13 Memorable 50th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

A 50th birthday is a huge milestone event. And now more than ever, celebrating our loved ones is crucial. So why not make this one particularly special by throwing him a party he’ll remember for the next fifty years? If you’re short on ideas, not to worry – here are 13 memorable 50th birthday party ideas for the men you care about most.

1. Book a Peerspace venue and change your scenery

austin secret garden
Source: Peerspace

A basic birthday bash is livelier and more memorable in a new, gorgeous setting. Peerspace venues run the gamut from mansions to photography studios to private art galleries. Imagine spending his big night at this 13th-floor Portland penthouse that accommodates 50 guests. Or maybe he would prefer to spend his birthday at this secret garden just off Sixth Street in Austin (pictured above), which is an indoor/outdoor urban oasis for up to 30 guests.

When booking fun venues through Peerspace, you can communicate directly with the space’s host to coordinate logistics. And if the venue you’re eyeing doesn’t have all the furniture or other gear you might need, you can connect with Peerspace’s Concierge service. This team provides trusted vendors who can deliver everything from food to audiovisual equipment straight to the venue.

2. Take him on a racecar driving experience

motorosports park racetrack in riverside
Source: Peerspace

Fifty, as they say, is the age at the crest of the hill. He’s not quite over the hill – yet. Rather, he’s in the perfect chronological position to relive his youth while looking forward to a wise and healthy future. Celebrate the exhilarating pinnacle by enjoying a racecar driving experience together and possibly invite some of his hot-rodding friends. These racecar rental facilities are available at tracks all over the U.S., and some even offer the use of extremely high-end vehicles. It’s a fiftieth birthday party idea that he won’t soon forget. 

3. Throw an over the hill surprise party

penthouse loft with rooftop
Source: Peerspace

Whether you rent a Peerspace venue or hold a surprise party at home, it’s sure to be a memorable get-together for the guests and the birthday boy alike. This is one of those 50th birthday party ideas for men that he will never forget. Be sure to have his favorite food and drinks on hand, and play his favorite tunes with a playlist you curate in advance.

4. Enjoy a special dinner out

Secure a reservation at his very favorite restaurant of all time, or one that he’s always wanted to try. Remember, a special dinner doesn’t have to mean it’s expensive. His version of a perfect 50th birthday party ideas for men could involve eating at a taco truck, chowing down at a hot dog stand, or living it up at a five-star osteria. It’s putting the thought into selecting the eatery that will make this a memorable party for him – that and the folks who join in the feast. 

5. Attend a coveted sporting event

woman playing tennis
Source: Pixabay

Not to overgeneralize, but it’s safe to say that most 50-year-old dudes are passionate about one sport or another – if not several. If there’s a home game he’d love to catch, reach out to his buddies, and buy some fantastic box seats. And if there’s an away game, it’s a perfect excuse to take him on a mini-vacation to wherever his team is playing.

6. Take the crew camping

santa cruz cabin in the woods
Source: Peerspace

Plan a camping birthday party, complete with hiking and fishing and whatever other outdoorsy activities the birthday boy likes to partake in. This makes for memorable 50th birthday party ideas for men who like to rough it outdoors. Undoubtedly, the trip will be one for the ages.

7. Fifty is brew-tiful

philadelphia converted brewery
Source: Peerspace

Cheesy? Maybe. But renting out his favorite brewery and throwing a private party just for him will become a cherished – if fuzzy – 50th birthday. Perhaps the brewmaster will provide the party with a tour of the facility to add some more effervescence.

8. Throw a throwback party

basement disco club in brooklyn
Source: Peerspace

Center his party around the year of his birth. Figure out that year’s top songs, décor, foods – the works – and theme the event accordingly. It’s a sweet and thoughtful gesture that will make his 50th birthday party especially memorable.

9. Host a movie night

Electric Outdoor Space miami rental
Source: Peerspace

If he’s turning 50, there’s a good chance that he spent at least part of his youth at a drive-in movie theater. Here’s an idea for a memorable birthday party: recreate those nights by sourcing a wall or screen upon which to project a double feature of his favorite films. Serve him and the other guests popcorn and whatever other historic drive-in theater foods he would fancy. Set it up so folks can watch from their cars or spread some blankets around, picnic-style, for guests to curl up on.

10. Vegas, baby

las vegas strip aerial picture
Source: Pixabay

If there’s one birthday in life when he should live it up, it’s his 50th. What better time to head to Las Vegas to party like a rock star? Together, he and his friends can eat at the finest restaurants, drink some scotch, see shows, or play cards. Vegas is one of the world’s finest playgrounds, but it’s easy to make 50th birthday party ideas for men like this feel like it’s just for him.

11. Pretty Woman … but for men?

pop up clothing retail nyc
Source: Peerspace

Here’s an idea for a man’s 50th that might seem counterintuitive at first. Get all his friends together and head out for a makeover party. Sounds silly? Read on. Men like new clothes, especially getting fitted for a new suit. Men like shoes. Men like spa days, haircuts, massages, and being pampered in general. Don’t be fooled into thinking this kind of treatment is or should be reserved for only one sector of the population. His 50th birthday pampering party will be incredibly memorable when he emerges from his chrysalis as a whole new man.

12. Reminisce to help him feel extra loved

How much does it cost to rent a screening room
Source: Peerspace

Upon turning 50, many people feel a little deflated or even defeated. Here’s an idea about how to help them overcome that. Throw him a party, inviting all the folks he’s known the longest. Arrange beforehand for them to bring either a photograph (digital is fine) or object, song, or other memorabilia that reminds them of him. Together, you can chronicle his life story using these memories. At the party itself, guests might perform using these memories or give speeches starting with his birth and going right up to the present. This powerful and poignant 50th birthday party idea will remind him just how many people care for him and why.

13. Final 50th birthday party ideas for men: Road trip + rentals

exotic car warehouse rental in jersey
Source: Peerspace

No man in the world would turn down the gift of a road trip for his 50th birthday, particularly if his friends and family joined and if he was in a special vehicle for the mobile extravaganza. One idea is to rent a convertible and pack four friends and their stuff for a weekend cruise. Alternatively, rent an RV or motorcycle, and do the same. There’s nothing like fresh air and the open road to remind him why he should be excited about the next fifty.

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