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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dance Studio


Dance Studios on Peerspace cost on average between $30 — $55 per hour.

Dance studios are some of the most versatile spaces you can rent. Yes, you can hold a dance class or performance but you can also rehearse for a play, you can choreograph a music video, have a meditation workshop, the possibilities can go on for the length of this article. Whatever you need a dance studio space for, renting one is easy and very affordable. Here on Peerspace, we’ll be breaking down how much it costs to rent a dance studio and what to look for when browsing for your ideal dance studio rental.

Why rent a dance studio?

The first reason to rent a dance studio is because it will help you elevate your professionalism. If you are looking to start a business as a dance/yoga instructor, for a class or for private lessons, having a professional space to host your clients will strengthen your business. Not to mention, you will feel good for creating your ideal work environment. The same goes for rehearsing for a performance or even hosting the performance in a dance studio. It can all come together if you have the right space.

Which brings us to our second reason why you should rent a dance studio: the literal space. It is advised when starting your own dance studio that you have 100 square feet for every person dancing in the studio. It differs from a fitness studio only because dance takes up more space to spread and move around. Dance studios come in a variety of sizes and are free of obstructions such as furniture, pillars, or pedestrian traffic. A dance studio guarantees you privacy for your dance crew to make mistakes, try again, and to be as vulnerable in expressing whatever art you please.

And finally, a dance studio comes with the necessary equipment you might need to lead a successful class, rehearsal, or performance. Wall mirrors are an essential part of any dance studio and should be included in any place where you are practicing your moves. If you’re an instructor, it helps keep an eye on students that might be struggling, and if you are part of a dance troop, it helps keep each other in sync. Another essential part of a dance studio is the flooring, hardwood, and perfect for fluid movements. Only dance studios can provide those two elements perfectly. Some studios might have ballet barres, yoga equipment, aerial equipment, a stellar sound system or even lighting equipment to help get you as close to the final performance as possible.

Historic Flexible Venue with 3800 Sq Feet

How to rent a dance studio

Finding your ideal dance studio rental doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, Peerspace has made it very easy. With thousands of options to choose from in a major city near you, Peerspace allows you to filter your results by your location, the type of event you are hosting, and the date of your event. You can use keywords to specify what you want such as “yoga studio” or “mirrors”.

Refine your search by adjusting for your budget and the amount of people that will be occupying the dance studio. Keep in mind, the bigger the dance space, the more it will cost to rent. It all just depends on your dancing needs. You can choose from multiple types of spaces that might get you thinking outside the box such as, daylight photography studios, art galleries, performance halls or gyms.

When browsing for your dance studio, take a look at what amenities are offered and what might need to be an additional charge. Most of the Peerspace dance studios have you covered on speakers, projectors, seating, and wifi. You can easily see what the spaces offer on each venue’s page. However, if anything is missing from the venue you can always reach out to the Peerspace Concierge team to help you add anything else you might need from your dance studio rental.

Types of dance studios

With so many options available to you it’s important to go off of the atmosphere you want to create. The type of dance studio you choose can set a zen atmosphere for a yoga class or meditation. It can be a grand and ornate space for your dance crew’s grand entrance. Or even a quirky and versatile space for improvising new choreography. Whatever your ideal atmosphere is, it’s possible on Peerspace.

Here are a few of the different types of dance studios you can find on Peerspace:

Urban Studio with great lighting and large 2,000 square footage room

How much does it cost to rent a dance studio

Dance studio rentals charge by the hour, once you know how much time you require from the space you can determine the total cost. The total cost will be affected by how much space you need (remember: more people, more space) as well as any additional equipment you might need to add that isn’t already provided by the Peerspace host.

Peerspace was created to give you a diverse range of locations and with that comes a diverse range of prices. For example, the urban dance studio charges $45 an hour and only requires a minimum of one hour to book. In contrast, the historical venue costs $200 an hour with a two hour booking minimum, bringing the total to at least $400. However, on average the cost to rent a dance studio ranges from $25 to $150 per hour

With all this in mind on your dance studio search, don’t forget that you can reach out to the Peerspace host for any additional questions about a specific venue. There is also always the Peerspace Concierge that you can contact for any additional needs that you have. Happy browsing!