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10 Interesting Office Bulletin Board Ideas to Engage Your Team

The office bulletin board is a valuable communication tool for your team. We’re all attached to screens for most of our waking hours. Truly, that’s how we get most of our news, both from our families and friends as well as the world around us. Still, in-person interactions need to happen. A bulletin board can serve as a home base for that connection. We’re always on the lookout for bulletin board ideas that don’t look tired in comparison to our favorite, ever-changing social media.

Depending on the size of the space, the number of people in your office, and the available time and resources, the board should be revised at least every month. Some pieces will always be fluid (calendars and kudos); others will remain static (policies and safety training). Put an appropriate amount of thought into your design, but don’t spin your wheels and waste time going over the top unless that’s the expectation for your industry.

A word of caution: there’s always the risk of it looking like a kindergarten project. Don’t do that unless you are, in fact, a kindergarten teacher. Avoid construction paper and laminated drawings if at all possible. That doesn’t mean you should stay out of the craft store! Instead, use the resources and information you have at your fingertips and embellish with color and texture. Try some of these 10 bulletin board ideas to keep the content polished, eye-catching, and fun.

1. A fabric background is best

Flannel, denim, canvas. Materials can be easily adhered and removed without damage. Wallpaper is another sturdy, easy-to-work-with choice. Kraft paper or wrapping paper are tempting and pretty but require a tremendous amount of time and patience to hang. If you have both, do it! Remember to measure the space and err on the side of a bit extra when cutting, allowing room for a “hem.”

2. Display the information in a way that complements the decor and general theme of your office.

Try a grid of multicolored clipboards, strings of twine as “clothesline,” or an updated, contemporary version of a collage. Keep in mind that a law firm, a nonprofit, and a retail outlet will all have different tastes. Also consider the location of the board: design and content may be different if it’s in the reception area versus in the employee break room or conference room.

3. Find creative ways to acknowledge the changing of the seasons.

Follow the environment of the office to determine what holidays will be well-received. Don’t fall into cliches and shortcuts! If you’re going to do it, do it beautifully and with thoughtful consideration. A subtle winter theme is generally safe; Santa Claus and snowmen may not be. Steer away from romance and Cupid in February and lean towards a recognition of American Heart Month. New Year’s, of course, is a great time for inspiration and new beginnings.

4. Give Human Resources a respectable amount of real estate.

Training notices, policies, forms, and safety items are required to be posted. The office bulletin board gives those items a visible, predictable home. A ring-bound clipboard would serve well for memos and updates, lowering the risk of clutter, and loss of a seemingly random sheet of paper.

5. Post a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly calendar

Map out staff meetings and office deadlines, then swirl in staff birthdays and milestones. To ensure a smile, add a couple of obscure holidays: National Apple Pie day, Dr. Seuss day, International Square Dancing employee spirit day or themed luncheon. Calendars can be updated weekly or monthly, as necessary.

6. Post volunteer initiatives.

What charitable organization is on your mind this month? Post their media materials and event invitations to put a human face on your fundraising or volunteerism. If you participated in an event, post photos and a recap of your experience!

7. Highlight an “employee of the month.”

Use this spot to welcome a new member of the team, celebrate a promotion, or congratulate someone on making it through a tough assignment. Consider a photo collage of your team celebrating or presenting together as a solid way to encourage engagement. Post bios that are professional but also paint your colleagues as human beings. Bring in a photographer to do head shots or candid shots and use them proudly.

8. Post news and accolades.

Everyone loves to be recognized. Do you have a client thank-you note to share? A recognition by the local community for your team or someone with whom you do business? A blog post or article that speaks to your mission and goals? Post it here!

9. Pin business cards or menus for local businesses.

Do you order takeout? Keep the menus here for everyone to share. Use a “mailbox” to keep things neat and straight; remember to throw away the old when you receive an updated version. Again, clutter is the enemy of an office bulletin board.

10. Highlight invitations and announcements of local happenings and staff parties.

We don’t just live to work! Do your coworkers play in a band, act in a local theater troupe, or participate in a softball league? Show your support! Does your community have an arts festival, wine trail, or golf tournament? Make sure everyone knows about it! This is also a great place to post if employees have (or need) tickets to local concerts and/or sporting events.

Don’t forget to keep it clean and fresh as well as G-rated, as the boss and clients may likely catch a glimpse. The best bulletin board ideas are the ones that celebrate and engage!

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