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7 Inspiring Sales Presentation Ideas

A sales presentation is your chance to let your skills shine. Make the most of this opportunity with one-on-one time with your prospects by bringing your stunning sales presentation ideas to life, leaving them with no choice but to purchase your product or service. And think beyond the office for your next sales presentation or corporate event, without going beyond the limits of your budget. The place where you hold your next meeting could be a local cafe, historic estate, or even an art gallery.

On Peerspace, you can find a venue with the style and amenities you need for your next meeting or training. Just like on Airbnb, hosts in your area will list event venues for rent. You can narrow your search by availability dates and price so that finding the perfect venue is simple. Say goodbye to boring conference room meetings, and hello to new office “field trips” with Peerspace. Give your audience a clear picture of who you are, what you do, and why you do it with these inspiring sales presentation ideas.

1. Give a demo

There’s nothing like the real deal. So, if possible, host a live demonstration of your product as part of your sales presentation. Just be sure to have enough staff to help with the demonstration, and gather everything you need, whether that’s extra tables, a computer monitor, printers, or other props.

After giving the demonstration, open the floor for your audience to ask questions, and offer to repeat another part of the demo if anyone needs clarification on a step. If possible, invite everyone in the audience to test out the product then and there as well. This will allow them to “sell themselves” on the product — because seeing is believing.

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2. Gamify your presentation

To keep your prospects engaged throughout the duration of your sales presentation, consider gamifying it! There are many online programs out there that will allow you to turn any project or presentation into an interactive game. Just be sure to tailor the game to the client you are presenting to, and offer incentives like discounts or additional services. Some game types that work well are Jeopardy-style games or other trivia games. This is definitely one of the most fun and interactive sales presentation ideas.

You can even turn the presentation into a game where the players (the audience) are acting as themselves going through the customer’s journey and “unlocking” the different stages of the buying process. At each stage, invite them to ask questions that will help them make their decision. The end of their quest, of course, will be their decision to purchase or potentially purchase your solution, or ultimately go with another company.

3. Show videos of your product or service in action

If you can’t show a live demo, a video is the next best thing. And no, you don’t have to have a video production team or any fancy equipment. You can hire a company to make a video, create your own in-house video with an iPhone, or create an animated video using PowToon. All you need to do is be sure to tell a clear story that shows who your product helps and how. If you have a technology-based product, even a simple screen capture video with a voiceover will suffice. You can reuse this video as a piece of evergreen marketing material and upload it to your landing page or blog, too. It will be well worth the time and any money you spend to create it.

4. Interact with your prospects

Don’t just talk at your audience; start a conversation. Add in check-in points during your presentation where you will ask your potential customers relevant questions, take surveys, and ask for input. The key to making a sale is understanding how your product or service can meet each customer’s individual needs. You will only know that information if you ask questions and keep an open dialogue going, so be sure to invite audience participation all throughout your presentation. 

Tip: If you build question slides into the Powerpoint or Prezi, it will be much easier to remember. Plus, everything will likely flow a lot better.

5. Leave them with more than your business cards

Make one of your sales presentation ideas even more memorable by leaving your potential customers with some souvenirs. Buyers guides or brochures, branded mugs, notebooks, calendars, pens, and post-it notes all make practical “favors” you can hand out to everyone in the audience. This way, your prospects will keep you in mind and be more likely to remember to reach out.

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6. Tailor each presentation to the audience 

Nothing turns a prospect off like a generic, impersonal sales pitch. Feature the client throughout the presentation if possible, and address their specific needs to build rapport and show that you understand how your product would fit into their daily operations. When choosing case studies to include, find ones that were conducted with companies that are similar to the one you are presenting to, so that they can make direct connections between your presentation and their current situation. 

Keep in mind that when a sales presentation or cold email is too cookie-cutter, it comes off as very sales-y and won’t capture the prospects’ interest. The more you can customize your presentation for each and every client, the better.

7. Switch up the venue with Peerspace

The dull atmosphere and harsh lighting of the boardroom won’t keep anyone engaged in your presentation, but the high ceilings of a warehouse or the giant, sun-filled windows of a loft will be a welcome change that will intrigue your audience. Impress your potential customers with an exciting venue.

Even if you only need the space for an hour, you can find one on Peerspace. Just be sure to check that whatever venue you choose has the A/V capabilities you need for your presentation, and enough seating for everyone. Feel free to contact the Peerspace Concierge service for assistance renting A/V gear and furniture , as well as arranging catering.

Your sales presentation ideas are a huge part of your overall strategy, so you want to make sure they rock. These sales presentation ideas can be adapted for any product or service. Build lasting client relationships and up your sales game with these tips.

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