The 8 Best Wedding Videographers in Detroit

You’ve chosen your florist, caterer, wedding photographers, but how about your videographer? Many people ask whether or not a videographer is a worthy addition to your wedding vendor team. The unbiased answer: yes. If you ever saw old-school videos of your parents getting married, you’ll know just how important that is. Plus, the production value of video equipment today blows everything your parents had access to back in the day out of the water. But where do you start looking? Well, for couples getting married in Detroit, this guide is the place. We searched for noteworthy Detroit wedding videographers who are visionaries, passionate about their craft, and abundantly talented. Take a peek!

1. Martez Brooks of Kardiak Films

The creative genius behind Kardiak Films, Martez Brooks is more than a talented Detroit wedding videographer β€” he’s a talented cinematographer, director, and writer. Not only did he spend 2015 on the road with American rapper Dej Loaf, but he’s also written and produced his own documentary. In fact, one of his wedding films starts like a music video, and as flowers reveal the bride, we’re left in anticipation of what is to come.

His subjects vividly stand out against backgrounds, showing Martez’s keen understanding of the depth of field and how every bit of his equipment performs. This brings the weddings to life, as well as the people in them. If you vibe with his style, we recommend checking out some of his other brilliant works. They range from creative brand development to nightlife and concert photography.

2. Timothy Scott Films

On the topic of mastering depth of field, Timothy Scott Films is incredible at this, too. As Timothy’s films pan through the streets of Detroit and beyond, each building stands out in and of itself. This makes it feel like you’re being absorbed into the video. We also appreciate his refreshing editing style, full of overlays, as well as moving shots and transitions. It makes his films stand free of overused shots of carefully staged his-and-hers accessories. His breathtaking wedding videography gets to the core of his subjects and does so masterfully.

3. Ashley and Austin of Diffuse Media

Husband-and-wife duo Ashley and Austin are experts at producing jaw-dropping wedding films. They manage to capture who the couple is, using smart editing techniques that overlay emotional parts of the day. For example, they’ll play vows and speeches over captured moments of the couple away from the wedding party. Alongside thoughtfully chosen music and scenic shots of chosen Michigan locations, their videos are an ebullient mix of traditional and contemporary styles. In a Diffuse Media wedding film, the couple is front and center, and their day wraps around them to make it uniquely their own story.

4. Tyler Mulville of Tyler James Motion Pictures

Tyler Mulville’s careful use of light and dark in this video is what caught our eye. He makes videos of contrasts be it in the light or the serene mixture of reception versus the quiet moments before a wedding. One of our favorite shots is of the bride standing by a bay window. Both central to the frame, he films her in silhouette as the light encases her dress.

If you regularly watch wedding films by many videographers, you’ll see plenty of shots of brides by windows β€” but compare those to Mulville’s, and watch the quality of execution for these classic shots. This play of light and dark isn’t missing from the brighter outdoor scenes either. Leaves are in shadow against the sun; the groom’s profile is seen shadowed against his bride’s face, and the splashes of color are fantastically warm.

5. Maria of Acre & Arrow Films

What stands out to us about Maria’s wedding films is the enthusiasm and empathy she employs when shooting. We’re obsessed with the way she masterfully wields her camera, abandoning the idea of stationary shots for something moving and personal. That being said, the shots that are stationary are always centered and framed perfectly to capture the couple and the essence of the day. In addition, Maria firmly understands the use of color and never lets one β€” even a beige β€” go by without notice. It’s no wonder she’s among the top wedding videographers in Detroit.

6. The Black Tie / White Dress Productions Team

The goal of owner and operator Douglas Winningham, along with that of his team over at Black Tie / White Dress Productions: create luxury wedding films. With over a decade of experience filming weddings from all walks of life and many traditions, Douglas comprehends the importance of the pre-production process. After all, without research, conversations, and planning, a wedding film can be only half of what it can be. A finished film by Black Tie always boasts interesting angles and on-point music, as well as pays tribute to the customs and traditions surrounding the couple. The final result is bright and thoughtful with edits that seemingly dance with the music.

7. AJ and Sammy Palace of West Lake Natives

The West Lake Natives are AJ and Sammy, a married couple comprising cinematographers who know their strength. Together, they produce cinematic wedding films that employ interesting shots and mix black-and-white with color footage. Alongside the stunning visuals, the footage is edited to match the chosen music as if the soundtrack were commissioned for the video. We’d say this achievement is in part due to Sammy’s background as a musician. Regardless, the couple’s creative symbiosis is what makes the difference.

8. Desmond Touchstone of My Touch Films

Desmond Touchstone β€” AKA Touch β€” is easily one of our favorite wedding videographers in Detroit. He’s been in the game for the better part of a decade, constantly pushing his skills and talents to see what else he’s capable of. He creates wedding films that are exciting and romantic, ones that every viewer wants to jump right into. Apt at capturing colors not just as they are but how they can be, his videos use a low-frame rate, resulting in a music-video feel we really love. For more of his work, check out this compelling video he shot of a father giving his groom-to-be son a pep talk.

A Detroit wedding can be as romantic as a San Francisco or a New York City-based one β€” it’s not about where, but who. If you love Motor City and the thousands of love songs it’s inspired over the years, you shouldn’t hesitate for a second over locations. With this list, you can easily pick your ideal wedding videographer.

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