Where Was “Longmire” Filmed?

Love the TV series and are asking yourself, “where was ‘Longmire’ filmed?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, we share crucial details surrounding fan-favorite filming spots of the beloved western series.

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Let’s go ahead and take a trip to the real Absaroka County and see the locations that helped make “Longmire” such a fan favorite!

What is “Longmire”?

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The Western crime drama “Longmire” is based on the books by Craig Johnson and follows the titular character Walt Longmire. He works as a sheriff in a small county in Wyoming and is trying to get his life back on track following a personal tragedy. Starring Australian actor Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, the series ran for six seasons. It remains a fan favorite among Western and crime-drama fans.

The county for which Walt Longmire is the sheriff, Absaroka County, has plenty of beautiful and desolate scenery to admire. The county itself is sure to prompt the question: where was “Longmire” filmed?

Join us today as we go on a tour of Absaroka County and show you where exactly you can visit for yourself.

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Is Absaroka County in “Longmire” a real place?

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Absaroka County in Wyoming is the backdrop for the entirety of the series. You might have wanted to visit it for yourself and asked the question: where was “Longmire” filmed?

Unfortunately, Absaroka County is not a real location in Wyoming but a fictionalized amalgamation of various locations in Wyoming based on author Craig Johnson’s travels through the state.

According to an article in Travel Wyoming, Craig Johnson moved to the town of Ucross, Wyoming, and fell in love with the beauty of Northern Wyoming. The Bighorn Mountains are just one of the many incredible natural wonders that people can see in the region.

While you’re there be sure to check out the “Longmire Loop” that Craig Johnson has created from some of his favorite spots in the area. There is also an annual “Longmire Days” in the town of Buffalo, Wyoming that fans surely won’t want to miss. If you want to catch the author himself or one of the stars of the show that is the place to be!

The world of “Longmire” is most definitely pulled from real-life inspirations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the production of the television series was shot on location in the areas of Wyoming that Craig Johnson based it on. Next up we’re going to lay out where you can see the locations from the television series’ version of Absaroka County as we answer the question: where was “Longmire” filmed?

Where did they film Absaroka County in “Longmire”?

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Even though we now know that Absaroka County isn’t a real location, that still leaves us with the question: where was “Longmire” filmed?

Like most Hollywood productions, the filmmakers decided on what they thought would be the best location instead of filming on location in Wyoming. According to IMDB, almost the entirety of “Longmire” was filmed in New Mexico, primarily in the cities of Santa Fe, Red River, Las Vegas, and Eagle Nest.

Starting off with the city of Las Vegas, a fan on Trip Advisor took a trip there and toured some of their favorite “Longmire” locations. They note that at the time of their visit, the door to Walt Longmire’s sheriff’s office can be seen in the Plaza of Las Vegas. Another location from the series that fans may recognize is the Plaza Hotel, a historic and beautiful hotel in Las Vegas.

Next up we’re going to cover some of the Santa Fe locations that were chronicled in an article from Wander Wisdom. The federal courthouse that is seen in several episodes of the series is actually the US District Courthouse for the area.

There is also “Burro Alley” which is the location where Walt Longmire’s wife met her untimely demise. Fans should take a walking trip through Santa Fe like the one laid out in the article so they can see all the “Longmire” locations they can find.

Where did they film the casino in “Longmire”?

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Another location that fans will surely remember from the series is the Four Arrows Casino in Absaroka County. Much of the show’s drama takes place around the casino and fans are sure to wonder if they can visit it for themselves.

According to Film Quest, if you want to throw some dice there, then you’re in luck! The actual location is the Santa Claran Hotel and Casino in Espanola, New Mexico. The production of “Longmire” used the Santa Claran Hotel and Casino for both exterior and interior shots. You might end up playing at some tables you saw in the show if you’re lucky!

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Where did they film the cabin in “Longmire”?

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One of the most memorable locations from the series is the isolated cabin that Walt Longmire lives in. Fans will remember just how scenic it was and how it feels like it could be right in the Bighorn Mountains.

Turns out, according to Film Quest, the cabin is actually in the Valles Caldera National Preserve on New Mexico Highway 4. Apparently, you’ll need a permit to visit the cabin itself and won’t be able to go inside. But fans will likely settle just for seeing the outside of a gorgeous location that was used so prominently in the show.

Find your own “Longmire”-inspired filming location

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Now that you know all there is to know about the filming of “Longmire,” you might want to make your own western drama.

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