Here’s Where to Rent Office Space by the Hour (2024)


There are more than 10,000 spaces for rent by the hour on Peerspace.

Are you on the hunt for a flexible office space to host your next meeting or simply to tackle essential tasks on your agenda? Finding the right space can be difficult with so many choices out there. Plus, it’s often a challenge just to understand the rental terms, such as pricing per square foot and rental length, and pinpoint a spot with all the amenities you need. 

Luckily, you’ve found Peerspace, the world’s largest online marketplace for meeting, production, and event spaces. With Peerspace, booking any kind of space by the hour is a breeze. All venues are hosted by locals who outfit their spaces with incredible amenities and stylish features to create a seamless experience for busy professionals, creatives, and individuals from all walks of life.

In fact, Peerspace offers access to thousands of office space venues throughout the country and beyond, which you can use for boardroom meetings, pitches, and getting stuff done in a bright, inspiring space. Let’s discover where to rent office space by the hour and explore some of the different types of venue rentals out there.

Why rent office space by the hour? 

Luxury executive meeting room
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You can make your next business meeting easy and stress-free by renting office space by the hour through Peerspace. Many people book hourly office spaces to meet with prospective clients or hold professional board meetings. In addition, you can use office space for company retreats, interviews, or staff conferences.

Freelancers also use office space by the hour to change up their work environment and hold client meetings. And let’s not forget productions. Creatives rent office space by the hour for photoshoots and filming purposes, too! So why are office spaces such popular options for these different groups of professionals?

Office space rentals typically come with plenty of chairs, tables, and amenities like high-speed internet, a kitchen, and inspiring décor. Plus, having a new, creative space may help get ideas flowing and bring new energy into any meeting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of office spaces available on Peerspace.

To sum it all up, the most common reasons people rent office space by the hour include:

  • For businesses to meet with clients and prospects
  • To have a professional setting when holding interviews
  • When you need a new environment to focus on work
  • To meet up with co-workers during an off-site or team-building event
  • As a backdrop for a photo or film shoot

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Benefits of renting office space by the hour through Peerspace

private day office rental in Chicago
Source: Peerspace

There are several benefits to renting office space by the hour — some of which you may not have thought of yet! Here are the top reasons why renting office space by the hour may benefit you.

It’s affordable

With Peerspace, you can easily view the hourly rate of an office or meeting venue before you decide to book. Say goodbye to leases, utilities, and surprise charges — you’ll only pay for the time you need office space, without any unexpected fees.

In fact, there are offices available that will fit any budget, with a handy filter to sort spaces by price by entering your own range or using the preset options, which include up to $100, $100 to $250, and $250 to $500.

It can suit your personal style

We all work in a different style — and your space should be able to reflect how your team prefers to work. Whether it’s a colorful office space with fun décor or a hidden boardroom with city views, there are so many choices for every work style. Take a look at the broad selection of meeting and conference rooms on Peerspace to find a spot that inspires creativity and productivity for your team.

It’s private

When coffee shops and open-concept coworking spaces just won’t cut it for those important client meetings or busy workdays, turn to hourly office spaces. Renting an office space by the hour opens the door to a serene and secluded environment where you can fully immerse yourself in your work.

It offers the amenities you need

When you work from home (WFH), it can be a challenge to replicate everything a professional office space has. Sure, you may have high-speed internet and an ergonomic chair. But what about the atmosphere? Getting into work mode and focusing on your work tasks isn’t always easy in a WFH setting.

But when you rent office space by the hour, you step into a designated workspace intentionally crafted for productivity. Unlike attempting to work from your living space, where distractions abound and the boundaries between work and relaxation blur, an hourly office rental provides an unmatched environment solely dedicated to getting things done.

Whether you need a quiet corner for focused concentration, a fully equipped workstation for intensive projects, or a professional backdrop for virtual meetings, an hourly office rental offers an effortless solution. By separating your work environment from your living space, you can maintain clear boundaries, enhance your concentration, and maximize your productivity.

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How to rent office space by the hour on Peerspace

Modern office meeting room with swivel desk chairs
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While many companies and venues offer office space rentals by the day or half-day, Peerspace offers an unrivaled level of flexibility. You can rent office space by the hour without worrying about strict rules on how long you need to book. No matter if you need a room for just an hour or a few, Peerspace venues have you covered without any unnecessary fuss.

Each Peerspace listing has the price per hour and minimum time needed to rent the space listed upfront. Some spaces can be rented out for only an hour while others need to be rented for a longer duration. Listings also include a full description of amenities, guest reviews, and high-quality office space photos.

You can even reach out to the host directly if you have any questions about the venue and what’s included. It only takes a few minutes to book once you find the right space for you.

Now, let’s see some of the unique office spaces that are available to rent by the hour on Peerspace.

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Different types of office spaces on Peerspace

Colorful office and production space
Source: Peerspace

Office space rentals by the hour vary from large venues with multiple rooms to luxe executive boardrooms. Need a quiet spot for focused work or a vibrant space for collaborative meetings? There’s an office space for every profession and need on Peerspace.

Check out a few venues you can easily rent in cities around the world.

Stay productive in an unforgettable office in Los Angeles

We love this funky space in central Los Angeles (pictured above). It includes more than 1,000 square feet of space for workshops, team-building activities, and corporate meetings. The natural lighting and high industrial ceilings give the colorful space even more energy.

Take a break and play an arcade game, or grab a cup of coffee. This space also has two edit bays for videographers, journalists, or other creative professionals. You’ll even get event support staff on-site to ensure everything runs smoothly. All for only about $100 per hour!

Genuine reviews of office spaces on Peerspace can help you get an idea of what the space is like and how you can use it. Here’s one review of the Los Angeles office space from someone who used it for an off-site meeting:

“[Hosts] James and Richard were the most gracious host. The space was unique, fun and perfect for our creative team to collaborate. I would recommend this space for any group who is looking to recharge.”

Renting through Peerspace means you also have access to the venue’s professional host for anything else you need. Talk to them if you need help with catering, entertainment, or photographer needs.

Make headway in an inviting meeting room in Philadelphia

This bright meeting space in Philadelphia’s Center City is more than a convenient location for most city dwellers. It includes high-speed internet, a projector, whiteboards, large windows that let in tons of natural light, and even a sound-proof phone booth!

The host can even configure the seating based on your needs. There’s also an on-site kitchenette and optional lunch service add-on, so you and your team can stay refreshed throughout the entire workday. For only $60 per hour, these are some incredible amenities.

A past client who booked this office for a team meeting shared the following review on Peerspace:

“Awesome location and event space. The host was extremely nice & quick in responding. Will use again for our next meeting.”

Accomplish tasks in a charming workshop space in Seattle

If you love city views and plenty of light, this modern Seattle office space might be for you. It’s a spacious downtown conference room that includes large windows, a kitchenette, sturdy oak tables, and astonishing views of the city and waterfront.

In addition, the office has a rear entryway that leads out to a relaxing café space, ideal for unwinding during a coffee break or hosting a networking event. You’ll also get a mobile dry-erase board, coffee, high-speed internet, and access to a conference phone — all for only $100 per hour.

According to a Peerspace reviewer who booked this venue for a company off-site meeting:

“We had an amazing experience with both Seaton and Natalie. It was smooth, convenient and Natalie was so helpful and courteous. It was a great spot for my team of 25 people to get together and have a meeting. They had a camera to do a webex also. Reasonable and awesome.”

Stay focused and efficient at a Sydney flex space studio

You can rent office space by the hour in cities across the globe when you use Peerspace. For example, take a look at the Studio Sydney Group, a spacious and customizable creative hub in Caringbah, NSW. It’s a more than 7,000-square-foot venue with several meeting rooms that can double as offices, coworking rooms, and breakout spaces.

The offices are equipped with the essentials, including Wi-Fi, tables and chairs, a whiteboard, and a printer. Not to mention, the studio even has a cyclorama wall available on-site, so if you’re working on a creative project that requires professional photos and/or video, this incredible studio can deliver.

Rent this incredible Sydney collaborative space for just A$40 per hour through Peerspace.

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Meet with clients at an impressive conference room in San Francisco

When in San Francisco, opt for a scenic boardroom in Embarcadero Center, which boasts a spectacular view of the Bay. This office has everything you need for a successful meeting, planning session, and more. And it’s equipped with conference phones, televisions, projectors, and speedy wireless internet. You can rent it today for just $125 per hour.

A satisfied client left a glowing review after renting out this San Francisco boardroom:

I hosted a business meeting for about 6 people and this conference room was perfect. The room itself is spacious, allowing for plenty of separation between participants, and the furnishings are very comfortable and upscale. There are nice views out over the city, great natural light, and excellent support services… Everything was well organized and spotless and the communication from our host, Ryan, both during booking and at check in, was very professional.

Brainstorm ideas in a contemporary downtown Miami office space

This conveniently located modern office space in Miami features several different workspaces. Make use of the two private offices and kitchenette, and even add on an overhead projector provided by the host. The contemporary ambiance is so captivating that it’s become a favorite among production teams as well. Its sleek and inviting atmosphere adds an extra layer of appeal, making it a top choice for various creative projects.

The space can accommodate up to 50 guests within its expansive 7,000-square-foot area, priced at $160 per hour. In the words of a Peerspace reviewer who booked this office for a production:

“Incredible space and an amazing host who accommodated all of our crew’s needs. We booked this space for a 2 day interview shoot, and had a lovely experience all around. The freight elevator made load-in/load-out very convenient, and the space was overall very film-friendly. We were thrilled to have access to such a large space with different rooms/looks, as it gave us the visual variety we needed when constructing frames.”

Focus on work in a Midtown Toronto private office

And finally, check out this high-rise private office in Midtown Toronto. At 150 square feet, it’s best for small meetings with up to three attendees or for just when you need a private space for a solo work session.

In addition to exclusive access to the office, you’ll have the opportunity to use the shared spaces, such as the inviting lounge area. Make use of the A/V equipment, coffee bar, and parking while here.

Best of all, this high-rise office provides cityscape views and lets in plenty of natural light. Plus, it’s a steal at CA$40 per hour!

Take it from a sales director who booked this office for an off-site meeting: “Perfect working space, the reception is very welcoming and helpful.”

Ignite your creativity at a vibrant Chicago office space

Boasting plenty of space and an abundance of natural light, this colorful office space in Chicago’s Irving Park neighborhood has a lot going for it. Enjoy access to essential amenities such as tables, chairs, and Wi-Fi, along with additional perks like A/V equipment and a kitchenette.

Feel free to rearrange the furniture throughout the space, which include a stylish bar table and stools, as well as designer chairs and tables. The office is also wheelchair accessible, ensuring inclusivity for all, and offers a warm and welcoming ambiance that encourages productivity.

It’s only $20 per hour, with space for 40 guests.

A Peerspace user who booked an off-site here raved about the venue: “This space was great! Chiara was very welcoming and gave helpful information before my event. It was easy to get access to the space and instructions for leaving were simple. I would definitely book here again.”

Collaborate with your team at a London creative loft

Who says your next workspace has to resemble a typical office? You can be just as productive in a creative space, like this Hackney creative loft in London, England. It’s a 1,200-square-foot open-plan loft that the host recommends for off-sites and meetings.

Take in this beautiful industrial-style space with high ceilings, huge windows, and an array of meeting spaces. Plus, you and your teammates can access a bright kitchen stocked with coffee and other amenities.

This loft gets a lot of love from the Peerspace community, unsurprisingly! Here’s one review as an example: “Helen is a total pro and the space is very nice. Great natural sunlight. We did a days’ worth of interviews and the director & client were very happy.

Get busy at a central New York City private office

A bit of breathing room often comes with a huge price tag in a city like New York. But not when you book this centrally located Midtown private day office space! At the time of writing, it’s only $15 per hour and grants you access to a private office room and shared spaces.

While you’re here, take advantage of the comfortable seating for two, along with the reliable Wi-Fi, conference phone, and projector. You’ll also find a staffed reception area and a convenient kitchenette stocked with coffee for your enjoyment. Plus, the host offers optional catering services in case you’d like to take a well-earned lunch break.

And since the space is available for bookings 24/7, you can work whenever you need to!

This office has tons of glowing reviews from Peerspace users. Here is just one example: “The room was great for what I needed. It looked exactly as advertised, and provided a clean space to do work for a few hours. Would definitely book again if I ever need.”

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Rent office space by the hour on Peerspace

Minimalist private office space
Source: Peerspace

At the end of the day, hourly office spaces are all about flexibility and convenience. With office rentals, you have the freedom to access a professional workspace whenever you need it, without being tied down by long-term commitments. No matter if you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or an employee who needs a quiet spot to work for a few hours, hourly office rentals offer a seamless solution.

Best of all, you only pay for the time you use, making it a budget-friendly option. With Peerspace, finding the ideal office space for your needs is easy and accessible, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most — getting your work done.

With that said, we hope this article gives you a good idea of where to rent office space by the hour, as well as a glimpse of the wide range of office space venues available on Peerspace. On our platform, you’ll find office spaces that are stylish, outfitted with the latest tech, and superbly comfy.

And since all offices are available to book by the hour, you can easily find a space in your price range. Plus, you don’t have to deal with membership fees or contracts. Simply look around and see what’s out there near you!

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