Here’s Where to Rent Fitness Space by the Hour

Frequent travelers know that it’s challenging to keep up with a rigorous exercise regimen when their hotel doesn’t provide a full-service workout room. And if your rendition of breaking a sweat involves rapid keyboard typing and coffee sipping instead, you still might find yourself in need of fitness space. But can you rent fitness space by the hour? And how do you go about even doing so?

Don’t use unfamiliarity as an excuse to skip your training routine — workout rooms are now available for a temporary stint. Peerspace has hundreds of fitness space venues throughout several countries that you can use for filming, photoshoots, and even actual exercise. Here’s where to rent a fitness space by the hour, so your heart rate escalates from the stair climber, not from the stress of location hunting!

Why rent fitness space by the hour anyway?

spacious dance studio event space
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There are several reasons why renting hourly fitness space may make sense for you. For example, you might be producing a workout video and want to book a venue to shoot professional footage in for a few hours. Hourly fitness rental space is also a good option if you’re leading a meditation workshop or yoga. And what if you’re throwing a private dance party? In cases like these, it may make sense to rent a fitness space by the hour.

Affordability and availability

chic pink gym in philly
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Gym memberships are pricy, especially if you use them infrequently (which tends to start around January 15, for many of us). And even if you are a dedicated exerciser, not all gyms have locations in every city you’ll find yourself in. The same goes if you’re a personal trainer on the road. You want to train a few private clients for a short period but don’t know where and how. A fitness space rental will fit the bill for each of these situations.

If you’re not exercising but instead using the fitness space for a production, you’ll likely need it all to yourself or for a small crew. A franchised fitness space will rarely rent you its entirety for only a short time. Luckily, many Peerspace sites offer inexpensive options to rent a fitness space by the hour, saving valuable time and money.

From free weights to jump ropes

Luxury private gym nyc new york city rental Rent Fitness Space by The Hour
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What amenities will you need for your project? Just the space itself? Or perhaps fitness equipment, a juice bar, and accessibility for people and production gear? Regardless of your needs, Peerspace has you covered.

If you find yourself in New York City needing a fitness space, this private modern gym can be yours to rent by the hour. Its use includes everything from a rowing machine to a squat bench to an exercise bike to a jump rope. Regardless of whether you’re training, filming, or hosting an unconventional exercise-themed party, the studio’s large windows allow for enough natural light that you likely won’t need to bring lighting equipment. And the brick walls make for a pleasant background.

This ground-level fitness studio in Minneapolis offers similar amenities — bright light, space to spread out, and weight training equipment that you can move if necessary to accommodate your project.

Yoga and dance, meditation and breathwork

yoga studio rental dallas Rent Fitness Space by The Hour
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If your routine requires more room to spread out and fewer items like weight machines, there are several Peerspace sites where you can rent fitness space by the hour that features an open floorplan.

For example, let’s say you find yourself in Vancouver, British Colombia, in need of a bright space with few obstructions to dance or do floor routines. In that case, this 650-square-foot studio with a river view, a kitchenette, and shared washrooms would suffice nicely. It is a flexible space that has primarily been used for photography because the lighting is so gorgeous. It also comes with backdrops you can use for your fitness-related shoot. Photography and videography-related gear are also available as add-ons to the rental.

A space designated explicitly for floor fitness might be more convenient for dance classes and yoga workshops. If you need to Om away from home in Portland, consider renting this rustic, warm yoga studio complete with props and tranquil vibes. Similarly, this intimate 500-square-foot studio space in Phoenix is for small floor fitness workshops or decompression sessions. There are even cozy blankets for your yogic usage.

Maybe someday you’ll need a funky urban dance studio in Seattle, but just for several hours or an evening. Throw a party, shoot a video, or teach an actual class — any of those are options in this fun venue that can accommodate up to 200 attendees. There are beanbags, aerial silks, and twinkly lights for your enjoyment.

More specific sports

San Fernando Valley roof top tennis courts los angeles rental Rent Fitness Space by The Hour
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At some point, you might find yourself in need of a Mixed Martial Arts space in Orlando. Then luckily, you can rent this MMA gym fitness space by the hour. It includes just about everything you might need along the lines of MMA and strength-training gear. And since it’s an actual gym facility, the décor is on point too. Think tires, chains, sleds, logs – all the props you can imagine for such a diverse sport – and they’re highly photogenic props at that.

Take it from a creative who used it for a photoshoot and declared it an excellent spot:

Great owner and amazing array of gym equipment on site. The natural light in this place during the afternoon is amazing and would set a great stage for video work. Will definitely be back again soon.

-Photographer Louis G.

There’s an even larger combat training facility available to rent hourly in New York. And at 7,000 square feet, you’re sure to be able to capture the action from any angle. It offers all kinds of gear, from free weights to kettle balls to kick shields. Bonus: most areas of the facility are padded to mitigate potential damages.

How about renting a rooftop tennis facility with 12 courts and a panoramic view of the Los Angeles Basin? You can find that atop this San Fernando Valley building. Shoot a music video, take pics for a magazine ad, or even rent it out for your private tennis competition or themed party. The sky is the limit — literally.

The courts are an excellent place for mixed usage, from video shoots to a competitive celebratory afterparty:

“Great space for us to shoot with drone and private section for us to focus on the shoot. It was empty for a weekend which was a thrill. Allowed us to do whatever we needed to and finish our shoot early. Would definitely rent again for future projects or even just to book a private lesson or friendly competition.”

-Kelly T.

Rent fitness space by the hour on Peerspace

Hopefully, this article shows just how many creative types of fitness spaces you can rent by the hour on Peerspace. There are sites available for nearly every fitness purpose imaginable, from classes and workshops to actual workouts, photoshoots, videography projects, and from tennis to MMA to meditation. Just enter your city and start looking around. You’ll find photos, reviewers, and features for every listing. And if you have a question, simply message the host and start a dialogue. Fitness spaces that suit your location needs, budget, and style are easier to obtain than ever.

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