10 Dreamy Outdoor Photoshoot Locations Near Seattle

A water theme is embodied into the heart of Seattle, and thus, the locations on this top 10 list. A plethora of mansions, beaches, and terraces permeate the best photography locations. All benefit from pristine views of either the mountains or the many lakes surrounding. Each one of these locations is breathtakingly perfect with an abundance of opportunity for an outdoor photoshoot location near Seattle.

1. Lakehouse to the mountains

stunning home with beautiful views
Source: Peerspace

Being surrounded by water is a theme that proliferates, and this lakehouse is no exception. With views of Mount Rainier and Lake Washington, the surrounding scenery provides a pristine backdrop for any portrait of an exquisite landscape. The large garden benefits from a large lawn, of which the patio overlooks with plentiful space for production. Trees and bushes encompass the garden for a touch of privacy in this expanse of wonderment. The interior of the house matches the serenity of the outside. Floor-to-ceiling windows capture copious amounts of light filling the space naturally from both sides. Yes, floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the living space is a unique opportunity to capture the bliss outdoors through many of our modern-day indoor lives. Book it today on Peerspace!

2. Stairway to a sandy paradise

home with puget sound views
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Imagine the upcoming sun beating down on you, strolling across the secluded beach you have just accessed via a private staircase to paradise. Looking out towards the mountains on the other side of the lake, you hold for a moment, breathing in the beauty before repositioning the model for the next shot. Life is good. There’s a blue heron across from you with a seal producing some warming background noise. Next on the list is a stroll through the private forested yard overlooking the sandy patio you have just traversed. Surrounded by tall trees, you feel at home, secluded, and at peace. You are one with nature. This Peerspace outdoor photoshoot location near Seattle just bridged over to heaven.

3. A verdant embrace

ranch home with pool in seattle
Source: Peerspace

Nature, green, grassy lawn, verdant garden. There is nothing like some west coast sun to illuminate the vegetation surrounding a garden, encompassing that sweet-smelling body of water. The pool offers that exquisite opportunity for a shot of the reflection glimmering off the surface of the water. The backyard is beautifully landscaped in this suburban ranch, an outstanding outdoor photoshoot location in Seattle available on Peerspace.

4. Nature’s overlook

vashon lakeside retreat
Source: Peerspace

Outdoor photoshoot locations near Seattle always benefit from copious amounts of sunlight. Here, mother nature’s embrace holds the camera in suspense. Trees and plants saturate the well-endowed garden providing the sense of wonderment as one wonders the grounds. A terrace overlooking the lake is entered through balcony doors, gifting viewers with panoramic views across Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains. The perfect backdrop for a sunset portrait. History pours vibrant serenity down the throats of the nature-loving creative. Book it here on Peerspace!

5. Opulence, Lake Washington, serenity, Mt Rainier

Seattle Mid Century Modern rental
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Peace is easy to come by in the remote areas just outside downtown Seattle. Relaxing in the utmost of luxury is a refined art, of which this property does well. Interior white walls with dark wooden themes running throughout gift the viewer with peaceful opulence coupled with the stone tiled walls. Floor-to-ceiling windows let ample light throughout to illuminate the enormous views from them. Likewise, the patio and garden overlook the lake and mountains. With the scenery being viewed from multiple levels, the opportunity grants the camera unique creativity. The Rolex of outdoor photoshoot locations near Seattle available on Peerspace.

6. Flowery potential

home with spacious backyard
Source: Peerspace

Moving away from the lakes, one can encounter a comforting flowery embrace of a nature-filled garden built for the largest of adult children. With play equipment, swings, a treehouse, and a trampoline to entertain one’s mind, the pictures captured in the garden stand out and ignite the imagination. Bedroom terraces overlook the edible garden incorporating vegetation and flowers on the deck too. Nature extends inside, with wooden features and plants fulfilling the interior. This secluded neighborhood is a prime location with a view of Montlake and the mountains. A masterclass outdoor photoshoot location near Seattle, available here on Peerspace.

7. Picture perfect

Lake Sammamish Waterfront Home seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

This next one is special. So prepare for the amazement. Private and secluded. Two words run strong through the heart of this breathtaking, multilevel complex of green architecture. Each level of the terraces runs from a foresty stairway, all leading to the boathouse that extends decking into the lake. The pictures with this location are awe-inspiring, and the opportunity is truly endless. This luxurious, contemporary waterfront estate showcases a rare and exceptional view of Lake Sammamish and the Cascade foothills. Sitting at the bottom of a hill, the property is embraced by woodlands and a stream, more potential for picturesque exquisiteness. There is also the added benefit of taking a canoe out onto the lake, taking some action shots before looking back at the property in sunset magnificence. Find out more on its Peerspace listing.

8. Spectacular vibrance

colorful mural for photoshoots in seattle
Source: Peerspace

This one is vibrant. Unique is an understatement because it is one of a kind. Good Sheila, a local artist, painted the bright and colorful floral mural, and the vibrance is soft on the eye. With a creative dynamic emanating from the walls even before arrival, the opportunity for any creative would make one’s brain itch just thinking about it. Backed with a range of intriguing accessories, the beach vibe runs strong, and the aura challenges the mind. A one of a kind outdoor photoshoot location near Seattle has presented itself in this Peerspace listing.

9. Grounds for elegant serenity

Vashon Field Pond Mansion Cottages seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Let us start this description with a formidable statement. 40-acre estate. ‘Boom, roasted.’ An outdoor photoshoot location near Seattle does not compare. With a lake, gardens, and a beach on the grounds, just one day in this estate would be too short. Surrounded by tall trees, the rustic old wooden themed buildings are spots of historic character. The abundance of wildlife brings the occupancy close to nature for the perfect accompanying elements to your shoot. Birds, Connemara horse, chicken and ducks, rabbits, nature is one with the property, and the connection is made through these very grounds. Meticulous landscaping overlooks the lake with two water features. And talking about views, mount rainier and meandering creeks are just a few of the sights on the alder forest trails. Magnificence presents itself in this Peerspace venue.

10. A Woodland Adventure

spacious outdoor retreat in seattle
Source: Peerspace

Cedar trees surround this 1927 Mediterranean-style stucco home. Tall and proud, these trees seclude the garden that itself is perforated with a plethora of flowering plants and bushes. The openness of the garden surrounded by tall enclosing trees provides this elegant contract in freedom and boundaries. Yet, the forest trail that runs through the yard leaves this urban farm a wonder for the creative explorer. Never-ending gardens and flowering plants lead to the vegetable garden, another feature accompanied by rustic wooden sheds. For that spot of tradition amongst mother nature. A finale fitting for the gods in this Peerspace outdoor photoshoot location near Seattle.

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