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The 12 Best Fashion Photographers in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is home to some of the best fashion photographers in the world. It’s a place where famous photographers and budding talent draw inspiration from each other in an effort to capture the elusive Hollywood dream. Without further ado, here are our selections for the 12 best fashion photographers in Los Angeles.

1. Victoria Cragg

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Whether she’s shooting on a beach, on a hillside, or in an unexpected corner of Chinatown, Cragg’s work exudes a sense of happiness and joy through use of vibrant colors, natural props, and an appreciation for her surroundings –– whatever they may be. Her centered framing and relaxed poses help convey the weight and feel of her subject’s garments while still capturing the essence of their individual style.

2. Jean-Claude Vorgeack

As an expert photographer and co-owner of Casement Studio in DTLA, Jean-Claude Vorgeack combines Hollywood’s preference for natural lighting with his unique brand of fashion photography –– placing a special emphasis on the form of swimwear and fitness styles. When he’s not shooting athletic-wear campaigns, Vorgeack can be found collaborating with makeup artists, designers, and stylists in an effort to continuously evolve. His appreciation for the human form can also be seen throughout his extensive work with long, flowing gowns and streetwear, as well as the occasional artistic nude. His images are often arranged editorially –– using storytelling and consistency to put his avant-garde ideas into context.

3. Jethro A.

With a healthy Instagram following of over 57,000, Jethro A. uses the platform to keep his fans connected to a steady stream of grim and beautiful fashion portraits. His photographs exude an inherent darkness –– combining sepia-toned highlights, haunting facial expressions, and lonely surroundings. His work has been featured in LA’s QP magazine and is quickly gaining him recognition is one of the best fashion photographers in the city.

4. Myron Rogan

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Myron Rogan brings graphic intensity to natural light photos with his use of long afternoon shadows, dark color tones, and high contrast. Grainy textures and Polaroid-like focus add to the intimate and timeless look of Rogan’s indoor portraits. Myron’s honesty and sense of humor balance out the moody tone of his images. And his strong and supportive personality radiates through art showcases, where he uses his photography to pay honor to women’s beauty and individuality.

5. Zach Brandan

Comfortable with analog and digital photography, Zachery Brandan uses his wide range of skills to capture sultry and unconventional headshots. His work combines subtle pops of color with plain backgrounds in subdued hues. Brandan’s fascination with capturing the look and feel of a moment has led him to continuously hunt for underused and interesting locations as he experiments with new techniques.

6. Josh Ryan

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With no formal photography training, Josh Ryan has managed to create an impressive body of work –– and client list! His provocative and edgy approach has made him a natural choice for brands like Guess, Koral, Chloe Loyd, Doc Block Sunscreen, Ignite International, along with Playboy and Maxim magazine. Grainy earth tones, dynamic black and whites, and desaturated colors are characteristic of Ryan’s gritty style. When he’s not shooting for top brands, Josh can be found obsessing over mid-century modern architecture and motorcycles.

7. Justin Vaseur

Skilled in the art of post production retouching, Justin Vaseur uses his technical abilities to achieve a futuristic and surreal aesthetic. His open struggle with anxiety adds another layer of depth to his emotional portraits and cinematic editorials. The fun-loving drummer and image maker is always sure to pass on a word of sage wisdom, saying, “It’s not the goal that is important, it’s who you have to become to achieve that goal that is important.” Well put!

8. Chaniel Andran

Chaniel Andran is one of the best fashion photographers in LA and a masterful director of top male talent. The Jamaican-born photog uses his own experience as a fashion model to fuel his artistic vision. His thorough understanding of the creative/directive process allows him to capture unforgettable images, with a much-needed focus on striking masculinity.  Andran’s work has been featured in Adon Magazine, FGUK Magazine, Desire Homme, and Fashionably Male.

9. Tara Simon

Tara Simon knows what she wants –– at least now. This former graphic designer has dabbled in content editing, fitness instruction, and even started her own brand of bacon-laced candies. But when her porky concoctions started gaining national recognition, Tara decided to turn down investors and a lucrative deal with Costco to pursue her passion for editorial fashion photography. Today, she and her team work to bring her dark and quirky concepts to life.

10. Luke Gottlieb

Based out of LA and Denver, Luke Gottlieb brings a unique perspective to the LA photography scene. As a well-rounded artist himself, Gottlieb strives to insert raw emotion into his photographic narratives. His softly-lit portraits and passion for visual storytelling have caught the attention of brands like Steve Madden, L’oreal, Urban Outfitters, Free People, and MVMT.

11. Sergei Pyuro

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As a video production specialist and photographer, Sergei Pyuro takes a hands-on approach to creating dramatic images that highlight strength and inner turmoil. His degrees in computer science and communication arts come in handy as he continues to collaborate with designers, hair stylists, and makeup artists on a wide array of ongoing creative projects.

12. Jordan Zobrist

Originally from Idaho, Jordan Zorbist has made Los Angeles her new stomping ground. The avid rock climber, cycler, and ridiculously picky eater harnesses natural light and backdrops to encapsulate the true spirit of her subjects. Her photos are fresh and fun –– with bursts of laughter, free-flowing movement, and enveloping greenery. Her signature style marks her as one of the best fashion photographers, even to the untrained eye. Secure in her talents, Zorbist has even created Lightroom presets to assist fellow photographers in achieving a similarly exuberant style. In her own words, “I think it is innately built into each and every human being to want to create something meaningful, beautiful, and purposeful in their lives. Photography is my means to create.”

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