13 Memorable 29th Birthday Ideas To Ring In The Last Year of Your 20s (2024)


Birthday party venues on Peerspace typically cost between $50 — $500 per hour.

29th birthday ideas are some of our favorites! It’s the last year of your twenties — but with a good party planned, it may be the best year of your 20s! Since you want to throw a party in style, start by booking the ultimate birthday party venue on Peerspace. With thousands of stylish and private venues in cities across the globe, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect space to host your soiree.

Not only that but when you book a Peerspace venue, you have the full support of your venue’s helpful local host. If your venue lacks anything, be it catering, a karaoke machine, or special lighting, reach out to your host and see if they can help you source everything you need. Start 29 off right with these fun 29th birthday ideas. We tailored each of these to turning 29, so enjoy!

1. Book a Peerspace and enjoy a stylish, well-equipped venue

Modern Industrial Manhattan new york city nyc rental
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Change your scenery this birthday and book a unique venue for your birthday party! On Peerspace, you can even find spaces that embody “29” as much as you do! Rent a party space off of I-29, book a venue rightly dubbed Loft 29, or celebrate in Twentynine Palms (more on that ahead)!

For now, check out a few more of our favorite Peerspaces to enjoy on your 29th birthday:

As you can see, Peerspace has tons of fun venues available, whether you want to get cozy in a cabin on your 29th or party it up in the city! All spaces are helmed by helpful locals who strive to ensure you enjoy your time in their space. Reach out to your host about maximizing your booking with any extras you need to create your perfect party.

Take a look at all the options near you, and keep reading to see beautiful Peerspace venues paired up with these birthday ideas.

2. At 29, copper is king

SOHO Mixology Bar Restaurant & Event Space
Source: Peerspace

29 is the atomic number of copper — which makes for a great party decoration theme! Copper-colored decorations can make a party look oh-so-classy, and copper mugs for Moscow Mules would be a great party favor for all your guests. Consider hiring a bartender to serve you and your guests Moscow Mules and any other favorite cocktails.

Get this party started by booking a cocktail party venue through Peerspace, like a stunning bar, lounge, home, or other birthday-perfect space. Most have on-site bartenders, bar service, catering, and so much more to amplify your birthday.

One stylish example is this SOHO Mixology bar restaurant and event space in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood. Here, you can enjoy dancing, Mediterranean cuisine, and gourmet cocktails from the copper bar!

3. Take a trip to Twentynine Palms, California

SkyHouse Joshua Tree - Private Villa los angeles rental
29th Birthday Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Take a trip to Joshua Tree National Park and celebrate all your 29th birthday ideas in Twentynine Palms, California! Peerspace has plenty of gorgeous event venues in Twentynine Palms, ranging from a stylish Spanish estate to an invisible house and a psychedelic compound. Book any one of these spaces and you’re sure to have a birthday party that you will never forget!

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4. 29? You’re still in your prime!

29th Birthday Ideas
Source: Peerspace

29, you’re in your prime! No, but really — that’s what it’s called in Bingo! In Bingo, each number has a nickname, and the aficionados often call the number 29 “in your prime.”

Either play a game of Bingo during your party or incorporate this rhyme into the festivities — make it the party hashtag for all the photos, the quote on decorations — have fun with it! In Bingo, 29 uses rhymes like “rise and shine” and “you’re doing fine” if you’d like to incorporate those sayings as well!

5. Belt it out!

Recently Renovated Mid-Century Warehouse
Source: Peerspace

Adele may be making the number 30 famous with her 4th studio album — but 29 has some fun songs behind it too! Jam out to “29” by the Gin Blossoms, Ryan Adam’s album “29”, Marc Cohn’s song “29 ways.” You can also play music by musicians who are turning 29 this year (like Doja Cat, who is turning 29 on October 21, 2024!).

Make sure you have the best A/V equipment to jam out to at your party by booking a Peerspace that comes with all the equipment you need! Some spaces, like this recently renovated mid-century warehouse in Atlanta (pictured above), even come with a venue coordinator, so you can rest easy knowing the music will be great all night long.

6. Celebrate your 29th year on the 29th day

Unique Local Coffeeshop, Event Space & Photography Studio
Source: Peerspace

This year might not be your golden birthday — but you can still celebrate like it is! Celebrate your 29th birthday on the 29th of your birth month. Almost every month of the year has a “holiday” of sorts on the 29th. And to us, some of them sure do seem like perfect themes for 29th-birthday ideas!

On August 29, celebrate your bday with an Egyptian New Year’s Party (it’s the first day of the Egyptian calendar), April 29 is International Dance Day, October 29 is National Cat Day, and somehow … May 29 is National Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day? Good luck with that theme — sounds interesting!

If you’re a coffee lover, why not rent a coffee shop through Peerspace for your party on September 29 (National Coffee Day!)? Peerspace offers you access to hundreds of fun gourmet cafes that welcome you and all your party ideas. As an example, our friends in Colorado may want to book this unique local coffeeshop in Lakewood. It’s a 3,000-square-foot cultural venue that boasts an art gallery, a photography studio, patio seating with a fire pit, personal barista service, and of course, plenty of tasty coffees and adult beverages!

7. Create 29 goals for your future

Central Downtown Loft Studio toronto rental
Source: Peerspace

Looking back at your 20s, did you achieve everything you wanted to? Make a list of 29 goals you have for the last year of your 20s to make sure you do everything you feel like you should have in your twenties! They can be small goals like learning how to tie a neck tie or big goals, like getting a pet!

Here is a list of 30 things to do before you turn 30 by Elle Magazine to get you started!

8. Visit 30 countries before you turn 30

Roman Greek Style Mansion In The Hills tustin los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

One of the biggest goals you can set on your 29th birthday is to visit 30 countries by the time you turn 30! If your numbers are looking low — don’t worry. All you need is a long trip to Europe!

There are 44 countries in Europe and traveling between them can be pretty cheap. In fact, you can find flights for 10 euros sometimes! So how about celebrating your birthday in Ireland, Spain, or Greece?

Enjoy our chic Parisian theme party ideas for Paris-inspired Peerspaces across the U.S.!

9. Throw your last party like a twenty-something

a night club with a red glowing bar
Source: Peerspace

It’s the last year of your 20s — so party like it! Had a great 21st? Time for a repeat! Relive your 21st birthday by visiting the same places you did then and celebrating with the same friends and family. Don’t forget to imbibe the same drinks and eat the same meals! This is the last opportunity you’ll have to party like your 20-something, so take advantage of it.

Our fabulous 30th birthday party ideas will get you ready to take on your next milestone birthday!

10. Surround yourself with all things 29

charming industrial loft venue
Source: Peerspace

Twenty-nine foods, 29 guests, and 29 activities — make all your 29th birthday ideas add up to 29! Invite 29 of your closest friends over to munch on 29 favorite foods and participate in 29 favorite activities. Fill little party bags with 29 items for party favors, like gumballs, chocolates, and other little treats and gifts.

11. Act your shoe size not your age

a model dressed like a princess in the dollhouse content studio
Source: Peerspace

You’re not a full-grown adult until you are at least 30. So make sure you don’t act too adult at your party! After all, the saying goes: act your shoe size, not your age … or something like that. Rent a bouncy castle, fill up on cake, dress up as a princess — whatever you want goes!

12. You’re never too young to win cribbage

a lux tropical pool setting in los angeles
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Are you feeling old? Embrace it! Have all your friends come dressed like they’re in their 90s and invite them to sit down, relax, take their dentures out and enjoy a board game where the number 29 is very exciting — cribbage! Did you know 29 is the highest score you can get in a round of cribbage? That makes it a perfect theme for your 29th birthday party! You could even offer “29” shaped cribbage boards as party favors for all your guests.

13. Capture the moment with a 29th birthday photoshoot

 A Daylight photography Studio in Atlanta
Source: Peerspace

For this idea, we suggest you book a glorious Peerspace photoshoot location near you, hire a professional photographer, and let the good times roll! After all, this is the last year of your 20s — you need to memorialize it! And selfies just don’t cut it for events this huge. On Peerspace, you can find thousands of professional photography studios and other highly photogenic spaces that speak to your personality as you are right now.

One of our favorite options is this natural light photography studio in Atlanta, GA. Between the way it captures amazing natural light and its minimal, chic decor, you’re sure to end up with truly beautiful images. “This studio was stunning! My team loved the space,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “It offers a variety of scenes to fit your needs. Very clean, organized, and welcoming.”

If you’re unsure how to book a professional photographer, then no worries. Our resource articles about the best portrait photographers in cities across the globe can help you pick a vetted, local photographer to capture you in all your birthday glory. By the end of the day, you’ll be a whole new age and have a ton of new photos to post and share to your heart’s content!

Our 29th birthday photoshoot ideas feature is filled with the inspiration you need. Check it out!

29th birthday ideas come to life with Peerspace

colorful content bar in denver
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Now that you have a few unique 29th birthday ideas under your belt, it’s time to find an equally unique place to put them to use! Consider Peerspace your ultimate resource for booking one-of-a-kind venues with ease. Simply check out what we have available in your location or destination and filter results by helpful filters, like “pool,” “fire pit,” “rooftop,” etc.

Each listing comes with high-res photos, a detailed description provided by the local host, past user reviews, and upfront pricing. And remember, your venue’s host has your back when it comes to booking any extra essentials. It’s the easiest (and most fun!) way to book a clean, safe, and stylish venue to call your own for a few hours. In fact, it may just become a new birthday tradition!

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