. As you may remember, Bane’s plan involved toppling financial institutions, so there was clearly no better place than Wall Street for that scene.

Another Gotham location was Newark, New Jersey, according to Movie-Locations.com. The only scene shot here is where Commissioner Gordon reveals the Batman statue constructed in the town square.

Finally, they also shot some of Gotham’s scenes in Los Angeles. Legendary Trips says that they shot both the Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences scenes and Scarecrow’s courtroom scene in LA.

Where did they film the plane scene in “The Dark Knight Rises”?

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One of the most breathtaking action sequences in the film takes place right out the gate. We see Bane for the first time as he hijacks a plane mid-air and tosses poor Aiden Gillen out to meet a grisly end.

Seeing this high-stakes stunt performed is sure to make you ask the question: where was “The Dark Knight Rises” filmed?

To find the perfect spot for this spot, the production took a trip all the way to Inverness in Scotland. Legendary Trips reports that the stunt was performed in real conditions and that this was the first time that something that grand had been performed.

Where did they film Wayne Manor in “The Dark Knight Rises”?

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Bruce Wayne’s family home may have been burnt to the ground in a previous installment, we see it restored in the final movie of the trilogy. The gorgeous home is awe-inspiring and sure to make you wonder where they filmed it.

The production found the best real-life equivalent of Wayne Manor in Nottinghamshire, England, according to Visit Nottinghamshire. The Elizabethan manor is actually Wollaton Hall, and the home dates back to the 1500s.

You can check out the real Wayne Manor for yourself if you book a tour. You’ll also be sure to see some wildlife as well since the property is also home to a deer park!

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Where did they film the underground prison in “The Dark Knight Rises”?

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Both Bane and Batman find their experiences in the movie shaped by being cast away in a deep underground prison. The imposing structure is one of the most memorable parts of the movie. When Batman emerges from it, he finds himself in front of a massive fort.

According to Movie-Locations, this is Mehrangarh Fort, a 15th-century Hindu fort in India. You won’t have to worry about getting thrown into that prison if you visit, though. They shot all of the scenes in the underground prison on a set in the United Kingdom.

Find your own “The Dark Knight Rises”-inspired filming location

Where Was The Dark Knight Rises Filmed
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