How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Venue for a Party? (2024)


Party venues on Peerspace cost on average $135 per hour.

How much does it cost to rent a venue for a party? It’s a question you’re bound to ask at some point. After all, we all host a party at some point in our lives. Some of us are regular party hosters who celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, life events, and holidays, while others only host parties once in a blue moon. Either way, an unforgettable venue can help elevate your party to the next level and leave guests in awe of your planning skills. 

And that’s something Peerspace knows all about! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, you can bet that we have countless stylish and thrilling party venues in a city near you. All you have to do is click the link, enter your location, and see what pops up!

Along with explaining how much it costs to rent a party venue and the steps to doing so, we’ll include information on real Peerspace venues that you can rent today. That way, you’ll know what’s out there!

Here’s a helpful guide on the types of event venue rentals available for parties, as well as the answer to the age-old question, “How much does it cost to rent a venue for a party?”

Why rent a venue for a party? 

Beautiful Industrial Loft Space Downtown San Diego rental
Source: Peerspace

There are many reasons why renting a venue for a party is an excellent idea. Wedding receptions and birthday parties are the most common reasons to rent a venue, but they’re far from the only reasons.

In addition, you’ve got event planners and companies looking for venues for their holiday parties or other large celebrations. Hosting a party outside of the office helps make the occasion an exciting event that leaves room for the imagination. Renting a venue for a party also means you can get help from the venue host regarding logistics and amenities. 

Here are several other reasons you might rent a venue for a party: 

  • You don’t have enough space in your own house or office 
  • You want an affordable option for weddings, birthday parties, or company holiday parties
  • You want a venue with amenities like tables, chairs, A/V equipment, multiple rooms, and trendy decor 
  • You want to enjoy an easy-to-plan last-minute party with nearly everything set up for you in most venues

These are just a few reasons why you may want to rent a venue for a party. But is there a platform that can check all of these boxes and more, making your next party a breeze to plan and execute? You bet! We’ll talk more about that in the next section.

Late with planning your anniversary? Don’t sweat it! Simply book a stunningly romantic Peerspace and check out our 10 last-minute anniversary ideas for inspiration!

How to rent a venue for a party

malibu house los angeles rental
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Before perusing the internet for hours, consider what type of venue you’d like to rent and how many people you’ll have at your party. This will help narrow down the options and save you a lot of time. 

Finding the right venue can take forever, and it’s hard to find the real answer to the query, “How much does it cost to rent a venue for a party?” Many venues don’t list pricing on their website. Or, they don’t care to mention the extra fees and costs for using tables, chairs, and other necessary items. 

As the largest online marketplace for meeting and event spaces, Peerspace is here to help find you the perfect venue for your ultimate party. Peerspace has thousands of unique venues across the country that range from beach houses to rooftop venues in New York City. Peerspace venues are hosted by locals who list their unique spaces for your party-planning needs. They can also help out if you have any questions or requests, like catering recommendations or inspiration for how best to enjoy their property. Simply reach out and start a conversation!

Peerspace listings are designed to provide all of the information you need to make an informed booking decision. Every Peerspace listing comes with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Most also include reviews from past renters who detail their experiences in the venue.

Plus, we’ve got an upfront answer to the question, “How much does it cost to rent a venue for a party?” We’ll give more details later on in the article. Now, let’s see what types of venues are available for party rentals. 

Types of venue rentals available for parties

an all-white Modern /Transition Mansion
Source: Peerspace

Is your party going for a modern vibe, relaxed atmosphere, or grandiosity? Whatever your style is, we’ve got the party venue just for you. 

Here are some of the most common venue types ideal for parties that you can book through Peerspace. We’ll also include examples of each venue type that you can book today for your party!


Unsurprisingly, mansion rentals are popular as party venues and Peerspace makes it easy to book one for your party.

Let’s start with this stunning modern transitional mansion in Los Angeles’s Bel Air neighborhood (pictured above). It is certainly classy and perfect for wedding receptions, holiday parties, or brand launches. Spanning across 6,800 square feet and able to accommodate up to 40 guests, your rental includes access to lavish rooms and several amazing outdoor features. A pool with a waterfall feature, a hot tub, lush gardens, and views of Bel Air Golf Course are only the beginning.

“Tara was really kind and cordial,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “The lush grounds were gorgeous and the open floor plan was great for my intimate birthday dinner. Would book again.”

And across the country in the Bronx is this landmark mansion for up to 250 guests. The nearly 3,200-square-foot venue features a spacious, elegant ballroom with lighting; a platform with a podium and microphone; tables and chairs; and a commercial kitchen.

Best of all, this picturesque hourly rental is within walking distance from Yankee Stadium, as well as the D and 4 trains on 167th Street.


Houses are another popular party venue option. You can enjoy a completely private space that has all the expected rooms and comforts home, and usually with a few extras too, like designer decor, an in-ground pool, a movie theater room, and more.

For example, this spacious four-acre backyard near Houston has space for 100 guests. Incredibly stylish, this ranch offers pool access, an outdoor lounge, a charcoal grill, a sound system, and plenty of seating areas. You can also add on features like yard games and pet access.

According to one Peerspace reviewer: “We had an awesome time at Escondido Ranch. Eric was so nice and we felt welcomed as soon as we stepped into the house. The house was super nice and very inviting. It was cool and well maintained. The grounds were maintained well also. My family and I appreciated the space, the privacy and the atmosphere. We had a wonderful time with the pool and the house.”

Do you love the idea of a mid-century-styled home with a chic, outdoor patio in the yard? Well then, this 4,000-square-foot Seattle home nestled in Rainier Valley may be your dream party venue. The booking includes the backyard and the lower level of the home, which boasts an open floor plan and high-end mid-century modern decor. The large wood deck in the backyard is ideal for barbecuing, sipping cocktails while the sun sets, and catching up with friends in the fresh air.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this home has a ton of rave reviews from the Peerspace community! Here’s one example: “Barry and Carrie’s home is a gem! It has all the amenities needed for hosting a summer party. We also appreciate how easy it was to communicate and plan with the homeowners. They really care about you enjoying the space. All of our guests had a blast. We will definitely rent the space again for another event!”


Warehouses have also become a popular venue for parties. They offer tons of space and often have an industrial-chic style about them that makes them great for everything from elegant wedding receptions to themed dance parties.

This large warehouse in Los Angeles has plenty of natural light, and it’s incredibly versatile for any party of up to 300 people. Centrally located near downtown, Silver Lake, and Hollywood, the space is 5,000 square feet and consists of two substantial main rooms, two bathrooms, an included green room, and an optional large VIP room as an add-on. You’ll also get a stage for any of your party entertainment needs as well as a state-of-the-art sound system. 

According to one Peerspace who booked this venue for a party of 300: “This place is amazing. We are currently trying to figure out what will be our next event here. It was so convenient, we had no problem getting in, viewing it, settling up, or locking up. The host is progressional and great. The place was clean. So many great things to say.”

While some warehouses are raw and better suited for productions, there are plenty of renovated warehouse spaces with industrial origins that would surprise you. For instance, check out this former mid-century turned cultural space for events in Atlanta, GA.

It is a 4,000-square-foot event venue that includes several available spaces, like a screening room, two bars, banquettes, and a spacious outdoor area with a garden and courtyard. Its kitchenette, A/V equipment, customizable video wall, and backstage area make it perfect for hosting a party that provides plenty of entertainment for your guests.

“The space was absolutely beautiful and perfect for my retro-themed baby shower,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “The pictures, honestly don’t do this venue justice. There was plenty of space for a party of 50 people. Everything flowed perfectly thanks to Trevor, the community manager. He was amazing and more than accommodating for my event…If I could rate my experience 10 out of 10, I would!”

Restaurants and bars

Who doesn’t want to book a stylish restaurant and/or bar for a party? With Peerspace, you can do that, too! And not just stateside. There are Peerspaces available in cities across the globe. For instance, check out this restaurant bar with a terrace in the heart of Paris, France.

This chic space is 1,100 square feet and is set in Riquet Stalingrad. It’s party-perfect since it provides food and cocktail service, a spacious outdoor terrace, and customizable features to have the space suit your needs.

Prefer a taste of Europe closer to home? Then check out this River North European-style cafe in Chicago, IL. It boasts a charming black-and-white checkerboard floor, sumptuous red curtains, a sound system, and full food and beverage catering.

Peerspace reviewers comment on the amazing host as much as the incredible setting! As one reviewer shares: “Fabiola was a wonderful host. The venue was delightful, and the food catering was amazing! I definitely recommend Fabiola and would consider booking future events here. Our group had a great time.”

Learn more about how much it costs to rent a restaurant for a night for more venue options and pricing information!

How much does it cost to rent a venue for a party? 

aspen-style cabin in nashville men's retreat ideas
Source: Peerspace

Venues for parties range from $50 per hour to $1,000-plus per hour, depending on the venue size and your city. Many venues don’t tell you the total cost until you’ve already invested too much time discussing and planning your party in the space

On the other hand, Peerspace lets you know right away what the price is per hour, as well as available booking dates. For instance, we can use the properties mentioned above to give you a better estimate.


The mansions in Los Angeles and New York City, respectively, may cost less than you think though they provide an abundance of amenities and value for the price. The Bronx venue is $500 per hour, while the transitional modern space in Bel Air is $200.

Homes and warehouses

The party ranch near Houston is a modest $150 per hour, while the mid-century home in Seattle is $750. The warehouse in Los Angeles rounds comes in at $189 per hour, while the mid-century warehouse in Atlanta rounds out the picture at $250 per hour.


The restaurant and bar in the heart of Paris is very reasonable for a brasserie rental, especially one in central Paris. It costs just €150 per hour, but that may change depending on the amount of space you wish to rent privately and if you add on any food and beverage services. Simply reach out to the host, Claudio, with any questions or requests.

The Chicago European-style cafe is similarly priced at $150 per hour. Keep in mind that on-site food and beverage catering incurs an additional charge, although they do have a BYOB policy if you prefer. However, past Peerspace renters have commented on how delicious the from-scratch cafe fare and gourmet coffee beverages are here, so you may not want to miss out on that!

Quite the price range, right?

Pricing really all depends on location and features. With Peerspace, you see the full price upfront and ask the host any questions you may have about the amenities or offerings. Plus, you can find a sensational venue to suit your budget, no matter how petite or lofty said budget may be.

How much it costs to rent a venue for a party: conclusion

Mid Century Venice bungalow los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

As you can see, the cost of renting a venue for a party varies greatly. But with Peerspace, you can easily find a space that suits your budget and rent it by the hour. Use our handy search engine to filter results by location, price, and features.

Plus, Peerspace rentals come with so many amenities that other venues just don’t offer. Simply browse the available party venues in your city and check to see what types of amenities are included. And by examining the photos and reviewers, you’ll know pretty quickly if the venue has the precise vibe you’re looking for.

You’ll also have the full support of your venue’s host should you need anything. Whether you want to host a party at a grand mansion, cozy home, industrial warehouse, bright loft, majestic castle, an oceanside retreat space, or any other type of space you can imagine anywhere across the world, Peerspace has you covered.

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