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The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Austin

Austin is a hotbed for creativity. From its bustling music and arts scene to its robust love of film, celebrated through some of the most significant film festivals in the world, it’s no surprise that Austin has attracted incredible creative talent in the world of video production. Tons of great movies have been filmed here, and that experience has bled over into all aspects of video production in the city. The most talented Austin video production companies go beyond technical mastery and the ability to deliver high quality video — they have unique vision and can easily take on clients of any size.

These innovative companies are dedicated to customer service and bringing your ideas to life in the most creative and cost-effective ways. If you’re looking for content for your company, check out our list of the best video production companies Austin has to offer and see why we love each one.

1. Sparksight

Full-service video production company Sparksight comprises an energetic bunch with a lot of passion for the work they do. And the fact that they’re a great company to work for has attracted top-notch talent in Austin and beyond. At the core of their company philosophy, the Sparksight team values taking care of people, which not only includes employees but their clients as well.

Making a point to understand your company’s tools, technology, and ethos, Sparksight is able to deliver on exactly what works most effectively for your brand or organization. Years of experience in the industry in a variety of fields have made this team versatile, with a reputation for consistently delivering high-end video production services to clients of all sizes.

2. Edwards Media

Edwards Media immediately stands out thanks to their punchy, cinematic story. Their work places a heavy focus on narrative and, instead of making traditional videos, they tell your company’s story using a refreshing, film-inspired approach. Consisting of a collective of visionary artists, the Edwards Media crew puts their creativity and talent to work producing compelling documentaries, customer stories, brand films, music videos.

Plus, their effective commercial and corporate videos brim with authenticity. Edwards Media boasts plenty of experience creating a wide array of video content for a diverse set of clients. After all, they’re one of the most noteworthy Austin video production companies working today.

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3. Onion Creek Productions

Founded in 2010 by award-winning director Aaron Brown, Onion Creek Productions has mastered the cinematic approach to video production. Aaron spent eight years working in New York City as a cameraman and field producer for a number of big names in the industry, putting those invaluable skills to work in Texas. Among their current exciting projects, the crew is in heavy pre-production for a new comedy feature, Home Free, being shot in good, ol’ Austin.

Onion Creek’s client list is impressive, including HBO, Vice, Nissan, and Netflix. If you want peak professionalism, incredible creative vision, and a stellar production company that can work under the pressure of deadlines like it’s nobody’s business, look no further than Onion Creek Productions.

4. Spero Labs

Spero Labs takes a narrative approach to their video production work. A company full of passionate creatives, Spero Labs takes the responsibility of telling your brand’s story very seriously. Their video work is captivating, as the brilliant crew understands that unforgettable creative content is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience and grow your impact.

Their story-driven approach is virtually guaranteed to wow your customers, as well as bring in new ones. Whether you need to introduce your brand to the world, record an event, or livestream, Spero Labs has the skills, as well as the artistic and technical chops to get the job done.

5. Bennett Creative

The professionalism you’ll receive from Bennett Creative is as fantastic as it comes. Deeply committed to clear communication and collaborating with clients, Bennett Creative puts your organization and its needs first. At the core of their business is a belief in empowerment.

Bennett Creative seeks out clients who understand the value of a production atmosphere centered around equality, respect, and mutual encouragement. The team strives to create a positive work environment and aspires toward creating work that goes beyond shock value — their content derives impact from being meaningful.

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6. Cognitive Films

Cognitive Films is a one-stop shop for all your video production needs. From the beginning of a project to the final edits, the talented team at Cognitive knows exactly how to bring your vision to life. Approaching problems with creativity, vitality, and a sense of urgency, Cognitive Films draws from a broad selection of skill sets to execute projects.

With clients in all sorts of industries, including healthcare, technology, media, retail, real-estate, education, and nonprofits, Cognitive Films has done it all. No matter who you are or what your company’s needs look like, the visionaries at Cognitive Films can make it happen.

7. Framewave Media

Framewave Media comprehends the value of their work is its ability to promote your brand, clarify your mission, and inspire your audience. Because of this, the team takes plenty of time to learn all about you and your company, as well as understand what sets you apart from the competition, making sure they understand who exactly your audience is.

This in-depth insight enables them to tailor their content to your specific needs, and no two companies are alike in this way. Framewave’s detail-oriented approach delivers the most engaging and effective video content for your organization, no matter what business you’re in.

8. Side Label Productions

Side Label Productions is a full-service video production company, fully equipped to cover events and create any media your brand needs. Their expertise makes them one of the most notable Austin video production companies. According to Side Label themselves, they’re enthusiastic about “bringing unique visionary and experiential works to life.”

Specializing in eye-catching content — both technically sophisticated and attention-grabbing from a narrative perspective — their work is sure to play well with your audience. They specialize in creating multi-platform experiences, ensuring that you can reach the widest audience possible, regardless of what device your audience uses to consume media.

They say that content is king, and the subtitle to that adage is that video content excels. Think of how much video content you consume in a single day, and how much information and brand personality can be communicated through one short video. That makes video production a worthy investment for most businesses.

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