The 9 Best Graduation Photoshoot Ideas in Nashville

Graduating is quite an important milestone, and yet it happens in the blink of an eye. That’s why graduation photoshoots are so necessary to commemorate all the late nights at the library, early morning classes, or dorm room antics you didn’t think you’d survive. While the graduation photoshoot has become rather uninspired, Peerspace aims to help you shake up your photo session with unique settings and venues. Check out these brilliant graduation photoshoot ideas in Nashville that will keep things interesting. Whether you prefer being among nature or posing in front of an Instagram-worthy backdrop, this list has you covered.

1. Relive childhood in a charming barn treehouse

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A photoshoot so touching it will make your family emotional. Either recreate a photo of you as a kid now in your graduation gown or do something you enjoyed as a kid. Whether it’s climbing trees, riding your Big Wheel, or playing with a certain doll. Check out this barn treehouse in Oak Hill to live up to your younger self’s dreams. It’s a cool location made up of reclaimed wood and rustic furnishings. It’s a cozy little place for you to hang out and get some cool pictures under the natural light that floods in. It will be a great place to dedicate a final cheers to childhood without leaving the fun behind. 

2. Make music in a historic castle’s recording studio

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What’s more Nashville than music? This historical castle in Franklin has its own recording studio. So not only does it make for an impressive backdrop, but is also fitting for an up and coming musician or music producer. Maybe even bring the whole band in on the photoshoot to celebrate the milestone. Get some action shots of everyone doing what they love in the ideal space for it. This location will add a warm and grandiose look to all the photos that will make you look like music royalty. 

3. Embrace vintage vibes with an iconic camper

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Tired of being asked what your plans are for the future? Set up a photoshoot that emphasizes that adventure is your only plan. You’ve been stuck in the classroom for the majority of your life, it’s time to get out and see the world, and nothing says wanderlust like van life. Check out this 1954 vintage Airstream for your graduation shoot. With lots of natural lighting and a surprising amount of space, it is made for an inspiring photoshoot. If you are not already gearing up for a nomadic post graduation year, the photoshoot is sure to get you thinking. 

4. Manifest your success in a lovely Victorian domicile

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Prepare for the life you want to live and show it off in your graduation photoshoot. This Victorian home in East Nashville is worthy of its own HBO limited series, and you can happily insert yourself into the mix. Wear a gown or a suit that compliments this location’s decadence. Drape yourself on the showy loveseats or pose in front of the vintage wallpaper. You could even have your entire family seated around you in the grand dining table, like your favorite renaissance painting. This location is dramatic and grand, so why not have a little fun with it?

5. Wander around a whimsical house filled with antiques

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Just because you are out of school doesn’t mean you stop learning. Life is full of curiosities, much like this beautifully curated house of oddities in the Haynes Area. For all those biology, geology, or geography buffs, this place is a dream home with its fun array of maps, anatomical drawings, plants, and biology models. This location makes for a colorful backdrop with lots of natural lighting that will make you feel like you stepped onto the set of a Wes Anderson film. A good rule of thumb when brainstorming graduation photoshoot ideas in Nashville is to just bring out more of what makes you, well, you. 

6. Keep it simple in a natural light studio

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When it comes down to it, you don’t need very much to get a timeless portrait of a pivotal moment. A lot of the best photography is minimalist and clean. Try out a portrait session in this sleek studio with wood flooring in East Nashville. The golden light that illuminates through the windows and onto the white walls is more than enough to create a stunning contrast for your photos. The space has gear available to rent as well if you find yourself scrambling to gather any additional resources. And remember that Peerspace’s Concierge services can help you organize your photoshoot with all the necessities.

7. Mix it up with a huge, multi-purpose warehouse

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Maybe you want the controlled environment of a studio but with more pizazz. This downtown warehouse studio might be the right mix of eclectic and traditional for you to build upon. It’s a space that is loaded with inspiration, they have furnishings you can use, a number of backdrops to choose from, and different props. It has a moody and relaxed atmosphere that can be lit in many different ways with the gear that is available in house. It is the ideal setting to get creative and experiment if you aren’t quite sure what you want and would like to just wing it. Bring a couple of props, outfits, and friends and see what happens.

8. Bring out your creativity at a bright warehouse loft

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If it’s art school you just graduated from or you are just an artist at heart, why not promote yourself in your element. It’s never too early to show future employers what you can do. Check out this rustic artists’ haven that will have any creative buzzing over the possibilities. With its 15 feet high ceilings, hardwood flooring, exposed brick, and brilliant windows, this location provides all the ambience you need. All that’s left is to bring your art supplies. Whether it’s painting, sculpting, sewing, or any art form in between, it is sure to shine under the magnificent light that comes in. There’s no better graduation photoshoot idea than showing the world what you are capable of.

9. Explore nature and a 2000-square-foot rustic barn

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If you want to reconnect with nature or your country roots, try out this historic barn location in Bellevue. There are acres of space for any idea you can envision and the views are picturesque at every angle. You can go for a cozy rustic feel by shooting. When it comes to graduation photoshoot ideas in Nashville, the possibilities are endless here! Lay out a picnic blanket, bring your cowboy boots, and bask in your well earned freedom. 

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