12 New Year’s Eve Party Theme Ideas

There’s so much pressure around New Year’s Eve! The following are a dozen New Year’s Eve party theme ideas for every kind of party animal: those who will be in bed by 10, as well as those who can’t wait to cut loose until dawn.

Everyone wants to make sure you’re doing it “right” — should you party down or spend the evening meditating on the upcoming year? A black-tie affair or a casual night with friends and family? When you’re the one making the plans, sometimes inspiration needs a little spark.

Once you’ve decided how to celebrate, decide where to do so with Peerspace. It’s a comprehensive guide to unexpected, exciting venues for parties, meetings, office retreats, and social events in metro areas across the country. Between these incredible ideas and a stunning Peerspace venue, you’ll have the party of the century. And to illustrate the point further, we’ll include photos of real Peerspace venues that we think would be a great match for each party idea. Enjoy!

1. Slumber party

New Year's Eve Party Theme Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Feeling wiped out by the holiday season? Host a cozy and warm PJ party! Encourage attire of snuggly flannel and adult-sized onesies, and spend the evening playing cards and board games. The menu doesn’t get any simpler: serve a combination of sweet and salty snacks, such as cookies, popcorn, and sweet, spiced nuts. A hot cocoa bar with stir-ins and toppings (spiked or not) is just the right special touch. 

To execute this idea to perfection, why not book this huge 4,000-square-foot event loft in Philadelphia? This totally mod five-bed Fishtown retreat includes four TVs, ping pong and billiards tables, a gourmet kitchen, a popcorn machine, and a Jacuzzi. It’s the perfect mix of party and relaxation, all in one big, beautiful space.

2. Mystical New Year

Serenity Gardens Scottsdale phoenix rental
Source: Peerspace

Have a mystical end to an otherwise meh year and invite the best vibes in 2023. First, have your guests write resolutions on scraps of paper and release them into the night. You can also opt to burn sage to drive away negativity. And finally, open all of the doors and windows and bang drums and gongs to let the old year escape.

Are superstitions real? Well, does it matter? This is one of the most low-key New Year’s Eve party theme ideas. And you can bring yours to life at these exotic, serene gardens and events space in Scottsdale. It comprises gardens, koi ponds, bamboo forests, and an otherworldly dining space. To make it even more unique, make sure your party incorporates one or two international NYE superstitions!

3. Italian-inspired New Year’s Eve

italian design kitchen in london
Source: Peerspace

Every culture has its own traditions about how to ring in the new year. An Italian New Year’s party theme is just one example of the many options! Of course, it’ll be centered around food: lentils resemble coins, so eating soup made of lentils is thought to bring prosperity. Foods with rich flavors and a high-fat content are a symbol of abundance. Throwing old things out of the window during your celebration is believed to help to make room for a fresh start in the new year. 

If you’re in London, then this Notting Hill Italian-inspired home can make a festive setting for your New Year’s Eve party theme ideas. It has space for 30 guests and is the perfect spot for whipping up some Italian comfort cuisine.

4. Hollywood red carpet event

New Year's Eve Party Theme Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Rent a private venue through Peerspace and host the elegant New Year’s Eve party you’ve only seen in movies! Pack the dance floor with a live big band, delight them hand-passed heavy hors d’oeuvres, champagne, and fine wines, and offer a Viennese table as guests wrap up their evening.

Attendees should express themselves in the most glamorous way possible: creative black tie (that is, tuxedos with personal, exciting touches) and floor-length gowns. Distribute Venetian masks and drop confetti and balloons at midnight.

5. Costume party

Rent A House For A Day in Chicago
Source: Peerspace

This New Year’s Eve party theme is different from the previous because it is more free-for-all and lighthearted fun! Consider it Halloween in colder weather, with less pressure and more time to plan your costume. Carry the theme further with interesting party fare that’s easy to eat while wearing full makeup: warm cheese puffs, shrimp gazpacho shooters, bacon skewers, fried ravioli or empanadas, and bites of caramel apples. Offer prizes for the best costumes in various categories!

To put New Year’s Eve party theme ideas like this one over the top, you need an over-the-top venue. How about this Wicker Park mansion in Chicago? It has multiple outdoor decks and an open floor plan that makes it extremely spacious and ideal for your party’s flow.

6. Survived an apocalypse party

classic warehouse with multiple sets
Source: Peerspace

Party like you survived the end of the world! Celebrate with your favorite foods, your most guilty pleasures, and check things off of your bucket list (or make plans to do so). Most of us want to unwind and cut loose nowadays and are looking forward to a more positive 2023. Oh, and zombies are optional.

Book an abandoned house in Los Angeles, New York City, or elsewhere to really give your party some apocalyptic vibes with ease.

7. Mardi Gras

speakeasy lounge new orleans style
Source: Peerspace

Of course, it’s early, but feathers and beads are never a bad idea! Laissez le bon temps rouler as a New Year’s Eve party theme with hurricane cocktails and zydeco music. Choose your favorite N’awlins-themed menu: jambalaya or gator with red beans and rice. Voodoo as an activity might be more of a commitment than you’re looking for. Instead, hire a tarot card reader or palm reader respectfully reminiscent of Marie Laveau.

Check out our resource on decorating for Mardis Gras for more decor and venue inspiration!

8. Roaring ’20s

New Year's Eve Party Theme Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Gatsby is one thing; a Jazz Age-themed New Year’s Eve party for mere mortals is yet another. Ring in the new year with rouged knees and fringe, as well as stockings rolled down and long strings of pearls. Prohibition was alive and well, so guests should have a secret knock and a password to cross the threshold. Once inside, your bar should be fully stocked with gin, whiskey, and absinthe for the truly adventurous.

Be careful: Moonshine, though popular, is not for the inexperienced drinker and will change the mood of the party! Your authentic-inspired menu should include party snacks of deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail, mixed nuts, cheeses, and olives.

Our epic roaring 20s party ideas will give you both venue and theme ideas to make New Year’s Eve party theme ideas like this incredible!

9. Dance party

New Year's Eve Party Theme Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Dance the night away in a dreamy dance venue on Peerspace. You can book a dance studio with wood floors and mirror walls, a warehouse with tons of room and mood, or a disco den with wild lights and 70s vibes. This is an idea that is all about location, so ensure you choose a spot that will make your guests want to shake a tail feather as soon as they enter!

Host yours at the vintage disco jungle loft in Los Angeles and hire a DJ through the Concierge service. You and your guests will have a blast though very little work will be needed on your part.

10. Blacklight party

edgy glam apartment studio with goth accents
Source: Peerspace

Black light parties will never go out of style. And what better occasion to have one than when celebrating the start of a new year? Attire: white tee shirts and a lot of energy! Provide bowls of glow-in-the-dark bracelets, as well as UV body and face paint. Decorate with glowing balloons and tableware. Turn on the blacklight and rave until midnight!

This is undoubtedly among one of the most unforgettable New Year’s Eve party theme ideas. Find the perfect venue and more to make it happen by reading our glow in the dark party ideas!

11. Spiked bubbles

FiDi Historic Jazz Main Bar Semi-Private san francisco rental
Source: Peerspace

Bubbles set a festive, cheerful mood. Greet guests with a bubble-machine entrance to a room adorned with clear and pearl-colored balloons, reminiscent of champagne bubbles. Serve bubbly drinks with spherical ice cubes, assorted savory puffs, and gelees with tapioca beads for dessert.

Our favorite venue to bring this idea to life is this FiDi historic jazz club in San Francisco. Steeped in ambiance, its mix of textures and lighting will complement your bubble soiree perfectly.

12. “When in Rome” feast

New Year's Eve Party Theme Ideas
Source: Peerspace

No one celebrated debauchery and excess as they did in Ancient Rome! There’s no such thing as “too much” with this theme. Seat guests on soft furniture and pillows suitable for lounging or long, farm-style tables with wooden benches with greenery, marble, and touches of gilt to adorn them. Hire a harpist or strolling mandolin player to set the mood.

Book this Ancient Rome-inspired mansion in Tustin to complete the scene. It has indoor and outdoor space, plus room for 75 revelers.

In regard to the menu, decadence should be your guide: assorted roasted meats and fish, goat’s milk cheese, grapes, figs, fresh bread, honey, and poppyseed, all served on family-style trays and bowls with the intent to be eaten without utensils. Serve carafes of red wine in goblets, and offer warm towels for guests to clean their fingers between courses. Togas, of course, are optional.

Peerspace makes the best New Year’s Eve party theme ideas happen

Industrial Historic Event Space indianapolis rental
Source: Peerspace

Everyone deserves a magical New Year’s Eve, but not everyone knows how to make it happen. Now you do! With these ideas and a killer Peerspace venue, you’re well on your way to creating a New Year’s Eve theme party for you and your friends that will go down in history. Have fun, and don’t forget to tell us how it goes!

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