10 Dreamy Outdoor Photoshoot Locations Near Chicago

Anyone who has taken a walk down Navy Pier or a stroll along the RiverWalk has seen some of the unique beauty of the Windy City. But there is much more to this tough, historical, modern, sports-minded metropolis than the tourist sites. There are several spectacular outdoor photoshoot locations near Chicago. From stunning suburban homes to penthouses with cityscape views to nearby farms and hidden gardens, there is so much beauty for a photographer to capture around the city. Check out these ten best locations for outdoor artistry.

1. Suburban landmark home

suburban home with garden and neat architecture
Source: Peerspace

This stunning two-lot home rests on a wide-open green space only 20 minutes from O’Hare International Airport and downtown Chicago. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking for outdoor photoshoot locations near Chicago. With architecturally significant windows and lighting, the inside of this home is just as impressive as the vast lawn and garden on the outside. Full sunlight all day makes this a great spot for outdoor video and photo shoots. This historic home was built in the Prairie style and fitted with modern finishes, making the outside facade a beautiful backdrop for video and photoshoots alike. Book it today on Peerspace!

2. West Loop penthouse

penthouse patio in west loop
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Of all the outdoor photoshoot locations near Chicago, this West Loop penthouse provides the best possible view of the iconic Chicago skyline. The expansive balcony is lined with planters blooming with lush greens and flowers. The city’s famous winds dance around the rooftops making action shots dazzle. The balcony has ample space to arrange seating, dancing, yoga, or any activity shots an artful eye desires. A penthouse is a versatile option for video shoots as well as fun cityscape photographs. Learn more about it on its Peerspace page!

3. Roff Home

legendary roff house
Source: Peerspace

Beautifully lit and beautifully landscaped, the Roff Home is a must-see. The house is located just 90 miles outside of Chicago and is well worth the drive. An original 1868 Italianate-style Victorian, the Roff Home has a unique character. Recently, it has been renovated to as close to the original as it can get, so visitors of the Roff Home feel like they’re stepping back in time. Between the gorgeous ivy, mature trees, and thick grass surrounding the breathtaking exterior, an artful eye can really be inspired to capture timeless, glamorous photos on the property. Fun fact for fans of bizarre history: the Roff Home is the site of the “Watseka Wonder,” a strange case of healing through possession that took place at the home in 1878. And you can book it right here on Peerspace!

4. Luxury corner in the Loop

rooftop luxury lounge in west loop
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This stylish courtyard outside a luxury corner apartment is a prime candidate for outdoor photoshoot locations near Chicago. With historical and modern city views in multiple directions, there are endless ways for a photographer to capture the heart of the city. This amazing rooftop terrace even comes equipped with a hot tub and stylish decor to capture fun, Instagrammable photos. Close to the River Walk and Navy Pier, an out-of-town photographer can really get mileage out of choosing this Peerspace bookable location.

5. Expansive farmhouse estate

massive farmhouse mansion
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This gorgeous estate sits on a full two acres of land. Built in 2017 by a custom home builder in Chicago’s western suburbs, it was originally built for a car expert, and it has a unique heated garage with a car lift. The detached garage can accommodate four cars in addition to the attached three-car garage. A photographer or videographer looking to capture fun car images will find this space flexible, functional, as well as beautiful. The property is also gorgeously landscaped, so wedding or engagement photos, large family reunion photos, or any other kind of photo or video can be shot on this large and useful property. Check out all its photos on its Peerspace listing.

6. Loft with open-air courtyard

chicago boho courtyard with greenery
Source: Peerspace

Why not capture some gorgeous photos of an old soda pop factory that has been converted into a residence? Of all the outdoor photoshoot locations near Chicago, this one may be the most popular. The space is so chic and recognizable; it’s even been featured as the Luxury House of the Week in the magazine “Crain’s, Chicago.” This incredible outdoor oasis, an enclosed but open-air courtyard, is attached to a large, high-ceilinged event space that includes a kitchen. This Peerspace location also offers free street parking, making access a breeze.

7. Elegant Gold Coast property

elegant gold coast home with courtyard
Source: Peerspace

When it comes to style, this property dazzles. This Gold Coast home built in 1918 has been featured in Home & Garden magazine. Stone pavers, red brick, and old street lights make this space a site to be seen. The courtyard features cast-iron fencing and the inspiring views of classic Chi-Town architecture. Above the rooftop deck lies a beautifully landscaped urban garden with designer patio furniture, blooming white flowers, and a unique skylight staircase. A director of photography or video production will find multiple scenes in which to feel inspired. And the interior of this Peerspace bookable location, if needed, is equally jaw-dropping.

8. Rustic farm in Lake Geneva

rustic farmhouse exterior lake geneva
Source: Peerspace

On 22 picturesque acres lies a rural barn, a multitude of gorgeous trees, and rolling plains over which colorful sunsets can be captured. If a photographer needs a rural setting, this property in nearby Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is a highly recommended site for outdoor photoshoot locations near Chicago. Just a quick bus trip or drive outside of the city is as convenient as it is cost-effective. The barn features raised ceilings and an open-air feel with massive, open doors for an inside to outside hybrid shoot. The massive scope of the property allows for videographers to really stretch their legs, especially for capturing action shots that need a lot of space. Book it today on Peerspace!

9. Modern historic home

european style mansion with pool
Source: Peerspace

This incredible mansion in the suburbs is definitely one of the best options for outdoor photoshoot locations near Chicago. Featuring a stunning in-ground pool, a beautifully manicured lawn, and designer exterior lights and furnishings, this space can be used for shoots that are fun, dazzling, classy, laid-back or any feeling in between. Check it out in further detail on Peerspace.

10. Lincoln Park home and garden

garden of lincoln park brownstone
Source: Peerspace

This brownstone with an intimate garden is a peaceful and classy choice for anyone seeking outdoor photoshoot locations near Chicago. The quiet outdoor space features a courtyard with inset bricks and a vintage fountain. The garden includes a variety of greenery, levels of potted flowers, and mature trees. With a classic trellis, dreamy windchimes, and enchanting blossoms, a photographer can capture gorgeous engagement or wedding photos. A videographer filming a candid interview or a casual chat can really have fun with this Peerspace bookable secret garden hidden in the city.

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