12 Epic 24th Birthday Ideas To Make This In-Between Year Special

Need a few 24th birthday ideas to start getting excited about your next bday? You may not think a 24th birthday is that exciting … but we are about to prove you wrong!

As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we at Peerspace know all about the power of a great experience. It’s something that sticks with you and makes you so glad you attended said event in the first place. We hope that when you look around for one-of-a-kind birthday party venues, you’ll check us out.

Now, let’s check out these 12 epic 24th birthday ideas that are tailored specifically to your 24th year. These won’t be things you can repeat year after year. These are ideas made especially for this special day. Happy 24th!

1. The perfect birthday bash location is on Peerspace

24th Birthday Ideas
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A perfect birthday is all about a perfect location! Host all of your 24th birthday ideas in a venue that you absolutely adore.

Peerspace has tons of great options for birthday venues, no matter where you live. You can choose from classy rooftop bars, elegant mansions, cute cabins, beautiful outdoor and backyard venues, and more!

Not only that, but when you book a Peerspace venue, you can rely on your venue’s local host to provide assistance. They strive to ensure your birthday party is exactly how you envision it and can often help you secure party extras like, like catering, entertainment, and furnishings.

To get you started, here are a few of our favorite 24th birthday-worthy Peerspace venues:

  • This plant-filled event loft in Lower Manhattan, NYC that has space for 75 people, special lighting, projection screens, A/V equipment, and plenty of seating
  • This South Loop multipurpose event space in Chicago, IL with space for 50, an open floor plan, banquet tables, A/V equipment, and a full kitchen
  • This cool basement bar in Manchester, UK with space for 100, comfy seating, cool lighting, a kitchen, and plenty of space for dancing
  • This chic Parisian-inspired home in Houston, TX with space for 20 and all the comforts of a glam home with multiple themed rooms (pictured above)
  • This beautiful pop-up gallery event space in Los Angeles with space for 99 guests, an outdoor area, and plenty of ambiance
  • This eclectic jungle loft in Vancouver, BC with space for 10 guests, exotic furnishings, and plenty of lush plants

And that is only the beginning! To see what’s available near you, click this link, enter your location, and see what appears. With Peerspace, it’s easy to find a unique space to call your own for a few hours while creating lasting memories.

2. Party all night long

cloud room for photoshoots LA
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Twenty-four hours make up your birthday — celebrate all of them! Plan an all-nighter birthday bash that goes for a full 24 hours. Just make sure none of your guests drive after the party. Why? Did you know when you stay up for 24 hours straight, your reaction levels are the same as if your blood alcohol was 0.1%?!

So enjoy the full 24 hours of your birthday — but book a Peerspace that comes with plenty of rooms to crash in after the fun!

3. Pure gold

Gold Luxury Designer Palace
Source: Peerspace

Pure gold is 24 carat — so why not make the theme of your 24th birthday 24 carat! Gold 24th birthday ideas could include fun foods (like edible gold leaf on your cake!), gold-themed drinks (like these Goldschlager cocktails), and gold-themed activities (panning for gold, anyone?).

You can also book a gold-accented venue on Peerspace to really complete this themed party. For example, check out this gold luxury designer palace in Baton Rouge, LA!  

4. Greek party

24th Birthday Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Celebrate your big day with a toga party! The Greek alphabet has 24 letters, so we think your 24th birthday is a great day to try out this theme. To bring this idea to life, start by booking a Greek-themed venue on Peerspace!

Looking for a few Greek-inspired venues on Peerspace for inspiration? Check these out:

Have all your friends come dressed in their toga best, serve some fantastic Greek food, hire a harpist, lounge, eat grapes and drink Ouzo! Opa!

5. Celebrate with the legends

24th Birthday Ideas
Source: Peerspace

If you are a sports lover, celebrate your 24th with your favorite #24s! Kobe Bryant, Ken Griffey Jr., and Charles Woodson have all sported #24 jerseys. Ask all your friends to come wearing their favorite jerseys of #24 players and play sports trivia during the party!

You can also make this party theme extra special by hosting it in a sports venue to hone your own sports skills or a sports lounge to watch all your favorite players (not just #24s!).

6. A 24-hour race

Rooftop running track and outdoor gym washington dc rental
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Give back to a good cause and feel accomplished on your 24th birthday by organizing a 24-hour race! 24 Hour Races involve teams of eight running a relay race for 12 or 24 hours to challenge our generation to lead global action against slavery. And if you aren’t quite sure about running the race, you can always just ask friends and family to donate to the cause on your 24th!

According to the 24 Hour Race website, it only takes $416 to fund the entire process of rescuing a child from trafficking.

7. Break a record

converted warehouse with bar indoor outdoor
Source: Peerspace

Did you know 24 is a pretty standard number for record books? It’s the age of the oldest cat, the most steins carried by a German barmaid, and the time limit for over 1,000 world records! Test your skills (and the skills of your guests) by adding record-related 24th birthday ideas to your party.

Try to break the record for most steins carried or see if any of your friends can eat 24 hot dogs in ten minutes (the record is 76, by the way!). What other records can you think to compete in?

8. 24th birthday karaoke

Karaoke Party Room / Events
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It’s time for a 24th themed karaoke sess! Grab the mic and get ready to belt out some lyrics made for your special day! Neil Young wrote “Old Man” at age 24, Switchfoot has a song called “24,” and in Blink-182’s song “What’s My Age Again,” they sing, “Nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three” (good job today’s your 24th birthday!).

Want to rent a private space near you that already comes with amazing karaoke equipment and ambiance? Then check out these Peerspaces:

9. #Vanlife

24th Birthday Ideas
Source: Peerspace

There are 23 countries in North America. Time to visit them all… plus one more before you turn 25! Van living has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and what better time to start your van life adventure than your 24th birthday?! Go ahead, jump on the “vanwagon” and get to traveling!

10. 24 of your favorite foods

Source: Peerspace

Treat yourself to 24 of your favorite foods on your 24th birthday! Captain Crunch, bacon, filet mignon — anything goes! You could also make it a classy 24-ingredient meal by hiring a chef to cook for you and your friends.

When you rent a restaurant through Peerspace for your birthday party, you can count on the host to help you plan a menu with all your favorite dishes!

And because it’s never too early to start planning, check out our 12 fabulous 25th birthday ideas here!

11. Celebrate with the celebs

24th Birthday Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Who else is turning 24 this year? Take a look at the celebs who are celebrating a 24th birthday right alongside you and incorporate their music, movies, and style into your party! You could also challenge your friends to come dressed as their favorite 24-year-old celebrity! 

12. Celebrate like it’s 1924

Downtown Prohibition Era 1920s Bungalow Lounge Cocktail Bar austin 
24th Birthday Ideasrental
Source: Peerspace

The roaring 20s was a pretty cool decade, but 1924 was also a pretty great year in its own right! It was the year Peter Pan came out, the first time Simon and Schuster created a Crossword Puzzle Book, and it was the year of the first successful around-the-world flight beginning in the United States.

So if you’re thinking of a roaring 20s party — don’t stop there! Incorporate some fun facts, decorations, and activities specific to 1924.

These 14 epic Roaring 20s party ideas are a must-read, too!

Bonus: birthday photoshoot!

24th Birthday Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Hey, you only turn 24 once, right? Celebrate in style by booking a photogenic space on Peerspace and taking tons of pictures with your loved ones as you strike pose after pose.

And guess who can help you score a professional photographer who’s thoroughly vetted and matches your style? That’s right, Peerspace can! Review our favorite event photographers in your city to find the professional who matches your style.

With 24 birthday ideas like this, you’ll set the stage for an incredible year.

Our 13 creative birthday photoshoot ideas guide is the perfect place to go for inspiration!

Peerspace brings your 24th birthday ideas to life

24th Birthday Ideas
Source: Peerspace

We hope these 24th birthday ideas have lit a flame of excitement and sparked your creativity. Remember to search Peerspace for the perfect venue, whether you want to spend your birthday under the stars in an exclusive penthouse, out in nature while glamping, or underground at a secret speakeasy, we have your dream destination.

Between the perfect location and the assistance of your chosen venue’s host, it will be a birthday party for the books!

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