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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Conference Room?

Conference rooms are a staple for nearly any professional. So there’s good chance that at one point in your career, you may have thought, “How much does it cost to rent a conference room?” To make your space stand out, here’s the ultimate resource detailing the benefits of renting a conference room, as well as an outline of the types of conference rooms out there.

Why do people rent a conference room? 

Nearly every company that needs to hold meetings uses a conference room. Some companies have their own conference rooms, but they may occasionally want to switch it up and try something different by renting an off-site conference room. Others simply don’t have the space to host large meetings, such as quarterly meetings, board meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions. 

Benefits of renting a conference room for your next meeting

Increased creativity

Conference rooms don’t have to be boring. Renting a conference room means getting a space that is new and exciting for your team. Plus, some even come with stunning rooftop decks!

Less stress

Instead of worrying if you’ll have enough space and chairs, you’ll be focused on making sure your presentation is the best it can be. Many rentals include help from an on-site event manager, too. 

More business

Renting a conference room for your next meeting shows prospective clients that you’re professional and established. We can’t promise you’ll get more business for renting a conference room, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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How to rent a conference room 

Finding a last-minute conference room to rent can almost feel like an impossible task. Although many cities have hundreds of options, it’s hard to know which ones are available and in your price range. We’ll soon get to your question, “How much does it cost to rent a conference room?” But first, here are some tips on how to easily rent a conference room for your next meeting. 

Many use internet searches to find conference rooms in their area. However, these results aren’t always the best option. Using an online marketplace like Peerspace gives you the upper hand in booking meeting and event spaces. On Peerspace, you can search by the type of event you’d like to host in your city. Hundreds of unique conference rooms in your city will fill your feed — all with the price per hour posted right on the listing. 

Have any questions about a conference room? Reach out directly to the host for guidance on A/V capabilities, catering, parking, or just suggestions for things to do in the area. You can also use the Peerspace Concierge for help with finding the best caterer, entertainment, or A/V equipment in your city. 

Types of conference rooms available to rent

Conference room rentals on Peerspace vary from luxurious rooftop meeting rooms to simple spaces to gather and get stuff done. We love this classy conference room in Los Angeles that has sweeping views of the City of Angels. Included in this rental is a flatscreen TV, restrooms, and plenty of space for up to 10 guests. 

Treat your eyes to this modern conference room in San Francisco. Located in a collaborative coworking space, your team will feed off of the energy around them while still accomplishing the day’s goals in the quiet workspace. 

Rest assured, each Peerspace listing has real reviews from professionals who have rented the space. Check out this promising review from someone who booked the San Francisco space for a team of six: 

“I booked this room for a week-long conference at Moscone for our executives/team to book meetings throughout the week. This is a great space and the host, Charles, could not have made it any easier for us. Charles let me come in and check out the meeting space before booking and walked me through the simple process… It’s in a shared workspace, but even when there we people working in the open area it was quiet in the meeting room. I would absolutely book again, especially with Charles.”

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Another example of a simple yet effective meeting space is this conference room stunner in Seattle. Spanning 350 square feet in a historic, open, and beautiful setting, this conference room is perfect for meetings, workshops, small dinners, private parties, presentations, and more. The boardroom seats 20 people at the table or 30 people in a classroom setup. Best of all is the bright natural lighting. The room also includes video conference equipment, as well as access to coffee, tea, and water service for a bit extra. 

Many conference rooms on Peerspace are flexible to adjust to your specific event needs. This contemporary space in Chicago can accommodate up to 200 with adjacent spaces available to add on. The main room can be set up conference style, U-shaped, or like a theater depending on the type of event. You can even use private pods for breakout sessions or just to take a call. 

Plus, Peerspace conference rooms are at the hub of cities just walking distance from your office. Use the map to find a conference room down the block or outside of town for a nice company retreat. This spacious conference room in New York City is right in the heart of Times Square, making it easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

Not only is the space high-tech with in-ceiling speakers and wireless microphones available, it’s also just easy to look at. Step up your next meeting with a space that actually is more affordable than you may think. Speaking of price, let’s get into your question, “How much does it cost to rent a conference room?” 

How much does it cost to rent a conference room? 

Renting a conference room could cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to $1,000 and up, depending on how long you need the space and where you live. 

Using Peerspace means you’ll know exactly how much the space will cost upfront. Conference rooms through Peerspace start at just $35 an hour to several hundred an hour for larger spaces. It’s more affordable to book conference rooms on weekdays, and you’ll typically get a better deal in the winter. 

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