13 Awesome Corporate Gift Bag Ideas

Gift bags are a great opportunity to show off your company’s values and give your guests or employees something to take home and talk about. While gifts might seem obligatory at holiday parties, product launches, and other corporate events, they don’t have to be forgettable. If your event is a multi-day affair, such as a retreat or conference, consider giving out your gift bags when your guests arrive, so they can make use of the items during the event. Also, keep your logos subtle — while your guests and employees may be happy to represent your company, no one wants to feel like a walking advertisement. That said, take a look at these 13 fantastic corporate gift bag ideas to wow your guests and generate buzz about your company.

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1. An unconventional bag

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Instead of a simple tote bag that will get tossed in a drawer and never used again, why not spend a little more on a reusable backpack or daypack? A branded backpack will allow your guests to show off your logo again and again, giving you a bigger return on your investment. Plus, they’ll appreciate having a genuinely useful item to take home with them.

2. Reusable drink bottles and straws

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Everyone’s bound to get thirsty at some point during your event. Reduce waste by giving your guests a reusable water bottle or KeepCup they can use throughout the event. A branded KeepCup will help people remember your company for months to come every time they refill their water bottle or order a drink at their local coffee shop. You can also get reusable branded straws to reduce your event’s plastic straw usage.

3. Airplane-friendly personal items

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If your conference or event has out-of-state attendees, it may be a good idea to include some personal items in your gift bag to help them feel at home. How about an electric toothbrush from Quip or a bamboo toothbrush from WooBamboo? Earplugs and eye masks will help your guests stay well-rested, while hand sanitizer and lip balm will keep them feeling clean and comfortable. Make sure that any toiletry items are in travel-sized containers that will pass through airport screenings so your guests can take unused items home instead of throwing them out.

4. Portable power bank

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Everyone seems to be working on the go these days, and quality power banks are hard to come by. Give your guests a branded USB power bank that will keep their phone charged for hours at a time. That way, your guests will be mindful of your brand every time they charge their smartphones.

5. Cord tacos

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Cord tacos are the new DIY must-have travel item. These little pieces of leather or fabric fold up and snap together, keeping your earbuds and other cords from getting all tangled up. They come in a variety of designs and themes, including cord wontons and cord clams. Get one that fits with the branding of your company and keep your guests happy on their daily commute.

6. Flash drives

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Want to give your guests documents to take home from your product launch? Don’t give them printed pages that they may toss into the recycling bin. Put your docs on a reusable thumb drive. If the information isn’t proprietary, include slides from any PowerPoint presentations or Keynote speeches so they can revisit them later. Another option: include local travel tips, as well as links to popular sites and activities in the area for guests who might be visiting from out of town.

7. Smartphone magnifier or projector

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Depending on your budget, consider a smartphone projector. These handy devices allow you to turn your smartphone into a wall projector at any time. They’re great for watching movies or giving on-the-go slideshow presentations. Alternately, you could get a screen magnifier, which expands a smartphone screen to about the size of a tablet.

8. Grow-your-own plant kit

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If you’re going for an eco-friendly theme, include a grow-your-own plant kit. Modern Sprout sells kits for parsley, mint, chamomile, and other common herbs. These come in mason jars and are easy to set up and maintain. Their “self-watering” system means you don’t even have to remember to water them – just set them up and they’ll start to grow!

9. Virtual swag bags

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Virtual swag bags are a great option when you don’t have the space or budget for a lot of items. Instead of giving your guests a bag full of things to carry, a virtual swag bag can be as simple as an email or printed card with instructions for them to follow to redeem offers. Design your own virtual bag or purchase prearranged packages. Your digital swag bag can include ebooks, gift cards, service subscriptions, and other online tools and services. This is definitely one of the most inventive corporate gift bag ideas out there.

10. Mini wine box

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Wine is a perfect swag-bag gift, except that full-sized wine bottles are bulky and fragile, and small plastic bottles can appear cheap. Vinebox offers wine and chocolate pairings with wine packaged in vials that look like classy, elegant test tubes. Include a box in your swag bag and your guests can leave with several glasses of wine that won’t break or spill in transit.

11. Free headshots

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Photobooths are fun, but why not hire an on-site headshot photographer? If your event is for students, freelancers, or people in the entertainment industry, your gift bag can include a note offering them free headshots during the event. That way, they can leave the event with something that will help them in their job search or improve their career prospects. You can even rent a location on Peerspace that includes studio equipment so you have a variety of backdrops to choose from.

12. VR cardboard

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You don’t need fancy headsets to give your guests a virtual reality experience. Give out Google Cardboard headsets that guests can use with their smartphones, and you can make any presentation or product launch a multi-dimensional one. Google Cardboard comes in an array of creative designs.

13. Inflatable hammock

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Show your employees you value their downtime by providing them with an inflatable hammock from WindPouch. These hammocks self-inflate without a pump, and they fold up for easy transport to the park or beach — they’re perfect for picnics and outdoor movie screenings. Your guests can also use the hammock simply for lounging around after the conference is over.

Assembling gift bags doesn’t have to feel like a chore, especially once you start thinking outside of the box — or bag, in this case. You’ll be surprised at how many unconventional ideas you can come up with. We hope these 13 corporate gift bag ideas make your guests and/or employees ecstatic. Pair one or more of these with a dream Peerspace venue, and you’ll have an event your team will never forget.

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