6 Great Jail Sets You Can Rent (2024)

Unlock the door to cinematic excellence with the convenience of renting a jail set by the hour. Whether you’re crafting a thrilling photoshoot or directing a video that demands authenticity, this is your backstage pass to an atmosphere brimming with gritty realism.

Keep reading for our suggestions and to get a sense of what’s out there and available to rent on the market to make whatever you’re shooting — whether it’s a photoshoot, a music video, a short film, or some other project entirely — a total success. 

Why should you rent a jail set?

Imagine the stories you can tell, the scenes you can paint, all within the confines of a unique space that echoes with drama and intrigue. Perfect for photographers and filmmakers alike, this flexible option allows you to step into a world of creative potential without the bind of long-term commitments.

Dive into your artistic vision, and let the jail set be the canvas for your storytelling masterpiece. We’ve assembled a list of six great jail sets that you can rent by the hour through Peerspace, the internet’s largest marketplace for hourly venue rentals, including production sets.

With Peerspace, you search for and rent unique spaces from local hosts, in cities across the globe. And believe us — you can find many realistic jail sets on our platform to enliven your production.

1. Set the scene at a gritty jail prison cell at CreatorLA

jail set
Source: Peerspace

First up on our list of jail sets you can rent by the hour is this jail prison set at CreatorLA studios in Los Angeles. This prison cell set is a simple, 300-square-foot space that also happens to be quite affordable at just $99 per hour. It’s available to you 24/7, with the host offering extras like lighting packages, a fog machine, free props, production packages, and more.

Another perk that comes with using Peerspace to book venues? You can read genuine reviews from past renters to better inform your decision. And here’s what one reviewer who booked a video shoot at this location had to say: “Really loved this space. Overall just a great experience with the set and the location in general. Tom the site rep was super helpful and always there to answer any questions or help out when needed. Definitely would love to come back here and use one of their many other sets.”

This is a high-quality jail set that will give your project the professional look you’re seeking, all at an affordable cost.

2. Check out moody prison cells with rolling bars and cots

jail set with rolling bars and cots
Source: Peerspace

Here’s another authentic jail set in Los Angeles. This small studio is located inside a 500-square-foot industrial space, featuring two jail cells with a cot and a mattress. Both cells have rolling bar doors and also a real payphone, which you can have removed, if necessary.

Let’s not forget the rolling set piece with faux-bulletproof glass used for inmate and visitor scenes. All this at a truly low cost of only about $75 per hour. It’s no wonder it has so many glowing reviews!

Take it from one such review, from a renter who booked a film shoot here: “Eric [the host] was so friendly and incredibly accommodating. He helped out, made everything clear to us, and stepped out of the way to let us create our magic. 10/10 would book again.”

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3. Explore an exposed-brick studio with a jail cell set

jail cell set in brooklyn
Source: Peerspace

Looking for a jail set in New York City? Then you need to see this large exposed brick studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The studio has a pre-built jail set rental that comes with two 8-foot by 6-foot cells and cots and a small prison-style common area with a payphone prop.

All basic studio rentals here come with lots of additional amenities, like a black or white exposed brick wall, colored gels, and the use of a makeup station. This venue’s host also offers you additional add-on services, like the use of extra sets, a smoke machine, a green screen, and lighting equipment.

As one reviewer who booked a production here described it: “My crew and I had a great experience at this industrial studio. Joe’s customer service is top-notch and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this space if anyone is looking for prebuilt sets. It’s an extraordinary creative space.”

With a jail set that comes packed with additional amenities and the option for further add-ons, the creative possibilities for your filming or photoshoot project are vast and varied.

Here are some ideas to make the most of these features:

  • Gritty crime drama series: Use the exposed brick walls as a backdrop for intense interrogation scenes or the plotting of a jailbreak. The colored gels can help set the mood, from the cold blue of a night scene to the red hues of a dramatic confrontation.
  • Music video with a narrative edge: Craft a compelling storyline for your music video, using the jail set for a narrative of struggle and redemption. Use the smoke machine for atmospheric shots and the lighting equipment to highlight the artist’s performance against the gritty backdrop.
  • Fashion editorial: Flip expectations by using the jail set for a high-fashion editorial shoot. The contrast between glamorous outfits and the stark jail environment can create visually striking images. The makeup station ensures your models are photo-ready, while the different sets offer a variety of scenes.
  • Thriller short film: The jail set, combined with the smoke machine and dramatic lighting, is ideal for a short thriller. Use the green screen to add in special effects or to craft an escape scene that transitions from the jail to an entirely different world.
  • Character portraits for a graphic novel: This set would be great for character portraits, adding depth and context to your story. The lighting equipment and colored gels can help mimic the novel’s artwork style. This gives a face to your characters in a setting that speaks volumes about their backstory.

It’s easy to tailor your project to the unique features of the jail set and its available amenities. This way, your project not only stands out but also fully makes the most of the venue’s potential.

4. Step back in time at a 1900s-inspired jail set

Music Video Locations in Nashville
Source: Peerspace

Located in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood of Nashville, TN, this old-timey jail set is in fact an early 1900s-inspired jailhouse. It comes with multiple rooms, not just one: four jail cells, an interrogation room, a detective office, a guard post, and open spaces for set dressing. There’s also a freight elevator and a dressing room for your crew and talent to utilize.

Although it does have a turn-of-the-century feel, the host invites you to dress up the space to suit your project’s time period. It’s an ideal location for a film shoot, music video, production, or feature film. In fact, whatever your project, you’re likely to make it work here.

One reviewer who booked a video shoot here described his experience as follows: “Incredible place, so many possibilities with the sets they offer. Warren was super easy to work with and we will definitely be back. The jail was incredible for a storyline based production, lots of different backdrops packed into one space.” What a top-notch filming location!

5. Venture to this Los Angeles police department set + jail cell set

LAPD and jail cell
Source: Peerspace

Want a jail cell set with a little something extra to add to your production? Then you need to see the jail sets at this massive studio space in Maywood, CA, just 8 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Sprawled over 2,000 square feet, this creative haven offers convenience alongside its distinctive charm.

The four jail cells consist of concrete floors and walls and real metal bars and pipes. You can use the three single beds one double bed, stainless steel sinks, and the toilets that actually came from real prison in Tennessee!

Here, each jail set is crafted with an eye for detail, providing an immersive experience that can elevate your project to new heights. Whether it’s for a gripping photo shoot or a cinematic masterpiece, these sets offer unmatched versatility and authenticity.

Recently built in June 2018, this jail set is just one of more than 20 sets that the hosts have available for rental. This includes a courtroom, police station, hospital, classroom, kitchen, office, and many more. And such a high-quality, big-budget-looking filming location is a total steal at about $300 an hour.

“The jail set was more impressive in person and very well decorated,” shared a Peerspace reviewer. “There were hand cuff props available to use as well as a fake phone to make phone calls. Would book again and check out one of their many other sets on site. Really cool place and great host.”

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6. Make cinematic magic at a jail cell standing set in Florida

Jail cell set located in a warehouse studio space in Sunrise, Florida
Source: Peerspace

Tucked away in Hollywood Beach, Sunrise, FL, this realistic jail set is a great find inside of a warehouse production studio. This set provides an authentic environment without the need for extensive location scouting or the complexities of shooting in an actual jail.

Within the same dynamic city of Sunrise, creators have the opportunity to tap into another cinematic resource: a moody interrogation room. This venue looks like it’s been lifted directly from the scene of a crime movie. Just like the jail set, this interrogation room offers a level of realism and immersion difficult to replicate outside of a professional studio setting.

Bonus: Get creative in this jail cell film set

arlington heights Jail Cell Film Set Scene
Source: Peerspace

In need of an affordable jail set in the Midwest? Then Peerspace has you covered! Check out this jail cell film set scene in Arlington Heights, IL. It’s part of a 2,000-square-foot studio and includes a bunk bed, a non-functioning toilet, and a barred doorway. You and your crew can also use the two on-site offices for meetings and as a dressing room for the talent.

The host also offers you access to professional lighting gear for an additional charge on top of the low $29 per hour rental fee. Speaking of the host, many reviews for this jail set also mention how supportive he is. Here is one example of what we mean: “This was the perfect place for the scene I was aiming for. Adam was very professional and responded to my request in a timely manner. I recommend this spot to anyone trying to jail-oriented scene.”

Discover realistic jail sets on Peerspace

Atlanta Jail Cell/Interrogation Room/Confessional Booth Standing Sets
Source: Peerspace

As you can see, when you need a jail production set or video studio for your next creative project, you can rely on Peerspace. Use our platform to easily discover and book unique spaces for your production, no matter if it’s a web series or feature-length film.

Local hosts own the venues listed on Peerspace, and they actively work towards making your production a success. If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to reach out. They’re always ready and happy to accommodate your needs.

After all, these hosts take pride in their spaces and in providing exceptional service. From technical inquiries to creative adjustments, they’re on hand to support your project’s success with their expertise and enthusiasm.

So, no matter what look you’re going for on your next production, find the perfect creative location on Peerspace today.

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