11 Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Los Angeles

Should you find yourself in need of indoor photoshoot locations in Los Angeles, consider yourself lucky. There is no shortage of zany, posh, unusual, and generally special places to take amazing pictures throughout the city.

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The process of conducting an indoor photoshoot in L.A. should be fun and stress-free. Here are 11 amazing indoor photoshoot locations in Los Angeles to get you inspired and excited.

1. Jungle studio

Downtown Sun Drenched Luxury Unique Jungle Studio with Piano los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

So very Los Angeles. This downtown loft jungle studio is brimming with props so you can orchestrate your dream indoor photoshoot. One side of the jungley space is comprised of windows, so imagine the light as it trickles down onto the realistic gold tiger or the mostly tuned piano. Wild textures and colorful furniture make this spot conducive to taking pics for Instagram or doing a small fashion shoot. This Peerspace bookable location would also make a great spot to shoot a DJ’s album cover. Just a thought.

According to a photographer who booked this jungle studio for a shoot: “Beautiful space. Looks just like the pictures. Everything seemed in very well kept condition. Will be renting again.”

2. Diner set

Spacious Downtown Sun Drenched 50s Retro Neon Diner los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

In the same building as the jungle studio, a full-on recreation of a vintage diner awaits your indoor photoshoot needs. You could set up in the nonfunctional kitchen, in front of a car, or one of the many red booths. There’s chrome galore, quintessential black and white checkered flooring, and even a diner counter. It’s been used by literally hundreds of brands and influencers for commercial and editorial shoots, including Gibson guitars, Wendy’s restaurant, and H&M department stores. The space is immaculate and can accommodate about 40 people and their gear. And, this is one of the indoor photoshoot locations in Los Angeles that you can book here on Peerpsace!

In the words of a singer-songwriter who booked this space for a music video shoot: “Just booked again! It was an incredible venue. The host is very responsive which was helpful when we had questions about rules and protocols. Highly recommend. The space also transforms beautifully with different lighting.”

3. Red rooms

luxurious red rooms in DTLA
Source: Peerspace

Two red rooms in one 1500-square-foot downtown L.A. studio offer a surprising amount of aesthetic leeway. The whole area has been designed with indoor photography in mind. One of the rooms has a cute low-rider bicycle and a heart-shaped bed, which the host calls the Heartbreak Hotel Room. According to the owner, the other room is a more luxurious space with a boudoir vibe, a “sexy champagne room,” according to the owner. This Peerspace rental includes both rooms, house lighting, and use of the props.

Of this space’s hundreds of rave reviews, this one stands out: “This was a GREAT experience! The space was perfect and as described online… actually better! Everything was clean and organized and there are so many opportunities here to get creative! The mood lighting is awesome but there is also great natural lighting if you open the drapes. The hosts were professional and everything was hassle-free. I am definitely coming back to rent this space again!”

4. Vintage cafe

historic, vintage cafe in west hollywood
Source: Peerspace

Located in the heart of West Hollywood is the gorgeous and historical Insomnia Café, which you might recognize from various films and commercials. It’s also a fabulous venue to do an indoor photoshoot. It’s not a huge space, but there is nearby parking and seating for up to about 30 people. As a fun option, the café will cater to you while you work. See all of its cute, eclectic photos on its Peerspace page.

A director who booked a film shoot in this cafe shared the following review: “The space is amazingly designed. The lighting is very good, almost didn’t use any extra lights. The host, Michael, was super polite and nice, he would help us with anything needed. Strongly recommend this place. Will definitely book it again in the future!”

5. French chateau

kingsley house rental los angeles
Source: Peerspace

This Koreatown landmark is simply stunning, offering diverse indoor photoshoot opportunities for portraiture, editorial, commercial, and other genres. The entertainment industry frequently uses the historic Kingsley House chateau, so it is set up to accommodate crews of various sizes and the necessary equipment. Architectural features are reminiscent of early 1900s Europe, with intricate molding, high ceilings, a stunning spiral staircase, and a vintage elevator with accordion-fold doors.

A photographer shared this rave review: “Loved this space! This was my first time shooting at The Kingsley House and it’s a hidden gem in L.A. If you’re looking for a classy vintage backdrop for your photo shoot or production, this is the place. The hosts Max and Molly are friendly an accommodating. Definitely plan on booking again.”

6. Illuminated church

neon church with wood paneling production space
Source: Peerspace

While it might look rustic, this 1930s Boyle Heights warehouse structure has been updated to provide enough electrical juice to power basically any indoor photoshoot lighting gear you might bring. The space is two stories, the bottom of which has been designed to look like a church with a big neon cross. Both stories feature giant windows that allow heavenly light to beam in. And best of all, you can book it today on Peerspace.

One Peerspace user shared the following review after utilizing this church studio: “SUPER COOL SPACE!!! Exactly what I was looking for. It’s also huge and they have a coffin which is dope! I would definitely book again!”

7. Angelic cloud room

cloud room for photoshoots LA
Source: Peerspace

Float on clouds at this indoor photoshoot location in Los Angeles. This 212-square-foot cloud room is housed within a larger studio where you can take fantastical, angelic indoor shots. It comes complete with high-tech LED lights that react to music, evoke a sense of movement, change colors, and more. You can shoot at any time of day and create unexpected floaty effects. Available mirror panels make the space appear to be much larger than it is. As a bonus, the rest of the studio is available but must be booked separately. Learn more about it on its Peerspace page.

An actor who booked the cloud studio for a shoot shared the following insights: “The experience was great! This room translates incredible in photos and video!!! Just beautiful!”

8. Culver City commercial kitchen

commercial kitchen rental in culver city
Source: Peerspace

Few photography genres are trending harder than food-related images. You can shoot everything from products to cooking tutorials to commercials to restaurant-specific content in this gleaming Culver City commercial kitchen. It’s equipped with a hotline with grills and ovens and the like, a demonstration island with an overhead mirror, and walk-in refrigerators and freezers, not to mention all kinds of gadgets. There’s a loading dock for your crew and gear, as well. Book it today on Peerspace for your perfect indoor photoshoot location in Los Angeles!

In the words of a producer who booked this kitchen for a production: “Such a cool space, Gerard was very communicative and accommodating. Would def book again!”

9. A large, elegant estate with beautiful bath tub

indoor photoshoot ideas los angeles
Source: Peerspace

Sometimes you simply have to go big or go home. In the case of this mansion, you can go to a big home to go huge! At nearly 20,000 square feet of true luxury, this house is an absolute dream for an indoor photoshoot. The rental fee includes the use of the whole home and the grounds. Just about every inch of this space is incredibly picturesque. However, we love the idea of a lifestyle shoot using the tub! Be sure to view all its photos to appreciate this Peerspace bookable mansion truly.

In the words of a Peerspace user who booked this mansion for a shoot: “The house was absolutely stunning! The host was on time to let us in and very gracious. There were so many locations to choose from. I would highly recommend this location. There is also tons of street parking out front which was very convenient.”

10. Modern art gallery

elegant contemporary art gallery in newport beach
Source: Peerspace

Outside of Los Angeles proper in Newport Beach, you’ll find this modern art museum venue available for your indoor photoshoot. It’s a small, chic space with clean lines and an airy vibe. Whatever contemporary art the museum has on display will provide an interesting background for all kinds of photography. Learn more about it on its Peerspace listing page.

11. Get gritty on this subway car set

indoor photoshoot locations los angeles
Source: Peerspace

Well here’s a different one! If you’re looking for indoor photoshoot locations in Los Angeles with a more raw, gritty feel, this subway car may be for you! The space comes with the subway car set as well as a subway station, vanity rooms, production offices, and a gated parking lot. Note that the station itself is an added charge. This studio comes with tons of helpful amenities, and you can book it today on Peerspace.

A director shared the following review on Peerspace: “Amazing Space! Love the shots I was able to capture. It was plenty of fun! Would definitely revisit again!”

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