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The 8 Best Wedding Videographers in Tampa

Tampa is a hotbed of talent. From its family photographers to its lifestyle photographers, having your wedding there means not needing to look very far for your dream vendors. One vendor you shouldn’t forget is your videographer. Adding a filmmaker to your team gives even the photographer more to work with. Video can capture so much that still photography can’t and vice versa, making it a winning combo. If you’re not sure where to look for either, our guides on Tampa wedding videographers and wedding photographers have you covered. Not convinced? Take a look at the magic these wedding movie moguls create.

1. Bonnie Newman Creative

Team of best friends Bonnie Newman and Jon Marsley will never let you down. Why hire separately when you can hit two birds with one wedding ring? Filmmaker Bonnie executes phenomenal editing, splicing footage together in a way that makes it seem like all these things are happening at once. Her videos are also beautifully framed and use some of Tampa’s best places to add to the day’s meaning. Furthermore, we appreciate her use of music and the way she employs saturated tones that can make the warm glow of Tampa Bay at sunset look like a fairy tale.

2. Ashley Canay

An Ashley Canay wedding film means luxury and inspired ideas. With a decade of experience under her belt, a strong network of fellow creatives, and the desire to continue to learn, she’s cultivated her own robust signature style. Her wedding films have the feeling of your parents’ home video for the modern age, edited in a way that makes them equal parts fun and timeless. Good editing doesn’t always mean strong, forced filters, and we love Ashley’s way of taking every moment as it is, creating a divine final result.

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3. Shannon Kelly Films

Wedding videographer Shannon Kelly has a vibrant, optimistic way of looking at life. This is a trait that, whether deliberate or not, she includes in each of her wedding movies. Her films are deeply romantic, following the couple’s story on the best day of their lives. We adore the way she frames her shots, not always stable or set with her subjects in the center. Every single shot glows, showing an understanding of the Floridian light you can’t find anywhere else. With videos that look like a dream, you can’t go wrong with this master filmmaker.

4. Darin Peachee of A Peachy Life Productions

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The warmth and joy that comes through Darin’s videos is palpable. Even the bloopers and small clips he provides are done with an air of professionalism and fun. That includes vows, first looks, and kisses and speeches throughout the day. When you watch his videos back, you’ll smile at every carefully framed scene of your loved ones on your big day. Darin creates keepsakes, home videos through the expert lens of a professional who truly cares.

5. Malachi Cull of Allure Cinema

Malachi Cull, owner and lead cinematographer of Allure Cinema, has a love of filmmaking that goes back to childhood. The nostalgia of watching films as a child could have a lot to do with how he creates his wedding films. Working alongside his staff of trained filmmakers, Malachi’s cinematic wedding videos are jaw-dropping and yet understated. With inspired music choices and vintage coloring that makes great use of natural light, the Allure team knows that filmmaking is an art form. Many of their artistic cuts, angles, and transitions gave us goosebumps!

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6. Devon and Rachel of Labif Filmhouse

The dynamic team behind the lenses of Labif Filmhouse comprises Devon and Rachel. These two perceptive filmmakers create boutique wedding films out of St. Petersburg, Tampa, and beyond. Traditional isn’t a word used often when it comes to their films, and with good reason. On the contrary, they use totally unique editing styles that change throughout the videos. From close-up pans to outtakes from the reception and wedding, their videos are so clean, crisp, and always one of a kind. They’re raising the bar for creativity when it comes to Tampa wedding videographers.

7. James and Katie of Imagery Wedding Films

Trust a pair of Tampa wedding videographers who actually are a couple, and you’ll be so glad you did. Husband-and-wife duo James and Katie know what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera. We particularly like the way they slow down their frames to match the music; it’s an art sometimes misplaced in videos and, honestly, it’s why making wedding videos is so hard unless you know what you’re doing. Lastly, we’re obsessed with their use of darker tones, heavy on shadow and contrast that brings warmth to every second.

8. Bonnet Charles of Priceless Studio Design

Bonnet Charles’s wedding films are, as his studio’s name might tell you, priceless. His colors are highly saturated with a lot of vibrance that makes every shine on a glass or ring stand out. Though we love every part of his films, it’s the colors that pop, which we love and appreciate the most. It’s far easier and more forgiving to make things desaturated since contrast isn’t always the most forgiving. However, Bonnet’s films make it look effortless, and we want to see more wedding videos like his.

Hiring a videographer for your Tampa wedding might be the best decision you’ll ever make. Besides marrying your sweetheart, that is. And we hope one of these talented studios is your perfect fit.

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