12 Memorable 31st Birthday Ideas To Make This Year Special (2024)


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If you’re wondering how to celebrate your 31st birthday, here are 12 memorable 31st birthday ideas to make this year extra special for you. 

1. Rent a unique birthday party venue on Peerspace

spacious outdoor production space in pasadena
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Birthdays are for having fun and, ideally, are a day without stress. Ensure that this is the case for you by booking a special birthday venue through Peerspace.

Peerspace venues are hosted by locals who strive to make your event perfect. Reach out to your venue’s host with any questions or requests and they’d be happy to oblige. And as we mentioned, Peerspace venues are stylish, well-equipped, and unique. But how unique, you ask?

Here are some gorgeous examples to show you:

You get the picture! Peerspace offers you access to thousands of unique spaces at which you can host your 31st birthday – giving you all the creative options to make your birthday memorable. It’s the easiest way to create a bespoke birthday event that you and your guests will remember forever.

2. Plan a long weekend getaway with your loved ones

Bohemian Beach View Condo in Gulf Shores, AL.
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Celebrate your birthday at the beach while sipping on champagne with your loved ones on a seaside patio. Hosting a long getaway at the ocean, enjoying seafood and brunches, makes your birthday trip a memorable one. You can also have a once-in-a-lifetime exhilarating experience by booking snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking adventures.

You don’t have to go it alone, however. Use Peerspace to book an amazing beach house and enjoy everything the space has to offer! From this bohemian beach view condo in Gulf Shores, AL to this modified A-frame beach house in Oxnard, CA, you can take advantage of Peerspace’s massive event space library to snag your perfect beach home and make it the site of your 31st birthday blowout!

3. Capture moments at the tallest city building during sunset

urban roofscape in san diego
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If you like taking pictures in golden light, make this birthday memorable by taking perfect photos during a sunset at the top of your city or town’s tallest building. Thrust your arms behind you and holler about being the king or queen of the world. Bonus if you celebrate at a rooftop bar or restaurant where you can purchase a birthday cocktail, too! Luckily, Peerspace has countless rooftop venue rentals that fit this very description.

Whether you end up partying on the roof or the beach, here are our favorite unique outdoor party decoration ideas to enhance the venue!

4. Make it a no workday birthday

Mid-century Modern Gem Under the Oaks
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You have to include this in your 31st birthday ideas list. If you are working endlessly, here is one thing you can do on your 31st birthday — nothing. Give your birthday to yourself and enjoy the feeling of doing nothing. Yes, it may sound weird to celebrate your 31st birthday alone, but it could also be a good experience for a change. 

Many people prefer to enjoy their birthday alone, in their own company. It wouldn’t be wrong to be an introvert for a day. You can even go out and book a luxurious hotel room. You can watch movies and have nice drinks and food. Whatever you like, celebrate it to the maximum and start your 31st year right.

5. A new year, a new look

a toronto salon and photo studio
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Feel fresh and rejuvenated by getting a makeover for your birthday! How about a new haircut, a new hair color, maybe a new wardrobe, or even a spa day for massages and facials? It’s a fun way to feel your best while also pampering yourself. Consider this new year, new look birthday idea as a self-care activity.

6. Celebrate your birthday in nature

Music Video Locations in Palm Springs CA
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Nature lovers are always ecstatic to celebrate their birthdays in nature by camping, hiking, or mountain biking. Activities like camping are a great way to bring you back to your core self. A little time in nature is good to relieve stress and feel positive about yourself. Head to the forest, the mountains, the desert, or whatever outdoor environment calls to you. End your outdoor birthday party by enjoying a warm and toasty fire at night under the twinkling stars. 

7. Grab tickets to a local live music concert or movie theater

modern music production studio vancouver rental
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Many like to say losing themselves to the sound of wonderful music invites a calming vibe. Search for concerts happening around your birthday. Nothing says fun more than dancing to the beats of your favorite artist. Better yet, if you enjoy movies, go check out the latest movie that everyone is raving about.

8. … Or, create your own theater at home

Luxurious Theater Room in St. Petersburg
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Family people enjoy their birthdays with their partners and kids. Cook your favorite meal, grab your favorite movie, and snuggle to a comfortable night in. With everything going more digital now, it’s easy to download your favorite movies or even run a Netflix stream a-thon while munching on your birthday dessert!

If you happen to book this luxurious theater room in St. Petersburg, FL for the site of your 31st birthday movie party, all the better! It’s just one of the hundreds of private movie theater rentals you can book through Peerspace.

Love this idea? Theme it up by using our movie birthday party ideas as your guide!

9. Host a retro birthday party

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For your 31st birthday, you could host a retro party. Celebrate the year you were born with costumes, music, and decor from that year. If you’re turning 31 in 2024, you were born in 1993. Therefore, play music by artists who were huge that year, like Whitney Houston, Naughty By Nature, Nirvana, Duran Duran, Paula Abdul, you name it. Request your friends to wear something trendy from that year’s fashion.

You could also have a 1991 movie theme night by playing movies such as Dazed and Confused, The Fugitive, and Mrs. Doubtfire.

10. Do all your favorite things in one day

deep ellum industrial loft
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You don’t have to prepare huge plans to make your birthday memorable; you could also opt for little things that really matter. Make a list of them. Who knows, in years to come, you may recall your 31st birthday as your happiest birthday. It reminds you of the little pleasures in life. Small things like eating your favorite food at your favorite restaurant, reading your favorite book while sitting next to the lake, a peaceful walk, shopping, or playing your favorite sport. Doing all your favorite things has to be included in your 31st birthday ideas list.

11. Enjoy fancy cocktails with friends

Luxurious Speakeasy Lounge in Midtown East
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One of the best, most exciting 31st birthday ideas for you would be drinking your favorite alcoholic beverages from the best places around you. If you’re someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, you could instead request a signature mocktail. Sometimes, you only need a perfectly refreshing and beautiful sipper with your best friends for a birthday. Take your birthday as an opportunity to explore fancy drinks. Having new experiences is the most incredible way to celebrate your birthday and it has to be at the top of your 31st birthday ideas list.

If you’re looking for a unique and glamorous night on the town, make it happen at this luxurious speakeasy lounge in Midtown East, Manhattan. It’s breathtakingly chic and provides elegant food and drinks to delight the palates of you and your guests.

12. Plan a 31st birthday photoshoot

Rent A Daylight Studio in Chicago
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We adore 31st birthday ideas like this because they allow you to gift yourself an experience with beautiful mementos to treasure! For your 31st birthday, book a professional photoshoot and celebrate exactly who you are right now.

Start by booking a sensational photoshoot location on Peerspace. We have thousands of those in cities across the country and beyond, so be sure to book one that exudes your personality. One recommendation for our Midwestern friends is this natural light loft studio in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

Then, contact the venue’s host and ask them to recommend a professional photographer (and a hair and makeup team, if you like!) for the full pro experience. It’s a wonderful way to start a new year being you and doing you.

31st birthday ideas come to life with Peerspace

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We hope this list of the best 31st birthday ideas has sparked some excitement about your birthday! To ensure your birthday is one to remember and stress-free, book a birthday party venue through Peerspace for just yourself or for your entire crew of family and friends. We have indoor spaces, outdoor spaces, spaces that offer both, an eclectic array of styles and price ranges. And of course, your venue’s host can help you source food, drinks, staff, and so much more.

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