12 Great Singles Mixer Ideas (2024)


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Looking for singles mixer ideas for your next gathering? Maybe you’re a professional matchmaker or just someone who realized you have a lot of great single acquaintances who should know each other better. And if you have a lot of single friends, especially if they come from different circles, then why not encourage them to mingle? You think they’re all great, why wouldn’t they like each other, too?

All you need to do so is some sensational singles mixer ideas and a killer venue. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we at Peerspace know about both. We’re happy to share some party planning tips and some event venue ideas for hosting the perfect singles mixer. And here’s how to do just that.

1. Reserve a stylish gathering venue to help get the conversation flowing

Remodeled , Open Floor Plan Home with Spectacular City and Mountain Views
Source: Peerspace

You want to create a beautiful, welcoming environment for your mixer. If you live in a petite space or have never really had a knack for interior design, you can still dazzle your guests.

With Peerspace, you can find a wide variety of airy lofts, spacious homes, and pristine galleries to rent by the hour for your mixer. All spaces are owned by local hosts who are happy to lend a hand in your event planning if need be.

So what types of spaces can you rent for your singles mixer? Here are just a few ideas:

  • This remodeled open floor plan home in Los Angeles, CA with space for 35 guests, indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, a heated pool and jacuzzi, and million-dollar views.
  • This versatile gallery in the heart of Logan Square in Chicago, IL with space for 50 guests, tables and chairs, a sound system, a kitchenette, an outdoor area, and cute decor.
  • This upscale light-filled event space in Atlanta, GA with space for 50 guests, various areas for mingling, an outdoor courtyard, a roof deck, a kitchenette, and a basketball court.
  • This beautiful gallery space in London, UK with space for 20 guests, an open floor plan, Victorian architecture, tables and chairs, and optional catering from a nearby cafe.
  • This romantic industrial showroom in Las Vegas, NV with space for 100 guests, tables and chairs, a modular layout, and an optional dessert bar add-on.

As you can see, Peerspace can provide you with access to unique spaces across the globe that can make an ideal setting for your singles mixer. Whether your event will be large or on the smaller side, and whether you’re going for a classic or modern ambiance, we have you covered. Be sure to check out what’s available near you, and if you have any questions, reach out to the venue’s host to start a dialogue.

2. Be strategic about the food you serve

Luxurious Kitchen Studio chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Like any good host, you’ll want to serve your lovely guests refreshments. But in the event two guests sneak off into the coat closet for a smooch, having funky breath from your mega garlic dip might ruin the mood. Serve light and fresh foods like fruit platters. Or just put out a few bowls of mints. Whatever works.

3. Have a well-stocked bar

Red lit, bordello-style bar/lounge in Historic Greenwich Village
Source: Peerspace

It’s a known truth that alcohol is a social lubricant. But a truly well-stocked bar has something for everyone, whether they’re beer snobs or teetotalers. Offer your guests a wide selection of flavored seltzers, common hard alcohol, and delicious mixers.

As an easier alternative, rent out a romantic, fully-stocked private bar on Peerspace! One of our favorite options is this red-lit, bordello-style bar and lounge in the Greenwich Village, NYC. It is a sexy spot that will surely get your guests in the mood to mingle. And yes, the full bar doesn’t hurt, either! That way, you get the beautiful ambiance and professional bar service all in one sweet spot.

Once the drinks start flowing, utilize these killer cocktail party ideas to wow your singles!

4. Decorate your venue to sculpt your ideal ambiance

Instagramable Austin Trendy, Chic Bright Event Space
Source: Peerspace

Sure it‘s a little corny, but decorate your space with symbols of love. Hearts and cupid arrows in red and pink are a great start. And if you’re inviting LGBTQ+ friends, which we certainly hope you are, you can also include Pride imagery in your decorations.

Make it easy on yourself by renting a gorgeously decorated space, like this modern boho-chic event space in Austin, TX (pictured above). It boasts space for 100 guests and comprises various themed rooms that are sure to enchant your singles.

5. Bust out the karaoke mic

Source: Peerspace

Karaoke is a great way to be silly and let loose. A quick search for “Bluetooth karaoke mic” will give you a solid selection for between $15 and $50. Since karaoke can be divisive, this may be one of our most contentious singles mixer ideas, but we know someone out there will love it.

If you rent a space like a karaoke venue on Peerspace, you don’t have to worry about obtaining all the gear and songlists since they’re already on-site! For example, this adorable venue in Atlanta, GA is called Cakes and Karaoke and serves both to its happy renters. Sounds like an ideal combo for a singles mixer to us!

6. Go old school with a Speed Dating portion

charming romantic bar in seattle
Source: Peerspace

Speed Dating is one of our most classic singles mixer ideas. Find a solid list of questions online and share them with guests. Questions like “what’s something on your bucket list?” or “who’s your favorite film director?” aren’t a simple yes or no and allow for deeper, more interesting answers. This is one of the core expectations guests have of events at a singles mixer.

7. Play We’re Not Really Strangers to elevate the dialogue

austin rental Downtown Restaurant with Speakeasy Underground Bar
Source: Peerspace

We’re Not Really Strangers is a getting-to-know-you card game. After guests break the ice with speed dating, hopefully, a few really hit it off. If they still need a little structure to take the conversation to the next step, this game is the ticket. Cards invite players to share details about themselves and respond to hypotheticals. You can buy it online here.

8. Tempt tastebuds with a wine and chocolate tasting

Downtown Wine Bar and Lounge with a Modern and Minimalist Design
Source: Peerspace

Hosting a wine and chocolate tasting is one of our more elevated singles mixer ideas. You can order tasting kits online or just assemble your own from specialty shops. Having tasting and rating sheets allows a jumping-off point for further conversation once finished. And, ultimately, that’s all you really want to happen at this mixer, great chats that lead to great dates.

Browse the beautiful array of wine-tasting venues available to rent on Peerspace so you can relax and partake, too! This Oakland, CA wine bar and lounge is a modern and airy venue ideal for facilitating singles mixer ideas like this!

9. Build a danceable playlist and nab a dance venue

a dance studio with wooden floor
Source: Peerspace

We don’t recommend an organized dance lesson in a style like salsa because not everyone is ready to make body contact with someone they just met. However, with pop and club music, guests have the option to dance in their personal bubble or get a little closer. Be prepared to adjust the volume throughout the night. You want it to be loud enough that people can groove but not so loud it’s difficult to hear conversations.

Need more space to bust a move? Then rent a fully-equipped dance party venue on Peerspace today!

10. Be available to make introductions

an outdoor event space in NYC overlooking the river
Source: Peerspace

Try to be sure you’re not too occupied once the party has started. Make yourself available for introductions throughout the evening. Since you may be the only person there a particular guest knows, it’s much more comfortable for you to make an introduction to new people. If you want to be a true superstar host, have a charming story ready to tell about each of the guests you invite.

Speaking of being a superstar host our tips and tricks to being a great host can offer even more insights. Check it out!

11. Hide the TV remotes to keep the focus on your guests

a glamorous modern lounge with plush seating
Source: Peerspace

Even if there’s a show or movie on that guests share a love for, it doesn’t make for great conversation, and being glued to the couch shuts them out of the party. Tuck away the remotes to eliminate this possibility and keep the conversations moving. Plus, it won’t mess up your streaming TV recommendations.

12. Niche down and theme up

Young Wild & TREE(HOUSE)
Source: Peerspace

If you know all your invitees are, say, Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts or really into the great outdoors, then incorporate that shared interest into multiple elements throughout the night.

In the case of nature lovers, you can opt to book this young, wild and tree(house) event space in East Point, GA that boasts a two-story one-of-a-kind space that is part vintage Airstream and part covered patio. But if your singles are more the D&D type, consider booking the Red Drake Inn, a Medieval-themed studio in Glendale, CA.

You can theme the decorations, speed dating questions, and even the food. Having something in common when they come in the door will help put guests at ease knowing they’re with their own kind.

Singles mixer ideas: conclusion

an all-white studio with large red painted hearts
Source: Peerspace

Coming up with singles mixer ideas can be stressful, so we hope our inspiration collection has helped. We shared with you ideas for refreshments, games, being a great host, and of course, event venue inspiration care of Peerspace.

With all this in mind, take a moment to reflect and include your own spin on these ideas. It may have been a while since some of your guests have been in close contact with new people, so it’s only natural to be a bit anxious. Take a breather and remember that this is all for the fun of mingling and forming new potential relationships!

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