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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Church?

In just about any American city, churches tend to have the most beautiful architecture you’ll find, with vaulted ceilings, stunningly colorful stained-glass windows, detailed stone and wood carvings, and other gorgeous features. People invest huge amounts of time, energy, and resources into making these spaces beautiful, and these structures often hold a lot of history within their walls. That’s why holding an important event at a church can be such an appealing idea. And if the space has religious meaning to you, particularly if you’re having a wedding there, that’s also a major factor. There are few locations more grand — or even awe-inspiring — than a church. 

But how much does it cost to rent a church? You might assume that, with their hand-crafted details and majestic dimensions, churches aren’t the most affordable venue option — and, in most cases, you’re right. But there’s going to be a big difference in cost between a massive, historic cathedral and a much smaller chapel; some churches may be totally financially accessible. Although the cost will vary enormously, this article will help you get a sense of how much you can expect to spend when you rent a church for your next event. And, as an added bonus, we’ll follow this explanation with our recommendation for the best resource to use to find churches in your city that are available to rent as event spaces. 

How much does it cost to rent a church?

Clearly, there isn’t just one answer to the question, “How much does it cost to rent a church?” It depends considerably on where you’re renting — whether it’s a largely populated city with a high cost of living or a smaller and more affordable city. And consider whether the church has high historic value or was recently constructed, as that will also make a difference. Finally, is the space in very high demand, with lots of events taking place there? If so, you can expect to pay more for the privilege to use it (a basic rule of economics: as demand goes up, so does the cost). 

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Let’s discuss the range of what’s available. On the low end, you can rent a more modern stained-glass wedding sanctuary in Beverly Hills, MI, for just $50 an hour (it’s a suburb of Detroit with a population of roughly 10,000, so the low cost makes sense). A modern church in a more costly location like Queens, NY, will cost you $100 per hour. And a classic, historic church in a location with a higher cost of living like Pasadena, CA, will cost you around $200 per hour. 

But prices can also run much higher. This 1873 Boston church is a registered historic landmark, so it’s $500 an hour. And something like this converted church, which is now a unique event and performance space, in Logan Square, Chicago, is $1000 per hour. This is in part because Logan Square is one of Chicago’s wealthier neighborhoods.

On average, though, renting a small chapel that can accommodate up to 100 people will cost around $200 to $400 for about three to five hours. A mid-size church that holds as many as 200 to 250 guests will average between $600 and $800 for this same duration. And the largest churches — cathedrals, typically, which can accommodate 300 to 400 guests — may cost about $3,000 for three to five hours of rental time, or even more.

How can I find a church to rent for my event?

With thousands of venue listings in hundreds of cities throughout the United States, Peerspace is the largest marketplace on the internet for these types of spaces. That makes it an unbeatable resource for finding all kinds of event venues, including churches. Whether you’re planning a wedding or something more unusual, there’s likely a church (or some other impressive, unique, and memorable space) that’ll suit your needs. 

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It’s incredibly simple to search for churches available for rent on Peerspace. Just input your event type along with the city you’re planning it in, then click “more filters” and check off “church” under “space type.” You can pan across and zoom out on the map to find even more options. Browse the detailed descriptions, helpful reviews, and high-resolution photos to get a feel for each venue. Once you’ve found the perfect church, it’s easy to contact the host and reserve the location. 

Not only does Peerspace help you find a space for your event — they can even deal with the subsequent steps by helping you plan it! Hand many of the numerous logistical details over to Peerspace’s Concierge team. They’ll deal with things like A/V rentals, furniture, catering, and so forth, leaving you more breathing room and majorly de-stressing the whole planning process.

Now you know: renting a church can be affordable, and it can even be ultra-easy.

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