The 12 Best Boudoir Photographers in Denver

Looking for the most talented Denver boudoir photographers? Then consider Peerspace your backstage pass to the work of the Mile High City’s finest. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we work with creatives daily and hope to pass our knowledge on to you. That way, you can find the perfect boudoir photographer who matches your aesthetic and personality!

Booking a boudoir photoshoot is a bold move. For a liberating experience that’s unlike any other, you’ll want to work with the perfect photographer. To make it easy for you to find your dream collaborator, we’ve rounded up all the best boudoir photographers in Denver.

You can be daring and soak up the beauty of Denver while basking in your own with an outdoor boudoir photoshoot, or, if you’re more of a homebody, you can stick to a cozy studio. There’s a match for every personality on this list. No matter what style you choose, these photographers will ensure that the results will be stunning.

1. Ginny Haupert Photography

A former hairdresser, Ginny Haupert brought her passion for making people look and feel amazing to her second career as a boudoir photographer in Denver. Ginny is a self-love advocate and people person who is excited to befriend every client who walks into her studio.

Whether she’s shooting maternity photos, portraits, glamour shots, or boudoir, her work is all about celebrating women. She loves to get creative and craft themed-sets for every shoot, and the results are dazzling, elegant, one-of-a-kind photos. Unsurprisingly, her vibrant photography has been featured in magazines and on billboards.

2. Josie V. Photography

When you work with Josie, her goal is to capture your personality and reflect your beauty back to you. If getting all dolled up isn’t what makes you feel most beautiful, honor that! Josie believes cozy and relaxed boudoir shoots are just as empowering and sexy as ultra-glamorous productions.

She’s even shot boudoir photos in this style for Instagram influencer Julia (who uses the handle @fitfatandallthat). One of several LGBTQ+-friendly boudoir photographers in Denver, Josie herself is a proud lesbian.

If you hire Josie, consider working with her in this black, white, and gold gothic glam house near the airport and watch her work her magic!

3. Blue Flame Studio Co.

Some wedding photographers tack on boudoir as an added service, but for a few boudoir photographers in Denver, boudoir is their main gig. Blue Flame Studio Co.owner Mackenzie is one of them. It’s no wonder then that she is a master at posing her clients.

Every steamy shot has magazine and billboard potential. Mackenzie’s style fluctuates between bright and playful and dramatic and dark. If you share her affinity for house plants, you can be the ultimate plant mom and incorporate some greenery into your shoot in her homey, modern studio. She also offers guided posing, hair, makeup, and styling services, and same-day photo reveals.

Here are some of our favorite Instagram photo ideas to explore in Denver. Use them wisely!

4. Emerald Fox Pin-up + Boudoir

If Bettie Page is your style icon, you’ll want to call Annette Hullender. Her business Emerald Fox originated as a pin-up studio and then branched out to offer boudoir photography. Each boudoir package includes four outfit changes, so you can model all of your favorite lingerie sets.

Unlike the photos in her pin-up portfolio, Annette’s boudoir work is often dramatic, with moody lighting. She is also a fan of group shots, so if you want to gather your gal pals for an empowering event, Annette is the boudoir photographer in Denver to book!

Once you do, consider hosting your boudoir sesh at this historic basement speakeasy in Washington Park West. Its exposed brick walls and plush vintage sofas give Annette plenty of texture to work with.

5. Brooke Summer Photography

Brooke Summer is an award-winning photographer who has been dubbed the “Boudoir Queen” of Denver. Driven by her passion for women and their connections, Summer uses her photography to proudly show her clients that they are enough — and absolutely amazing as they are. She’s compelled by the wide array of women who enter her studio and loves getting to know them in a fun, intimate way.

While Summer’s primarily based in Colorado, she’s also a destination boudoir photographer and shoots worldwide. Her work is elegant, dreamy, and deeply flattering, creating brag-worthy “highlight reels” for her clients that capture their unique essences. This equally dreamy natural light studio with high ceilings and beautiful furniture can make the perfect backdrop to Brooke’s work.

6. EB Boudoir

For Emily Brault, boudoir is all about the experience. She believes every woman deserves to feel gorgeous and empowered through a photoshoot that celebrates their sexiness. Emily is one of the more specialized boudoir photographers in Denver, offering bridal, maternity, and traditional boudoir sessions.

Her portfolio leans toward the moodier side, with a lot of low lighting and dramatic shadows, a perfect match for this moody abandoned warehouse photoshoot location in Globeville. Whether you’re getting married soon, expecting, nearing a milestone birthday, or just feeling yourself, Emily can help you wow yourself with a stunning boudoir photoshoot.

Just take it from a client who’s been there with her. “There is no comparing her to other work being done in this area…I am obsessed with my whole experience… I highly recommend working with Emily… [plus] I already booked another session!”

7. Frances Photography

Frances Kelley is a wedding and lifestyle photographer who also owns RISE Boudoir studio in Denver. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a boudoir photographer in Denver who’s more dedicated to the photography profession. Frances once shot a wedding in the middle of a blizzard and has photographed everyone from Denver locals to Olympians in the winter games.

Her history of struggling with an eating disorder inspired her to start offering boudoir photography to help others feel beautiful in their bodies. She welcomes individuals, bachelorette parties, and brides-to-be to her studio or along for an adventurous, outdoor shoot. For inspiration, you can peruse the style ideas on her website.

8. Noir Doir Boudoir 

Noir Doir Boudoir owner Kristina started offering boudoir photography in Denver after she discovered the delight of capturing the beauty of different people through portrait work. She’s also a fan of stepping in front of the camera herself, so she knows what it’s like to be in her clients’ shoes.

Her studio is elegant and furnished with couches, a bed, and a bathtub for different shots. Kristina knows all the best posing techniques for every body type. Her style ranges from dark and dramatic to angelic and airy.

9. Ashley Kidder Boudoir

Ashley Kidder is a master of the sultry shadowy shot. The way she plays with shadows and low levels of lighting is pure artistry. She’s so good at her craft, she even mentors other boudoir photographers in Denver.

If you’re going for a moody look, she’s your gal. For first-timers, Ashley is more than happy to set up a coffee date to discuss details before popping the champagne and helping you get your sexy on.

Once you book Ashley, also consider booking this luxury boudoir studio in Speer. It’s perfect for newbies and pros alike, thanks to its beautiful bed, sofa, and tub posing stations.

These unique photoshoot rooms in Denver will uplevel your boudoir shoot. Check them out!

10. Emily Elizabeth Photography

Emily Elizabeth is the most unique boudoir photographer in Denver. Her style is eccentric, bright, and playful. As a photographer and designer, props are Emily’s secret weapon. She incorporates a lot of flowers and even the occasional joint in her boudoir shots. 

Her work is also versatile — she nails cozy couple’s shoots just as well as colorful solo shoots that capture each client’s individuality. To complement Emily’s unique artistry, consider booking this multi-set studio in Englewood for your session. It’s home to seven-plus sets with their own theme and style, so you go home with a ton of unique boudoir shots in your pocket.

11. Under the Garter Boudoir

Under the Garter Boudoir is a member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers. Co-owner Ray has over two decades of photography and videography experience. He’s one of the few boudoir photographers in Denver who caters to men with a separate men’s portfolio on his website.

Under the Garter is also no stranger to working with couples, so if you’re looking to do something special with your boo, get in touch with Ray. After your shoot, you can commemorate the occasion with canvases, an Italian leatherbound photo album, or a special slideshow app.

12. Honey Lark Boudoir

Honey Lark Boudoir is owned by the RV-dwelling husband and wife team Tori and Kyle. They’re boudoir photographers in Denver, but they can also meet you anywhere. Both grew from conservative roots and a modesty culture to embrace the beauty of boudoir.

Since they are always on the go, Tori and Kyle can find a studio for your session in Denver (or you can suggest one of ours, like this gorgeous downtown loft brimming with props). As travel lovers, this pair is also always down for an adventure, so you can pose radiantly out in the sunshine or take a skinny dip in a cool river.

Bonus: Blush & Tease

Consider Adena of Blush & Tease your personal cheerleader. She is not only a super-skilled photographer, but she also guides her clients through every step of their boudoir experience like a good friend. When you work with her, you can choose whether indoor or outdoor boudoir sessions. All of her indoor sessions take place at her sweet boho-style studio in downtown Denver, while her outdoor sessions take place, well, anywhere you like! May we recommend this furnished outdoor deck overlooking Cheesman Park for a bold and glamorous shoot?

Blush & Tease’s style is bright and warm, a take on the art form that seems undeniably fresh. Count on Adena and her team if that sounds like a match for you. She is especially magical with maternity boudoir shoots wherein her subjects truly radiate.

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Now that you’ve found the perfect photo, it’s time to let yourself be pampered. Boudoir shoots are all-inclusive with hair, makeup, and occasionally wardrobe options, props, and champagne packaged into the session, so all you may have to do is show up.

If you do need to book a space to hold the shoot, check out our listings. Peerspace has hundreds of stunning spaces in Denver that you can book by the hour, including professional studios, penthouses, lofts, cabins, and more. Grab one of these incredibly talented Denver boudoir photographers and high-tail it to a Peerspace, post haste!

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