13 Unforgettable 20th Birthday Party Ideas (2024)


Birthday party venues on Peerspace typically cost between $50 — $500 per hour.

Time to celebrate the end of your teens, and welcome in your 20s! Your twenties are when true adulthood begins, so celebrate appropriately — with an amazing birthday bash! Along with some one-of-a-kind 20th birthday party ideas, did you know that Peerspace can also serve you up some one-of-a-kind party venues? It’s true! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, you can use Peerspace to find incredible hidden gem venues across North America and beyond, including unique birthday party venue rentals.

Simply click the link, type in your city or destination, and see what pops up. Filter results by must-have features, like a pool or rooftop, and explore each listing’s photos, description, upfront pricing, and genuine reviews from past renters.

Peerspace offers you a lot of party freedom without the massive price tag and endless internet searches. And with that, here are 13 unforgettable 20th birthday party ideas to make the most of your big day!

1. The birthday party venue of your dreams is on Peerspace

Spacious LED Pool for Events
Source: Peerspace

One of the first big decisions you need to make when planning your party — is the venue! Don’t sell yourself short by hosting your party in your cramped apartment or dorm room. Instead, wow your friends with a party in an unforgettable location.

Peerspace offers you access to fun outdoor venue rentals for birthday BBQs, massive warehouse rental spaces for larger-than-life dance parties, simple yet spacious homes to gather all your friends, and other fun spaces we’re sure you’ll love. Just search by your location and the type of party you’d like to host, and you’ll discover a ton of excellent options. You can also filter your searches by the type of venue or specific amenities you’d love to have at the party!

Here are a few quick 20th birthday-perfect venue suggestions for you to explore:

You get the idea! And when you book a Peerspace, you have your venue’s friendly local host at hand to ensure your dream day comes off without a hitch. Let them help arrange the details for you while you focus on the fun things, like the guest list and what to wear!

2. Create a soundtrack comprising the music of the ages

club in the hollywood hills
Source: Peerspace

Create a playlist with all the best music from every year of your life. There have been many amazing songs in the last 20 years. Use your faves to sing along with your friends and family on your birthday. Make this playlist extra special by enlisting the help of friends and family as you create it.

For instance, ask your parents their favorite song from the year you were born, see if your best friend can remember the first song you jammed out to together or ask a sibling what song reminds them of you. For a hilarious addition, Sesame Street has an entire song about the number 20 that you can add to the playlist … enjoy!

3. Let The Roaring 20s inspire your birthday party

Luxurious Speakeasy Lounge in Midtown East
Source: Peerspace

You’re turning 20 in the 2020s … but why not celebrate like it’s the 1920s?! From the stylish fashion to the fun, secret speakeasy venues — the 20s were a time of extravagance, fun, and mischief! Rent a speakeasy, like this one in Midtown Manhattan, make a statement in a gorgeous flapper dress, and serve your favorite mocktails to all your friends!

We love the idea of hiring a photographer for an event like this, too. Not sure where to start? Check out our favorite event photographers in a city near you!

Love this theme and want to take it further? We can’t blame you! Do so by incorporating our epic roaring ’20s party ideas!

4. Celebrate psychological adulthood

20th Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

According to developmental psychology, we’re not adults until we reach the age of 20. So it’s official — today you’re an adult! Celebrate with all things adult-like. Ask your friends to come dressed in hilarious outfits like a car salesman, burned-out stay-at-home parents, and Wall Street execs.

Have a photo backdrop with stock market graphs, include decorations with sayings like “let’s party … but only until 9 pm,” and blow your candles out on a tombstone cake that reads, “here lies your youth.” Welcome to adulthood!

5. Host a 20th birthday party like an Egyptian

egyptian themed room in LA
Source: Peerspace

If you can’t travel the world for your 20th but would love to feel a world away from hometown life — plan a party with tons of fun-themed 20th birthday party ideas. If you’re looking for a travel theme that is somewhat related to your age, how about an Egyptian theme? +20 is the country code when you call Egypt, so it connects to your 20th bday!

Decorate your Peerspace venue with camels and sphinxes and stack golden snacks in pyramid shapes. Then, ask all your guests to come dressed in Egyptian attire, and have a fun photobooth with Egyptian-style masks.

You can also rent this incredible Egyptian-themed room in Los Angeles and just bring your costumes since it’s already decorated to perfection! A Peerspace reviewer referred to it as “NEXT LEVEL! Such a helpful staff! Jasmine & Jeff are amazing! I will definitely be back.” We’re pretty sure you’ll feel similarly!

6. Celebrate your birthday with all things 20

massive outdoor urban oasis
Source: Peerspace

So how exactly do you celebrate your birthday with all things 20? Here are some ideas: invite 20 of your closest friends and if gifts are a part of your party, ask friends only to buy you gifts that cost $20. No more, no less! Once the party starts, include games like 20 questions, dance to 20 of your favorite songs, and share 20 of your favorite snack foods with your guests. It’s a theme party you and your guests will never forget!

7. Game it up with some 20s trivia

20th Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Keep the 20s theme going with 20s trivia! Host a trivia night during your party with all the questions revolving around being in your 20s and the number 20. Here are a few questions to get you started: Who was the 20th U.S. President? 20 is the atomic number of what compound? Name a celebrity who turns 20 this year. You get the idea!

Check out all of our tips and tricks for hosting the perfect trivia night!

8. Make it a star-studded night

solana beach private villa
Source: Peerspace

Invite all your favorite A-listers to the party — or at least friends who look like them! Ask all your guests to dress up as their favorite 20-year-old stars and welcome them with a red carpet event. Include a Hollywood backdrop for photos at the end of the red carpet, and then invite your “famous” guests into the party of the year. We love the idea of renting a mansion for a day for this star-studded-themed party.

One absolute A-list-worthy mansion we love is this private villa with a pool and ocean views in San Diego, CA. It offers you access to indoor and outdoor living space, a chef’s kitchen, a hot tub, a fire pit, and some seriously breathtaking views perched above scenic Solana Beach.

9. Treat yourself to a wellness-filled birthday

Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas
Source: Peerspace

You should feel like your best self on your birthday — so treat yourself to a spa day! Peerspace offers fun venues like this upscale yoga studio and wellness center in Illinois that would be perfect for a day of yoga, massages, and relaxation.

Hire a masseuse, yoga instructor, or beautician to pamper all your friends for the day. You can also make it a DIY event and ask all your friends to bring their favorite yoga moves and nail polishes to share.

Our relaxing spa birthday party ideas offer more suggestions for pampering yourself on your 20th!

10. Throw an epic pool party!

Elegant Beverly Hills Mansion Estate
Source: Peerspace

Take all your 20th birthday party ideas to the pool! We don’t mean a kiddie party at the public pool in town — we suggest a full-on pool party at a fantastic venue like this elegant Beverly Hills mansion with a Baja pool. Along with the pool that has color-changing lights and waterfalls, the mansion boasts a fireplace, a granite bar, high-end appliances, and a piano.

Live on the other coast and don’t celebrate your birthday in the summer? No worries; Peerspace has you covered with heated indoor pool venues, like this indoor pool lounge in Jersey City, NJ!

Love the idea, but you’re on a budget? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with options starting at just $75 an hour!

11. Dance like there’s no tomorrow!

Classic 80s Dance Club located on Fulham Road
Source: Peerspace

There’s no such thing as a good party without good music! Spend a little extra money on a DJ and celebrate your big day with the dance party of your dreams!

Peerspace offers many great venues with fantastic acoustics and audio equipment included to make things easy. For instance, if you’re in London, you can book this classic 80s dance club that has a dance floor and a DJ booth. It also has a cocktail bar and club lighting, perfect for if you’re turning 20 in London!

12. Travel the world in high style

20th Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

If none of these 20th birthday party ideas feel momentous enough, then take on a real adventure and celebrate entering your 20s with a trip across the country … or maybe even by going abroad! Trade in your car for a van and travel the U.S. or book a plane ticket to Europe, Asia, or beyond. Your 20s are all about discovering who you are, so go ahead — get to discovering!

Want to keep it more local? There are many reasons why a massive across-the-world trip may not be possible for you. Don’t fret! Instead, book a retreat space on Peerspace and just feel like you’re on an exotic vacay.

13. Embrace retro vibes with a mid-century madness party

Marilyn Monroe Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

You may not have been born in the 20th century, but you can pretend to live it during your 20th birthday party! To do so, check out Peerspace for some of the cutest, quirkiest, and most ritzy mid-century modern venues near you. You’ll find mansions, homes, lofts, pool houses, penthouses, and more dressed to the nines in a mid-century modern aesthetic. It’s a super fun way to add an element of unexpected glamour to your party setting.

Plus, it gives you a whole new theme to play around with. Ask your guests to dress in mid-century Americana style and serve mid-century meal staples. Warning: Spam and Jell-o were all the rage then, so feel free to seek creative alternatives based on your dietary needs and taste preferences!

This blog offers fun and comprehensive vegan MCM recipes, so put down that dusty old cookbook. Also, check out Mad Men for style inspo. But remember to keep the highballs virgin, please!

20th birthday party ideas come to life with Peerspace

Casita Glenfeliz - A California Modern Studio los angeles rental
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With Peerspace, you can rent a stunning private party venue with all the ambiance and perks you could want for as many hours as you like. It’s the easiest and most fun way to ring in your 20th birthday.

Check out the spaces we have available near you and book your favorite space. You can peruse each listing’s gorgeous photos, detailed descriptions provided by the local host, and past user reviews. Plus, pricing is clearly listed at the top of each page, with no hidden fees. And if you have any questions, simply reach out to the host on the listing page.

Between these exciting 20th birthday party ideas and a Peerspace venue that’s perfect for you, you’ll be starting a whole new chapter of your life in style! And since it’s never too early to start planning that next birthday bash, check out our unique 21st birthday party ideas to ring in the next chapter!

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