How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Church? (2024)


Churches on Peerspace cost anywhere between $40 — $500 per hour.

How much does it cost to rent a church? If you’re thinking about holding an event or staging a production within a church’s walls, this may be your first question. We’ll answer that in-depth ahead. But first, we’ll answer your second question: how do you even go about renting a church?

Hint: you’ve come to the exact right place when it comes to renting a church, or any other type of venue for a personal event, business function, or production! Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals and can connect you with any type of venue in cities across the globe.

Next, we’ll delve into what sets Peerspace apart before discussing church rental prices. Let’s get to it!

What makes Peerspace your first choice for renting a church?

colorful church event space in washington dc
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When you want to rent a church, Peerspace makes it easy! Just head to our homepage, input your event type along with the city you’re planning it in, and click search. You’ll instantly see venues results. Because we have thousands of venues you can rent by the hour in cities across North America and beyond, you may have many options.

To refine your search results, click “more filters” and check off “church” under “space type.” You can pan across and zoom out on the map to find even more options.

Now it’s time for the fun part: reviewing a venue’s listing pahe! Browse the detailed descriptions, helpful reviews, and high-resolution photos to get a feel for each venue. Once you’ve found the perfect church, it’s easy to contact the host and reserve the location. 

Each venue has its own listing page complete with a detailed description, high-def photos, reviews from past renters, and upfront pricing.

The spaces are owned and hosted by locals who typically include helpful amenities to improve your experience. For instance, renting a church through Peerspace may also provide you with access to the church’s A/V equipment, seating, and kitchen.

When it comes to church rental prices, you might assume that, with their hand-crafted details and majestic dimensions, churches aren’t the most affordable venue option. And, in most cases, you’re right.

But there’s going to be a big difference in cost between a massive, historic cathedral and a much smaller chapel; some churches may be totally financially accessible.

Although the cost will vary enormously, this article will help you understand how much you can expect to spend when you rent a church for your next event. Ahead, we’ll discuss why it makes sense to rent a church and the value it can add to your event or production.

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Why rent a church anyway?

renovated church industrial style
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There are many reasons why someone may want to rent a church space for their event. Why might a church be an appealing choice for your needs? Here are some of a church’s most stand-out features:

A distinct design

In just about any American city, churches tend to have the most beautiful architecture you’ll find. They boast vaulted ceilings, stunningly colorful stained-glass windows, detailed stone and wood carvings, and other gorgeous features.

Provides a historic setting

While people invest huge amounts of time, energy, and resources into making these spaces beautiful, churches are structures that often hold a lot of history within their walls. In both small towns and large cities (and everywhere in between), there are churches that have stood for centuries and that serve as historic landmarks.

Religious meaning

For many people, a church has a religious significance to them, making it an ideal venue for your most important events. If a church space has religious meaning to you, and if you’re having a family event like a wedding, you may dream of holding it at a church to enhance the meaning of your special day.

Included amenities

For the most part, renting a church offers you access to many event-perfect amenities. Most churches provide you access to their kitchens, A/V equipment, parking lot, and pew seating. This can all be very helpful in hosting a large-scale event.

These are just some of the reasons why hosting an important event at a church can be such an appealing idea. Over all, there are few locations grander — or even awe-inspiring — than a church. 

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Events ideal to host at a church

a historic church with peaked ceilings and wooden pews
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Many, many events can work perfectly within a church’s walls. If a church atmosphere is special to someone, they may rent a church to host an event like a family reunion. Many people of course hold religious events in churches. But churches can also host secular events, too.

Plenty of other social events, from work parties to birthday gatherings, can also take place in a church.

Aside from social functions, you may need to rent a church for a film or photoshoot. In fact, many productions find the immense space, solemnity, and lasting beauty of churches ideal for their projects.

As we listed in the last section, churches provide the space, ambiance, and amenities that make them singular spaces ideal for many occasions.

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How much does it cost to rent a church?

dupont church sanctuary dc washington d.c. rental
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Unfortunately, there isn’t just one answer to the question, “How much does it cost to rent a church?” It depends considerably on where you’re renting. If you’re looking to rent a church in a large, populated city with a high cost of living, expect to pay more. Conversely, if you live in a smaller and more affordable city, the price tag will likely be lower.

Also, does the church have high historical value? If it’s a church steeped in history, whether urban or rural, that will affect the price. If it was recently constructed, that will also make a difference. Renovations are costly and make the space more appealing to renters. This too will be reflected in the price.

Next, we’ll show you the types of churches you can book through Peerspace (and since Peerspace listings all include upfront pricing information, you can get a little preview of how much a church rental may cost you!).

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What types of churches can I rent on Peerspace?

The Renovated Church — Party Venue Creative Space Fully Furnished
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Peerspace connects you with church rentals in towns and cities across the globe. All of them are unique, and therefore, are unique in their price ranges. So let’s discuss the range of churches available to rent, their amenities, and their prices. That way, you have a better idea of what to expect before you start your search.

More affordable church rentals

On the low end of the pricing spectrum, you can rent a more traditional church and community meeting space. It’s near downtown Columbus, Ohio, and is ideal for a medium-sized event with a capacity of 49 guests. This church is less ornate than most but still offers pew seating and a raised stage. And at just $45 per hour, it’s easily one of the most affordable venues in the Columbus area, church or not.

This modern church in a more costly location like Queens, NY, will cost you just a bit more at $125 per hour. It’s also more spacious, with room for 100 guests, and boasts multiple levels, a sanctuary, A/V equipment, and outdoor space.

And check out this informative review from a Peerspace user who booked this church for a production. “We had a great shoot in this beautiful church. I am so glad we found it. Anthony is very friendly and accommodating. Local amenities are good, and by New York standards parking is actually a breeze!”

If you’re looking for a more colorful, relaxed church space, check out this spacious yoga studio in Truth or Consequences, NM. It is a 1,600-square-foot event space in a renovated 1930s adobe church. It now operates as a yoga studio and the host lists it as a production venue for film and photoshoots or as an event space for yoga or dance classes. Price-wise, it is $150 per hour and has a four-hour rental minimum.

We also love this renovated church party venue in Los Angeles, CA that costs $119 per hour and has a four-hour minimum. Thanks to its super high ceiling, open floor plan, and A/V equipment, it would be a fabulous location for an event, a business meeting, and probably just about anything else.

Pricier church rentals

As you’re about to see, church rental prices can run much higher. This spacious and versatile church in Pearland, TX is a modern mega-church space yet still holds the charm of its original purpose. It has space for 600 guests and is $550 an hour. The church has amazing A/V equipment to create any look you want, as well as a large raised stage with a pulpit, and dozens of pews.

A classic, historic church in a location with a higher cost of living in Pasadena, CA, will cost you around $540 per hour. Keep in mind that this church includes the use of tables, chairs, projectors, speakers, a stage, and an outdoor area. And people are willing to pay a higher price for more space and amenities.

Just read this review from a happy renter of the Pasadena historic church we just mentioned: “This space was amazing! It includes lots of tables and chairs, a microphone, sound system, and projector. We used it for a memorial for our friend and it was perfect. Nancy was super nice and met us when we came to check out the space. Chris was the staff member there on the day and he went above and beyond to help us out and was really friendly. Definitely recommend the space!”

And something like this large church with character perfect for events in London, England is £500 per hour. It is a more grand and decorative church than others on this list and has space for 100 guests. This church is as ideal for productions as it is for events, thanks to its high ceilings, gorgeous chandeliers, and unique classic wooden pews.

Price considerations

On average, renting a small chapel that can accommodate up to 100 people will cost around $200 to $400 for about three to five hours. A mid-size church that holds as many as 200 to 250 guests will average between $600 and $800 for this same duration.

And the largest churches — cathedrals, typically, which can accommodate 300 to 400 guests — may cost about $3,000 for three to five hours of rental time, or even more.

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Rent a church by the hour with Peerspace

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Now you know: renting a church can be affordable, and it can even be ultra-easy. If you’re still wondering “how much does it cost to rent a church?” then check out Peerspace. After all, no matter what type of event you’re looking to host, Peerspace helps make it possible. Check out our listings in your city to see how we can help bring your event to life.

Not only does Peerspace help you find a space for your event — they can even deal with the subsequent steps by helping you plan it! Each venue has its own local host to help you plan any logistics you may need. This leaves you more breathing room while majorly de-stressing the whole planning process.

They can help you score gourmet catering, a professional photographer, furnishings, waitstaff, and so much more. With Peerspace at your side, your event or production will be everything you hoped for.

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