How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Quinceañera Venue? (2024)


Quinceañera venues on Peerspace cost on average between $50 — $250 per hour.

A quinceañera is a defining celebration for Latina fifteen-year-olds that marks them entering womanhood. As such, it can be quite an elaborate party to plan. The logistics of the party are on par with planning a wedding reception in the most extravagant of cases. One of the key details of planning the quinceañera of your dreams, your daughter’s dreams, or your goddaughter’s dreams is finding the perfect quinceañera venue.

As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, this is exactly what Peerspace can help you with! Click the link and check out the types of quinceañera-perfect venue rentals we have available near you. From classic ballrooms adorned with glittering chandeliers to contemporary lofts with any style of decor to suit your theme, Peerspace has the venues you will want to call your own for a few hours.

Most venues include everything you need to make the quinceañera a night to remember. However, if you need anything else, you can rely on your venue’s local host. They are dedicated to ensuring your time in their space is incredible. That means that with one simple platform, you can take care of most of your hosting duties, saving you time and money.

Ahead, we will break down everything from how to rent the perfect space to how much the quinceañera venue will cost. 

Why rent a quinceañera venue?

Most Luxurious Ballroom in Houston rental
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So why even bother renting a quinceañera event venue? Why not just use your or a family member’s house to host this event? There are many reasons why renting a sensational Peerspace event venue is the best option when you’re throwing a quinceañera.

Necessary amenities

First off, plenty of venues offer a variety of amenities or add-on packages that can save you time and money. For instance, a quinceañera room rental can include seating and tables, decor, and even catering packages. Plus, Peerspace venues offer plenty of space for you and your guests to comfortably move around.

And remember, through your Peerspace venue’s host, you can streamline the process and save yourself the added planning stress of juggling multiple vendors. It’s just not a party without food, entertainment, and ample seating, right?

More leg room

Second, by renting a quinceañera venue, you have significant space to accommodate more family and friends. You need room for dining space and a dance floor. And some venues even offer a stage where the birthday girl can make her grand entrance along with her damas and chambelanes – the quinceanera’s friends and family who often perform a dance and accompany the birthday girl throughout the day.

Plus, a venue will simplify parking for everyone involved on that day. Besides high-res photos, a detailed description provided by the local host, and genuine reviews from past renters, all Peerspace listings also include the venue’s square footage and parking information.

Atmosphere for days

Lastly, a quinceañera venue can create the most memorable atmosphere, not only for the quinceañera herself but also for all the guests involved. A sparkling location can inspire the theme of the party, the decor, the dress, and a good time all around. Best of all, it will even impress the abuelos. 

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How to rent a quinceañera venue

elegant ballroom overlooking bryant park
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Sure, you can do a soul-draining Google search for quinceañera venues that involve you hopping over to the second page of Google for more answers. But on Peerspace, we’ve made it easy to find and book kid-friendly birthday party venues that not only work for your event but that also inspires you. 

When you search on Peerspace, you can filter your results based on the city, type of event, and the date of your event. You can narrow things down by the number of people attending the quinceañera, the budget for the venue, the style of venue you are looking for, as well as keywords, like “pool” or “fire pit“. 

Quinceañera venues can vary in type, so you have a lot of great options to work with! Some are banquet halls, which is the usual way to go as far as quinceañera venues are concerned. Other venue options include warehouses, loft spaces, and galleries which offer a blank canvas to build upon. We’ll help you choose the perfect venue from a variety of bohemian outdoor spaces or extravagant mansions as well.

Each Peerspace event venue comes with its own amenities and add-on features. For example, they can include chairs, tables, speakers, projectors, decorations, a stage, and kitchens. Each venue’s listing page has a place where you can contact the host of the venue for additional questions that you might have.

Ahead, we share a selection of some of our favorite Peerspace event spaces that would be ideal for a quinceañera. Let’s check them out!

Types of quinceañera venues on Peerspace

FiDi Historic Jazz Lounge - Full Venue sf san francisco rental
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Every type of venue lends itself to a theme. So it’s vital to pick a quinceañera venue that coincides with the quinceañera dress. Or if you haven’t picked the quinceañera dress, then the venue space is key in being able to pick the dress after.

Either way, Peerspace makes finding venues of every style, theme, and color scheme a breeze!

And, your venue choices can be something traditional, modern, or even a little bit quirky. Ideally, try to choose a place that suits the personality of the quinceañera girl. It is her big day, after all!

Here are a few of the different types of quinceanera venues you can find on Peerspace:

  • An ample art gallery in Manhattan, NY with a modern, blank-slate feel and great lighting for photographing the big day, for 100 guests.
  • A picturesque historical landmark in San Francisco, CA (pictured above) for when you want elegance and refinement worthy of a queen, for 250 guests.
  • A romantic Spanish courtyard in Surprise, AZ to party into the night under twinkle lights, for 50 guests, and an optional horse ride(!) add-on service.
  • A 1930s vintage ballroom in Los Angeles, CA with an epic performance stage and dressing room, for 120 guests.
  • A spacious event space blessed with natural light in Atlanta, GA with huge windows, an open floor plan, seating, and a kitchen, for 50 guests.
  • An Irving Park dance studio and event space in Chicago, IL with an exposed brick wall, a kitchen, A/V equipment, tables, chairs, and fun add-on options for 100 guests.

As you can see, Peerspace makes it easy to connect to the types of event venues that can bring your child’s quinceañera to life! Since all listings include high-definition photos, a list of amenities, and upfront pricing, you never have to second-guess your decision. Plus, you can easily contact the venue’s host with any questions or requests and they’d be thrilled to help you.

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How much does it cost to rent a quinceañera venue?

event venue with high ceilings
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Usually, a quinceañera venue charges by the hour and might include cleaning fees and insurance. Overall, the pricing all depends on how many people you will be hosting, the venue itself, and if you choose to add on any packages.

On Peerspace, the wide array of quinceañera venue options lends itself to a wide array of prices. We’ll share a couple of examples of pricing with some of the venues we mentioned above.

Event space with natural light

For example, the spacious event space in Atlanta is $120 per hour with a two-hour minimum. What’s neat about this venue is that it includes so many excellent party features, like tables and chairs, a kitchen, a sound system, and incredible lighting. It also offers a 10% discount if you happen to book it for 8 hours or more.

According to a Peerspace user who booked the warehouses for a private event: “Atta was awesome and the space was perfect. Very clean and it looks just as it does in the pictures. Atta made sure we had everything we needed and was very accommodating, highly recommend his space !”

Vintage ballroom

The 1930s vintage ballroom is in Los Angeles and is an affordable $60 per hour with a one-hour minimum. Keep in mind that it is very bare-bones. It’s a great option for families who want to beautiful bank slate with which to build, however.

A Peerspace reviewer who booked this ballroom is excited to return: “The space was so beautiful. David took incredible care of us and was so helpful with making sure we were comfortable and safe. He answered all our questions quickly and thoroughly. Looking forward to working with him again.”

Historic landmark

The picturesque historical landmark is in San Francisco and brimming with sophisticated Jazz Age decor. It’s one of the steepest venues on our list, but nothing too outrageous considering the venue’s style and ambiance, and costs $200 per hour with a three-hour minimum booking time. It also offers in-house catering, a full bar for the adult guests, A/V equipment, tables and chairs, and of course, a stunning ambiance.

According to a Peerspace reviewer who booked this venue for an event: “The venue has a great layout and was even more glamorous than anticipated. Truly a beautiful space, and Payam really knows what he is doing. Very professional and on top of things. Highly recommend this space to anyone looking to host a memorable event.”

NYC major gallery

The stunning all-white gallery in Chelsea, NYC is the costliest venue option on our list at about $330 per hour and has a five-hour rental minimum. Like the Atlanta venue, it offers you a 10% discount if you book it for 8 hours or more. The gallery boasts high ceilings, large windows that let in plenty of natural light, and a sophisticated ambiance. The host also offers add-on features, such as chairs and tables, backdrops, and A/V equipment.

A Peerspace reviewer who booked this gallery for her event shares: “Incredible space and host! From the first viewing through the completion of the event, working with Misuzu and her team was fantastic. I highly recommend!”

Chicago dance studio and event space

The beauty and brilliance of this dance studio and event space in Chicago is that it already has plenty of quinceañera must-haves, saving you time and money. It includes lots of seating, a sound system, party lighting, and more. It costs $130 per hour and has a four-hour minimum, making it a lovely and affordable option to boot.

Just check out what one Peerspace reviewer said after hosting a party here: “It was a wonderful night! My granddaughter and her friends had a wonderful time. The staff couldn’t be kinder or more helpful.”

Peerspace brings you sensational quinceañera venue options

a bright white studio with boho decor
Source: Peerspace

On average, quinceañera venues cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per hour. Peerspace is here to make any style of quinceañera for whatever budget possible while making the process as simple as can be.

As you begin browsing for your upcoming party, be sure to reach out to any Peerspace host whose venue catches your eye. They’ve likely hosted a quinceañera before (or at least a teen birthday) so they can recommend vendors and explain how their space can best suit your needs. With Peerspace, you get ease, convenience, style, and service in one place. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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