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Check Out These 13 Unique VIP Event Ideas

If you’re hosting an event for VIPs, then you’re going to want to make a good impression on your guests. Maybe you’re hosting executives from another company, potential clients, a celebrity, or even a visiting head of state! No matter the guest, we’ve put together these 13 unique VIP event ideas to help you plan a memorable occasion that’ll leave a lasting impression upon your attendees.

There are two main types of VIP events. The first are exclusive events that are just for your VIP guests, such as a private dinner or executive function. And the rest are VIP events or activities that are part of a larger event, such as a conference or a festival. In this case, your VIP guests may have access to special areas or activities that the rest of the guests do not. Either way, you’ll find plenty of ideas to choose from on this list, which includes ideas for venues and activities, entertainment, and more. If you want even more options, browse Peerspace for a variety of customizable venues that can meet your event’s needs.

1. Create unique invitations

Make it feel like a special experience from the start by going out of your way to send a unique invitation to each guest. Don’t just invite your VIPs by email or a generic invitation in the mail. Personalize each invitation, and come up with a memorable way to deliver it. Send it by courier along with a gift basket or some other surprise.

If your event is taking place at an unexpected location, intrigue your VIPs, but don’t give all the details away. Let them know when and where they’ll be picked up, what they should bring, and what aspects of the event — food, transport, accommodations — will be provided for.

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2. Rent an unconventional venue

What kind of scene do you want to set for your guests? We recommend looking on Peerspace to find a venue that fits your budget and capacity requirements. Choose from a VIP whiskey bar or a private screening room — both of which are in LA — or a penthouse with a rooftop garden in New York City. If you prefer to head out of the city, plan a retreat at this mountain lodge a few hours east of Seattle!

At many of these venues, the event virtually comes together itself. You’ll know just from looking at it whether it’s suitable for a banquet dinner, a live performance, or a weekend getaway. Some venues even have A/V equipment available on site, as well as a professional caterer or photographer to recommend. If you need help developing your VIP event ideas, just reach out to your local host, or call up the Concierge service for some personalized suggestions.

3. Offer rideshare codes

Don’t leave it to your guests to arrive at the venue themselves. Choose a form of transportation that’s suitable for the occasion. For city events, you can provide a rideshare option through Lyft Events, which gives your guests the flexibility to arrive on their own schedule. You can give out a set amount of rideshare codes that your VIP guests can use throughout the event.

4. Provide shuttle options

For rural events, arrange for a shuttle to pick your guests up at the airport and bring them right to the venue. Depending on your location, you can rent anything from a party bus to an eco-friendly limo to antique cars and Volkswagen buses! Help your guests arrive to the event in style.

5. Host a pop-up dinner

Gourmet dinners always make for a unique VIP event idea. Hire a celebrity chef, or work with a company like Cloth & Flame, which produces lavish dinners in memorable outdoor settings. You can find the perfect venue for your dinner on Peerspace. Many locations feature on-site kitchen and dining areas that your caterer or bar staff can use during the event.

6. Have a VIP lounge

If your VIP activities are taking place at a larger event, such as a conference or festival, be sure to set aside a private area for VIP guests. Decide whether your attendees will be able to buy VIP tickets, or if the area will be set aside exclusively for invite-only guests and speakers. Choose a Peerspace venue with separate seating areas and bathrooms just for VIPs. This is among one of the most exclusive VIP event ideas.

7. Create an app for your event

Make your event as streamlined as possible by using an app like Eventbrite Onsite or Attendify. Use your app to share a map of the venue, the event schedule, and any useful information you want your guests to have. Some apps include options for live polls and photo-sharing, too!

8. Use RFID wristbands

For large events with multiple entry options, use RFID wristbands to grant access to the event. This way, your event staff can easily tell who should be allowed into the VIP area or allowed access to other exclusive activities, such as a VR lounge or pop-up dinner.

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9. Rent the latest A/V gear

If you’ll be hosting a live performance or a movie screening, find a venue with the latest A/V gear to impress your guests. You can rent a venue with a 360-degree projection dome in downtown LA, or opt for a conference space with hi-tech projection mapping in Miami. Or, set up a VR lounge at any location!

10. Create an awesome swag bag

Give your guests a gift bag full of memorable items to take home with them. Instead of cheap souvenirs, provide items that your guests will genuinely use, such as portable power banks or even digital subscriptions. Check out our list of creative swag bag ideas for more options that will impress even the most discerning VIPs!

11. Include a tour

For B2B events or client appreciation activities, be sure to include a behind-the-scenes tour of your business. But your tour doesn’t have to stop there — show off the rest of your region with customized VIP wine tour, food tour, or another relevant local outing.

12. Give out awards

VIP events are a great opportunity to hand out client or employee appreciation rewards, lifetime achievement awards, or other honors for contributions to your industry. Take time during dinner or another presentation to provide a special gift to some of your stand-out VIPs.

13. Make a photo album

Hire a professional photographer to set up a photo area at the entrance to your event. After the event is over, offer your guests a link to a private online photo album where they can see their photos. Or, produce a printed photo book that you can mail to them as a souvenir.

VIP events can vary widely, from exclusive dinners that take place in fancy banquet halls, to a VIP lounge at a mainstream conference or music festival. Whether your activity is a standalone event or part of a bigger production, use these 13 unique VIP event ideas to start planning your invitations, transportation options, and live entertainment today. You can book a venue directly from a local host on Peerspace, or call up the Concierge service to put together a customized package that includes catering, photography, and staffing services as well.

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